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Restore, reorganize and recover the legacy data your business model is founded on. No tape drive is too corrupted or damaged for the TTR Data Recovery experts.

Tape Data Recovery SERVICES From All Types of Failures


 Corrupted Data

For all their reliability, tape drives aren’t impervious to human error, manufacturing defects or the passage of time. Although data corruption usually creeps in gradually and grows worse with time, attacking the problem as early as possible makes it one of the simplest deficiencies to solve. 


 Physical Damage

Environmental factors, like exposure to gases, moisture, high temperatures or chemicals, can all cause serious damage to the tape drive itself. Although some of these damaged tapes are irreversible, our expertise gives us a higher chance of successfully conducting partial or complete tape recovery operations.


Software Incompatibility

The modern software tools and standards used to store data aren’t always compatible with the logical mechanisms and frameworks employed by older hardware such as tape drives. When what you thought was a routine operation results in your drive becoming unreadable, you can count on the TTR Tape Data Recovery team to get your data back in order so that you regain access to the results.

A Globally-Established Leader in Tape Data Recovery Services

TTR Data Recovery has been one of the top-players in the industry for more than a decade now. Our Tape Data Recovery Services are unparalleled and unmatched by any other. Our teams are the only authorities that you should trust when it comes to salvaging your data.



ISO 9001 & SOC 2 Secure Tape Recovery Services

Regardless what kind of problem we’re tackling, we always employ ISO 9001 certified methods, tools and facilities. Our quality management systems commonly exceed these standards, and we diligently adhere to SOC Type II security protocols. In short, you can count on staying compliant even if your tape recovery job is irregular.

Need Rapid, Reliable Emergency Tape Data Recovery Services?

It doesn’t matter if your drive has deteriorated into a pile of tangled tape or you simply lack the hardware to access it. Our emergency teams can get the recovery process started immediately. TTR Tape Data Recovery has the expertise you need to give your legacy storage new legs.

Tape Data Recovery Reliable Emergency Tape | Ttr Data Recovery
Tape Data Recovery Disk Analysis | TTR Data Recovery

ISO 9001 & SOC 2 Secure Tape Recovery

Tape drives have numerous benefits, including longevity and general reliability. Unfortunately, they don’t always survive the circumstances people expose them to. At TTR Data Recovery, our experts have successfully restored tape drives that were:

Tape Data Recovery Iso 9001 & Soc 2 Secure Tape Recovery | Ttr Data Recovery


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