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Virtualization is essential to your business model, but it poses unique data recovery challenges. It’s vital that your recovery service can navigate these obstacles flawlessly. Only TTR has the established track record to prove we’re capable of success.

Why You Should Trust Only TTR Data Recovery

In this modern technological age we are living in now, dealing with physical operating systems and data is a relatively basic concept. However, when it comes to virtual and digital operating systems, complexities and more complicated processes are involved. Which is why you need a team of experts to help you when VMware data gets lost in the mix, and TTR Data Recovery is the only company you should call.

  • FACT: TTR Data Recovery is the only company to enforce an IACRB Data Recovery Technicians training and certification for all engineers, technicians and specialists. Meaning we enforce the highest standards for skill, knowledge and tools for our VMware data recovery service. This stands as a testament to our endeavor towards providing you with the absolute best service that the industry can provide.
  • More than our technicians and engineers being trained in state-of-the-art technology, our laboratories are also certified with ISO 5 Class 100 Cleanroom. This means that our laboratories are the optimal venue for safe and secure VMware data recovery services, among other kinds of data recovery procedures we uphold.
VMWare Data Recovery Why Trust Us | TTR Data Recovery
  • We are a company that respects the integrity of your data and information. Our company undergoes an overall audit under the SOC Type II Secure Data Recovery. This makes sure that the data that you make available to us is sealed confidential, safe and secure to you alone.
  • Through our years and years of excellent service and customer relations, we are trusted by the biggest companies in the VMware industry. We are one of the few companies that provide data recovery services to the top-players in the industry, and we want to serve you, too.

In a Hurry? Expedite it.

We completely understand that your VMware data is extremely important to you, your business and your life. We understand that living without your data is like walking blindly in the dark.  Which is we are prepared for whatever emergency situation that you might be caught in and we are equipped with VMware data recovery services that can cater to your specific needs.

VMWare Data Recovery Expedite | TTR Data Recovery
  • Front-Of-Line Expedition - In case of an emergency, you can opt to have your VMware data recovery services needs be forwarded into priority and we will handle your case first, amongst others. You can talk and inquire with a TTR Data Recovery technician to analyze out how you’re VMware data can be recovered as quick as possible.
  • Bit-By-Bit Data Feed - The Front-Of-Line Expedition will still leave you walking data-less for quite a period of time until completion. With this kind of expedited program, we will remotely feed you your data bit-by-bit right at the moment that we recover it. In perspective, you are acting like a data loading bar waiting for the VMware data recovery service to be completed in a specific amount of time.

VMware Data Recovery: Providing A Reliable Service

No matter why you take advantage of virtualization, you could be at risk. Companies employ virtualization for backup purposes, advanced data manipulation and to make the most of hardware resources. In doing so, however, many leave themselves vulnerable to unique hazards. Even worse, the fact that virtual systems often coexist within shared hardware means failures in one area could easily propagate. Storage devices and servers that fail can take entire enterprises down with them.

Many of the mechanisms of data loss that occur in virtualized systems are similar to those that plague other media. Common problems include:

VMFS (Virtual Machine File System) Corruption

This type of problem can arise due to different instances, this includes:

  • Faulty SAN Hardware or malfunctions on the hard drive can cause data corruption for VMFS. This is a rare case because of the virtual nature of VMFS, but it is possible.
  • Some VMFS corruption can manifest even if the VMFS does not have an issue at all. There can be a corrupted VMC file present, or a metadata file that is corrupted that can lead to the VMFS manifesting as corrupt.
  • An incompatibility of the host software and the shared storage can also lead to the corruption of VMFS.
VMWare Data Recovery VMFS Corruption | TTR Data Recovery

VMDK (Virtual Machine Disk) Corruption

This is one of the most tricky and risky kinds of virtual corruption that there is, requiring an expert to completely maneuver the VMware data recovery service successfully. The VMDK is the host containing all the data in the disk, which is why any error or malfunction during the recovery can quickly and easily lead to data corruption and data loss.

The VMDK files are the connecting extensions for the workstations and machines involved in the virtual system. Additionally, VMDK files are the most prone to corruption.

Human Error / Deletion of Virtual Machines

This is one of the most common problems to arise ironically the most avoidable of all. This involves a simple misclick of a button and voila, your Virtual Machine is deleted from the VMFS data storage.

Fret not, our TTR Data Recovery experts can simply detect and sequence the cyber footprints that you have left, and use these fragments to complete their VMware data recovery service.

Power Failure Resulting to Lost Virtual Machines

Power failures or electric fluctuations can easily lead to data loss for VMwares. When communication and data integration is underway, and a sudden power failure cuts this connection – it serves as an easy formula for data loss and data corruption.

RAID/ Hardware Fault

This kind of issue tallies for at least a quarter of VMware-related problems. Hardware or RAID failure means that the mechanical drive holding the data has malfunctioned/ failed. I/O errors are common for these drives causing the data loss. Mapping, configuration and rebuilding are the key steps on recovering the data from this kind of error – concepts that are under the belt of our TTR Data Recovery experts.

The wide variety of potential failures means that unless you’re willing to risk even greater losses, only experts should attempt VMware recovery. TTR Data Recovery specialists are veterans at diagnosing these problems, and this gives us a major edge when it comes to extricating your vital information.

Looking for VMware Data Recovery in an Emergency Situation?

Fear not. TTR Data Recovery’s staff are always on-call when you need them, and our skills are worthy of any obstacle. We maintain a constant training regimen that keeps us equipped for any situation, and our emergency case managers don’t stop working until your virtual machines are back up and chugging along healthily.

VMWare Data Recovery Emergency Recovery | TTR Data Recovery
  • Weekend & Holiday Recovery Services
    You never know when your VMware will undergo a data malfunction. It can happen in the daytime, or even when you’re out for the weekend break. This is why we, at TTR Data Recovery, are always open for service. We have tons of options on how you can send and how we can receive your data storages for our VMware data recovery service.
  • Nonstop Data Recovery Process
    We practice excellence in our VMware data recovery service, and we do not put tasks aside when we start it, and just finish it for later. Once your VMware data storage arrives in our recovery line, our engineers will not stop until the job is finished. TTR Data Recovery will work around the clock to get you the service you deserve.
  • 24/7 Customer Support
    Got questions? Inquiries? Concerns? Suggestions? Great! We’d love to hear them. TTR Data Recovery always has representatives ready to hear your voice and your concerns. We have a number of options on how you can reach us.
  • Dial 1 888 328 2887, and talk with a TTR Data Recovery Representative.
  • E-mail us at: support@ttrdatarecovery.com
  • Go to the nearest TTR Data Recovery Office near you.

We will be more than glad to take any of your concerns and we will try our very best to provide you with the answers you want to hear.

If you have curiosities on how we operate, or if you have questions that are bothering you. You can always visit our FAQ’s page.

Vmware Data Recovery Support | Ttr Data Recovery

Bringing Virtualization Data Recovery to the Masses

We believe everyone deserves to enjoy the convenience of virtualization data recovery. That’s why we’ve spent years learning and working with manufacturers to provide truly comprehensive offerings. We’ve performed successful recovery operations on almost every form of virtual machine, server hardware and system configuration under the sun. Let us solve the problems you’re having with:

Virtual Infrastructures including:

  • VMware®, Microsoft® Hyper-V®, Citrix®, Linux® XEN®, Oracle® VM and more.

Virtual File Systems such as:

  • VMFS, NTFS, FAT, EXT3, EXT4, HFS and more.


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