3 Common Causes of Tape Drive Data Loss

By Linda J

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Although tape drives have been around for quite some time, they are still widely used because of their relatively high cost-effectiveness and dependability. For a lot of companies, keeping a tape drive backup system in the office is just the simplest and most efficient way to store important data.

Understanding Tape Drive Data Loss

But, as with all forms of storage media, tape drives can become damaged. Usually, the cause can be traced to one of three different problems:

  1.  Corrupted data. Data from a tape drive can be corrupted in a number of different ways, including accidental formatting, manufacturing defects, or simple degradation over time. This is often the most gradual form of data loss, and one of the easiest to deal with if recognized quickly.
  2. Physical damage to the tape drive. Fires, floods, or simple mishandling can all cause physical damage to the tape drive itself. Even in situations where tape drives have become heavily damaged, though, full or partial data recovery is usually possible.
  3. Software incompatibility. Because tape drives represent an older technology, and can come from several different manufacturers, it is possible for certain software packages to inadvertently fry them, or render them unreadable. However, using specialized tools, software, and expertise, the TTR team can get your information back.
Luckily, most tape drive data loss is reversible

If you have an experienced and reputable data recovery team on your side. When your hard drive fails, don’t delay… call TTR for fast, effective tape drive data recovery service.

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