What makes TTR Data Recovery the Best Choice?

There are many data recovery providers out there, but only one of them leads the industry.

Forging New Standards For Data Recovery

Our work history, credentials, awards, and ratings prove

there's no better option for restoring your data

At TTR Data Recovery:

  • Verify your recovered data before you pay
  • Evaluation is 100% free
  • We never charge an attempt fee (emergency service included)
  • Price quotes are always honest and exact

With Standard Recovery Provided:

  • You pay costly evaluation fees
  • You pay upfront
  • You may be given a false evaluation

With Generic IT Staff:

  • You never know who might be working on your case
  • You pay for flashy marketing instead of real skills
  • You have to trust less reliable, uncertified workers
  • Inadequate training exposes your data to human error

Having IACRB Certified Data Recovery Technicians Means:

  • We're unique in our field
  • We only hire Certified Data Recovery Technicians
  • Our techs acutally hold accredited degrees in date recovery

Our ISO 9001:2008 Certification includes:

  • Independently-verified quality controls
  • Measurable output consistency
  • Processes that have been demonstrated to succeed

Companies that overlook quality controls

  • Compromise your own ISO 9001 & QMS certifications
  • Can’t provide audit-ready proof of quality controls
  • Lack documented standards to promote accuracy

Companies without security controls

  • Can’t satisfy SOC 3 or SAS 70 standards
  • Can’t consistently control security
  • Expose your sensitive data to unacceptable hazards

Being SOC 2 Type II Secure gives us:

  • Proven security controls
  • Integrity in data processing
  • Unbroken guaruntees of privacy & confidentiality

Our ISO 5 Class 100 Cleanrooms:

  • Maintain international certification standards
  • Surpass environment standards
  • Employ proven, cutting edge environmental controls

Companies that work without cleanrooms

  • Often contaminate your media
  • Can’t meet your device’s OEM standards
  • Place your hardware at further damage risk

Other companies limit your experience by:

  • Failing to provide clear, upfront costs
  • Subjecting you to unacceptable turnaround times
  • Forcing you to settle for inferior service plans

Our mulitple options & locations give you:

  • The freedom to choose from convenient nationwide facilities
  • The chance to pick flexible service plans
  • An unparalleled data recovery experience

Holding top A+ BBB Ratings demonstrates our:

  • Third-party accreditation
  • Tireless devotion to serving your needs
  • Ability to go above & beyond typical standards

Other companies hold low or no BBB ratings, so you:

  • Can’t judge before you buy
  • Might end up paying for subpar results

Other companies reviews & testimonials lack proof, so you:

  • Can’t necessarily trust success claims
  • Have to gamble on inferior performance
  • May need to dig harder for accurate track records

Maintaining a 5-Star Rating exemplifies our:

  • Proof based history of successful recovery
  • Verifiable reviews from real-world customers
  • Transparent record of peerless service

We're manufacturer-approved, so our methods:

  • Are vetted by industry leaders
  • Actually work with your media
  • Keep your warranty intact

Services without our industry recognition:

  • Will void your device warranty
  • Are prone to cause further damage &v data loss


Don't compromise on quality thinking it'll somehow benefit your short-term budget. Providers who focus exclusively on being cheap can't guarantee high standards.


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