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Server data recovery Certifications: ISO 9001 & SOC 2. Systems we recover: Microsoft SQL, File servers and SAAS servers and more. Call us for a quote!

A trusty server data recovery service provider is essential even when you have high-performance RAID array, cause this too can fail. Here at TTR Data Recovery, we are able to fully recover data from damaged RAIDs to bring your system back to perfect shape.

RAID is a group of drives that are organized to work together as a single unit to perform data-oriented tasks. RAIDs were created to optimally perform better than your single hard drive. RAIDs ultimately have superior performance at a relatively lower cost.

RAIDs, being anatomically more complex than the traditional hard drive, can pose more complicated problems as well. But fret not, our team of engineers and specialists have significant knowledge, experience and the right tools to fix and complete a server data recovery service for you.

Server Data Recovery Introduction | TTR Data Recovery

Server Data Recovery That Always Rises

TTR Data Recovery has been in the business for years and years on end. We are known for the excellent service that we provide, highly dependable data recovery techniques, and impeccable customer service. We treat you like how we want to be treated, that’s our key to success.

Through our years of experiences in dealing with data issues and coming up with solutions to fully recover data for our clients. We have encountered every single issue possible for server data. We have executed successful server data recovery service rooting from the following:

Server Data Recovery That Always Rises | TTR Data Recovery
  • Isolated Drive Failure/ Multiple Drive Failure
    Since RAID is an array of hard drives working together as one unit, problems can arise in only one or a few parts of the RAID. This can be caused by physical damage, static, malware, or virus. A single failure in the RAID is a reason for data loss.
  • RAID Controller Failure
    The RAID controller basically commands all the data on your hard disk drive array so that all the disks work together as one unified server. The controller is responsible for automatically recover data from a failed array, so if the controller malfunctions, the whole RAID will lose its data or be corrupted.
  • Power Interruption & Fluctuations
    RAIDs utilize fast communication and integration to and from their neighbor servers. This connection, when abruptly interrupted/ stopped, can easily be a cause for data loss and data corruption.
  • Human Error
    Human error and mismanagement are one of the most common causes of data loss and corruption for RAIDs. Misclicks and incorrect set-ups can spell doom for RAID.
  • Natural Disasters
    These are events that are somewhat unavoidable and inevitable at the same time. Disasters like fires, typhoons, and earthquakes are things we cannot control - and these can cause extreme damage to your servers.
  • Reformatting Mishaps
    When data loss, corruption, and malfunctions appear on RAIDs, the user’s first instinct is to reformat it. This is one of the common misconceptions that tech-users believe. When reformatting is incompletely integrated, or there is something wrong with the reformat set-up, you can cause more damage than what you have already sustained.
  • Corrupt Striping
    Corrupt Striping is the presence of damage along with the drive arrays. Although corrupt arrays can work when they are overpowered by healthy drives, this still might cause data loss and corruption.

Why TTR Server Recovery Services

At TTR Data Recovery Service, we do not just want to provide you with excellent data recovery. We also want to provide the optimal experience for you as a customer. We arrange all our processes and our management team will do every task at your convenience. Your high satisfaction and happiness are our utmost goals.


  • 100% Verification Before Payment
    After we recover your data, you can verify if the data is, in fact, completely recovered. We will only complete the transaction after your confirmation.
  • Free Consultation and Evaluation
    Our initial consultation, inspection, and evaluation of your RAID is absolutely free of charge.
  • No Data, No Charge
    At the extremely unlikely event that we work on your RAID and are not able to recover your data, then we will not charge for the service.
  • Industry Trusted
    TTR Data Recovery is one of the most trusted companies by the biggest players in the hard drive manufacturing industry.


  • ISO 9001 Quality Management
    This certifies that we are ever-evolving and constantly developing to provide the best service for our clientele.
  • ISO 5 Class 100 CleanRoom
    Our laboratories and our facilities are built specifically to deal with sensitive and delicate hardware safely.
  • SOC Type II Secure Data Recovery
    TTR Data Recovery undergoes an annual company-wide audit to make sure that your data integrity is kept secure.
  • IACRB Data Recovery Technicians
    We are the only company in the industry that only employs IACRB trained and certified technicians and engineers.

ISO 9001 & SOC 2 Secure Server Recovery

We go through all these training, accreditation, and development to be able to provide you with the service that you deserve and for us to always successfully execute server data recovery services.

From tracking media shipments to actually cracking enclosures and correcting mechanical failures, everything we do exceeds industry standards. Our processes and cleanroom facilities employ ISO 9001 certified quality management systems, and our SOC type ll protocols give you the comfort of knowing you can count on unflinching data security.

Our ISO 9001 Certification and SOC II Secure Data Recovery Certification are testaments to the high industry level standards that we uphold in TTR Data Recovery. This stands to the ever-developing management systems, our impeccable laboratories, high regard for data integrity, and customer-centric business model.

Server Data Recovery Iso Certified | Ttr Data Recovery

Survive Any Emergency. Get Started with Server Data Recovery.

TTR Data Recovery provides instant feedback so that you always know where you’re at. Our expedited diagnostics keep you informed and empowered to respond to emergencies intelligently. Even better, we keep your recovery moving. Disasters don’t pause for holidays or weekends, and neither do we

TTR Data Recovery’s customer representatives will always update you with the current progress with your data. We uphold complete transparency when it comes to our processes.

We understand that your server data can be critical for performing your regular tasks and for your business. Which is why we have expedited diagnostics and services to be able to respond to your emergency needs.

Server Data Recovery Customer Service | TTR Data Recovery
  • Our TTR Data Recovery experts and specialists are able to provide you with same day diagnostics and same day recovery if you are in an emergency. We also operate during weekends and holidays.
  • Our customer service representatives are also available 24/7 to take your calls and answer your queries. We employ a non-stop data recovery process so you are able to check on the progress of your server data.
  • You only pay for results. This means that we do not charge you for attempts or efforts. If we recover no data, you pay absolutely nothing.

What Steps Should You Take After a Server Crash?

When a server crash happens, the best that you can do is minimize the risk of data loss. There are a few precautions that you can do to be able to save as much data as you can.

  • Keep Calm and Relax
    When the data crash happens, take a deep breath and compose your thoughts. Your data is not gone forever. Plan out these next steps and execute them fully to save your data.
  • Never self-diagnose, self-repair, nor self-reformat If you are not a technology wizard, do not attempt to repair and recover your data by yourself. If incorrectly done, these processes can actually harm your server data more than it already is.
  • Power Off
    Cut the power supply manually from the source. You would want to maintain the original state your server was in when the crash happens.
  • Seek for Professional Help
    Call and connect with a TTR Data Recovery expert and leave the data recovery to our hands.
Server Data Recovery What To Do When Server Crash | Ttr Data Recovery

Our Recovery Methods Have Excelled with Diverse Systems like:

In all our years in the business, we have encountered optimally every kind of database system and every issue therewith

Our TTR Data Recovery experts are well-versed with the following systems:

Server Data Recovery Methods | TTR Data Recovery
  • File Servers
    These are computers that serve as the platform for data storage and data management that allows other computers to access the same network.
  • Virtual Servers
    These are servers that are made from a physical hardware server. Virtual servers share the same software and hardware resources with other virtual servers.
  • E-Mail Servers (e.g. Microsoft Exchange)
    These server handle information and data that are exchanged via different e-mail platforms.
  • Database Server
    This server is the back-end system of the database utilizing a client architecture. This server can analyze, manipulate and archive data.
  • Web Server
    This server utilized a program that uses HTTP to manage the data and files.
  • Microsoft Share-Point Server
    This is a web collaborative server that is configurable and connects with a different organization.
  • SAAS Server
    This is a software distribution platform that provides hosting applications and makes them accessible to different users.
  • Apple®
  • Hitachi Data Systems
  • NetApp™
  • Synology®
  • Dell™
  • Iomega®
  • EqualLogic®
  • LSI™
  • StorTrends®
  • DataCore™ Software
  • Infortrend®
  • Oracle®
  • Linksys®
  • StorNext®
  • Compellent Technologies
  • IBM®
  • ONStor™
  • X-IO™ Technologies
  • Buffalo™
  • HP Hewlett® Packard
  • NetGear®
  • Thecus®
  • D-Link®
  • Pillar® Data Systems
  • LaCie

Data Problems? Give us a ring.

It all starts with a phone call. Contact us at 1 888 328 2887 and our customer service representative will be glad to take your call. You can also email us at

We are oriented towards recovering your data and getting your server fully functioning at the least time possible. Our TTR Data Recovery representatives will work together with you, hand-in-hand, to perfectly curate the service for you. Our high standards, years of experience, and our team of experts are sure to fully meet your expectations and certainly recover your precious data. Learn more about our RAID server data recovery services.


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  • Rodolfo Fish says:

    My office at 2553 Tibbs Ave, DE relies on an old school Dual CPU system for processing. I had trouble with my server data. There were missing files, and some files were incomplete. Glitches were also very common with our old system. I asked TTR for their help to help me save all my lost data. I needed my data for my business to be fully functional. I asked for my service to be expedited. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to expedite it because of my primitive system. Overall, they successfully recovered my data. I just wish it was a tad bit faster.3.5/5 Stars for me.

  • Helen Cunningham says:

    It’s the first time that I experienced data loss that really affected my life and business! My whole entire server went down and I couldn’t access any of my data at all. At the time I really needed my data back ASAP and I was really struggling on finding someone who can recover my data. I searched the web and TTR was the first company that popped up. And miraculously they were only under an hour drive away from my house at 168 Biddie Lane, VA. I brought my device there and I really got surprised! I got on the spot inspection and evaluation! I left my device with them and got my data back in under a day!!! Talk about expedited services huh? I fully recommend TTR Data Recovery to anyone who’s experiencing data trouble. 5/5!

  • Elizabeth Mavis says:

    There aren’t a lot of reliable data recovery providers here in Honolulu, so when my server went down I really panicked! I searched the web for the most reliable data recovery provider and that’s where I saw TTR Data Recovery. At first I thought they couldn’t cater to my needs, but they can! They were able to arrange a pick-up and delivery service for me at my home at 749 Stratford Drive, HI! Their server data recovery was extremely convenient, I didn’t even have to step out of my home! Next thing I know, they’re already sending my data back through cloud! Amazing!

  • Dong Acosta says:

    TTR has given me so much relief! My server went down cos of power interruption and half of my data got corrupted. Their office was a short drive from my home at 3532 Settlers Lane NY which was so convenient! The employees were extremely nice and they recovered my server data in under 3 days! This has been the most convenient experience for me! I got my business back on track thanks to TTR Data Recovery!

  • Jason Serye says:

    I had a bit of trouble at school when I accidentally spilled water on my system unit during computer class. I really thought I was in trouble! TTR fed me the server data I damaged through cloud service in my house at 5677 E. Overlook Drive, CA. I got the server data really quick. I opted for their expedited service and they did not disappoint! 5 stars!

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