The Most Common Types Of VMware Data Loss

No matter why you take advantage of virtualization, you could be at risk. Companies employ virtualization for backup purposes, advanced data manipulation and to make the most of hardware resources. In doing so, however, many leave themselves vulnerable to unique hazards. Even worse, the fact that virtual systems often coexist within shared hardware means failures in one area could easily propagate. Storage devices and servers that fail can take entire enterprises down with them.

Many of the mechanisms of data loss that occur in virtualized systems are similar to those that plague other media. Common problems include:

  • VMFS (Virtual Machine File System) or other file system corruption,
  • VMDK (Virtual Machine Disk) corruption,
  • Internal virtual disk corruption,
  • Hardware failures,
  • RAID failures,
  • Per-file corruption within virtualized storage systems,
  • Deletion of virtual machines, and
  • Natural disasters and human errors.

The wide variety of potential failures means that unless you’re willing to risk even greater losses, only experts should attempt VMware recovery. TTR Data Recovery specialists are veterans at diagnosing these problems, and this gives us a major edge when it comes to extricating your vital information.

Looking for VMware Data Recovery in an Emergency Situation?

Fear not. TTR Data Recovery’s staff are always on-call when you need them, and our skills are worthy of any obstacle. We maintain a constant training regimen that keeps us equipped for any situation, and our emergency case managers don’t stop working until your virtual machines are back up and chugging along healthily.

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Bringing Virtualization Data Recovery to the Masses

We believe everyone deserves to enjoy the convenience of virtualization data recovery. That’s why we’ve spent years learning and working with manufacturers to provide truly comprehensive offerings. We’ve performed successful recovery operations on almost every form of virtual machine, server hardware and system configuration under the sun. Let us solve the problems you’re having with:

Virtual Infrastructures including:

  • VMware®, Microsoft® Hyper-V®, Citrix®, Linux® XEN®, Oracle® VM and more.

Virtual File Systems such as:

  • VMFS, NTFS, FAT, EXT3, EXT4, HFS and more.

Trust TTR with the virtualized systems that define your enterprise.

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