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The Nature Conservancy | TTR Data Recovery

Jim W – The Nature Conservancy

September 21, 2016

When our server failed I knew the only company to call was TTR Data Recovery. We have used them a couple of times in the past, and many of our employees have also used them for personal data recovery needs. As always, our server was back up and running in no time and we were back in business 4 days later as if nothing had happened. Thank you again TTR!

usgs | TTR Data Recovery

Jessica S – USGS

September 21, 2016

I had important research files stored on an external hard drive that was dropped and experienced a mechanical error. I found TTR through their GSA schedule and decided to go with them. One week later and no regrets. They had recovered all of my files and I had them back in my hands on another working hard drive. They saved me a lot of time and effort from not having to redo many days of research

NASA Data Recovery | TTR Data Recovery

Susan Ray V- NASA

September 21, 2016

I want to express my sincere thanks to the team of technicians who worked to recover the data on our RAID 0 set. Given the errors we initially saw, we had our doubts that the file could be recovered. Our project was very happy your team of technicians was able to recover the entire RAID. Please let your team know their efforts contributed to the success of our project.

University Iconv1 | TTR Data Recovery

Frank M – The University of Maryland

September 21, 2016

TTR was the only company that I felt comfortable with the pricing and security standards, and was impressed with their customer service and transparency. I shipped my hard drive to their lab and received a free evaluation report the next day. I said go for it, and in 5 days I had all of my files back. I can’t even stress enough how much I owe this company. I can’t thank them enough, and based on my experience, I would definitely say anyone with a failed hard drive should call TTR right away.

US Army

Steve N – All Native Managed Services

September 21, 2016

I would like to offer my sincere thanks for the work done by TTR Data Recovery. I’m happy to say the customer service was excellent and all of my data has been recovered. I can’t thank your company enough and will recommend everyone to you.

Trust for Public Land

Peter H – The Trust For Public Land

September 21, 2016

My flash drive malfunctioned and appeared completely “dead.” TTR was able to satisfactorily produce the full list of files, including the one critical file that I was particularly interested in.

Deborah Watkins - Watkins Consulting

September 21, 2016

I dropped my external hard drive and it would not operate. TTR was able to recover all of my data from the damaged drive.

Gary Wietecha - Engler Meier Justus

September 21, 2016

USB Storage device failed and TTR recovered all the data and did an exceptional job.

Kelley Frankovitch - Kingsley Associates

September 21, 2016

Our NAS was unresponsive and we discovered that several drives were corrupted. TTR was very helpful in diagnosing and recovering the RAID array.

Laura Todd - Skin Wellness of Virginia

September 21, 2016

I can’t imagine why anyone would go anywhere else and pay more when you guys give the same service and better customer service. Thank you very much for a job well done to you and all of your coworkers who helped us during our stressful hard drive crash


September 21, 2016

I’m very satisfied with the service TTR Data Recovery provided and will definitely consider them in the future in case I run into a similar situation.

Neely Ker-Fox - Ker-Fox Photography

September 21, 2016

They were superb all the way through this nightmare for me. Both Candace and Tommy did phenomenal jobs handling my questions, keeping me updated, and recovering my data. Even though not all was recovered, I fully understand why that was the case thanks to Tommy answering all of my technical questions. I pray I never have to use you guys again, but should that happen, I know who I am calling first.