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Restore, reorganize and recover the legacy data your business model is founded on. No tape drive is too corrupted or damaged for the TTR Data Recovery experts.

Tape Data Recovery From All Types of Failures

 Corrupted Data

For all their reliability, tape drives aren’t impervious to human error, manufacturing defects or the passage of time. Although data corruption usually creeps in gradually and grows worse with time, attacking the problem as early as possible makes it one of the simplest deficiencies to solve.

 Physical Damage

Environmental factors, like exposure to gases, moisture, high temperatures or chemicals, can all cause serious damage to the tape drive itself. Although some of this damage is irreversible, our expertise gives us a higher chance of successfully conducting partial or complete recovery operations.

Software Incompatibility

The modern software tools and standards used to store data aren’t always compatible with the logical mechanisms and frameworks employed by older hardware such as tape drives. When what you thought was a routine operation results in your drive becoming unreadable, you can count on the TTR Data Recovery team to get your data back in order so that you regain access to the results.

A Globally-Established Leader in Tape Data Recovery Service

TTR Data Recovery has been one of the top-players in the industry for more than a decade now. Our Tape Data Recovery services are unparalleled and unmatched by any other. Our teams are the only authorities that you should trust when it comes to salvaging your data.


  • No results, no payments!
    Once you submit your tape data to us and we reach the agreement on what service and what results you require, you can expect that we will deliver the results you look forward to. Once we return your tape, you can double check and confirm if the data is recovered. If and when we don’t deliver (which is highly unlikely), you don’t need to pay for the service.
  • We cater to your needs at the best of our abilities, and always at your convenience
    You can bring in your tape data to us that needs our services and expect that we will provide you with an evaluation absolutely for free. We will provide you a quote for the services and the extent of the repair available for your tape data. Needless to say, you can expect that we will provide you with the best, honest, and most transparent evaluation that you can get from the industry suppliers.
  • You only pay for the end-product, and not for the process
    If and when we fail to repair and recover the data you required us to do, we will not charge anything for the effort and the attempt. This is a testament to our excellent customer service.
  • In all our years of excellent service and profound results
    we are one of the few trusted brands by leading hardware providers. Our name stands as one of the biggest players in tape data recovery, and this should stand as enough reason for you to trust our services.


  • ISO 9001 Quality Management
    TTR Data Recovery upholds the highest standards on quality management. We constantly improve and evolve our products and services, heightening customer satisfaction.
  • ISO 5 Class 100 Cleanroom
    TTR Data Recovery follows the Federal Standard 209E. Which means we uphold the cleanest and safest treatment and recovery environment for your items.
  • SOC Type II Secure Data Recovery
    Annually, the company undergoes an SOC Type II Audit, which makes sure that our data recovery processes are only of the highest standards.
  • IACRB Data Recovery Technicians
    FACT: TTR Data Recovery is the only company that requires technicians be accredited by IACRB Data Recovery Professionals. This ensures that the technicians handling our services are top-notch.

ISO 9001 & SOC 2 Secure Tape Recovery

Regardless what kind of problem we’re tackling, we always employ ISO 9001 certified methods, tools and facilities. Our quality management systems commonly exceed these standards, and we diligently adhere to SOC Type II security protocols. In short, you can count on staying compliant even if your tape recovery job is irregular.

Need Rapid, Reliable Emergency Tape Data Recovery?

It doesn’t matter if your drive has deteriorated into a pile of tangled tape or you simply lack the hardware to access it. Our emergency teams can get the recovery process started immediately. TTR Data Recovery has the expertise you need to give your legacy storage new legs.

Tape Data Recovery Reliable Emergency Tape | Ttr Data Recovery
Tape Data Recovery Disk Analysis | TTR Data Recovery
  • When you bring your products for recovery in our office, our team attends to it immediately. TTR Data Recovery does not employ a system that will leave your products waiting for days on end. Right when you surrender your items to us, it goes directly to diagnostics and same day recovery.
  • Your data recovery problems do not pick a convenient time for you when they crash down on you. That’s why we don’t take breaks. Your data is important for you and your business, which is why we work 25/8 on recovering your data. No weekends off, no holidays off.
  • Your data is our responsibility, and you only pay for the service you deserve. Which is why TTR Data Recovery guarantees you a No Data No Charge rule. If we don’t recover your data, we don’t charge you at all.
  • You only pay for results. This means that you don’t pay for the attempts on recovering your data, no matter how many they are. We are committed to trying all the ways to recover your data, and if one fails, we guarantee you that we will find another way to achieve success.
  • TTR Data Recovery employs a system and an ideology that we don’t stop until we get results and we exhaust all our options. Once we start on your job order, we never stop until we get it done. Our company employs a non-stop data recovery process.
  • We put excellent customer service in the forefronts of our company. Which is why you can reach us 24/7, through our phone lines or through e-mail.

ISO 9001 & SOC 2 Secure Tape Recovery

Tape drives have numerous benefits, including longevity and general reliability. Unfortunately, they don’t always survive the circumstances people expose them to. At TTR Data Recovery, our experts have successfully restored tape drives that were:

  • Accidentally Overwritten Data
    Managing your tape lines can get a bit tedious and confusing, which is why a lot of people actually fall victim by accidentally overwriting their tapes, including digital linear tapes (DLT). We hold a lot of expertise on these kinds of matters and you can trust that we can fix your overwriting issues.
  • Quick-Erased / Partially Overwritten
    If your tape underwent an unfortunate erasure or partial over-write, we are the company to trust. We have recovered data from thousands of tape cases that suffered from the above. We are also well experienced with handling LTO / ULTRIUM media.
  • Chemical Burns / Smoke Damage
    Tape film can be very sensitive to a lot of substances, including third-party chemicals that are not supposed to touch the film. These physical damages can result to the loss of your data. Smoke also isn’t friendly for films. We have teams of specialists who are able to handle cases like this easily.
Tape Data Recovery Iso 9001 & Soc 2 Secure Tape Recovery | Ttr Data Recovery
  • Unreadable Data
    For some instances, there are situations that the data holds unreadable on your apparatus and even for back-up software. These can be confusing for the layman’s eye, but our experts are sure to figure out what’s wrong with your data and do the necessary repairs
  • Water Damage
    Film being immersed in clean water can be non-damaging, or very little damage will only be done. But, once the film is immersed in dirty or murky water, or even mud - then that’s a completely different situation since other substances are now involved which may damage your film. These cases should be handled with utmost care and you can trust that our team of experts can provide the repair it needs.
  • Physical Damage
    Snips, tears and cuts are no strangers to film damage, in fact they are the most common kinds of damage. Film is very sensitive and is very fragile, so handling it with gentleness and care is essential. We have covered thousands of cases like this and we are absolutely no strangers from recovering from these kinds of damages.


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