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Mobile devices are one of the best aspects of living in modern times, but only when you can access the data they contain. TTR Data Recovery services squeeze new life out of the devices you thought were beyond rescue.


A successful phone data recovery always starts with an efficient and effective inspection and evaluation. TTR Data Recovery and our team of experts and specialists are bonafide professionals with proper training, knowledge and tools to quickly identify the problems that your phone and its data is experiencing. Our experts can provide you with a diagnosis that is quick and, more importantly, accurate.

We employ the most efficient systems, backed with a Quality Management Service Certification, to make sure that we are always improving our systems and are also evolving with these technologically fast-paced times. Our specialists are constantly updated and are always educated with the most modern mobile technologies and are able to inspect and investigate on the data storage and protection systems these modern devices employ.

Our team of experts are well-versed with any kind of operating system, may it be: Apple, Android, BlackBerry, Cell Phones, or Window Mobile Devices. We also cater to recovering lost data from Tablets and iPads. We are also able to work with SIM Cards with valuable data contained in it.

Phone Data Recovery Introduction | TTR Data Recovery

TTR Data Recovery has never been easier to reach. If ever you come upon a time where you are in dire need of our services, ring us at 1 888 328 2887. We have a team of customer service representatives that can attend to your needs any hour of any day, 24/7. You can also shoot us an Email at Or, visit our homepage and start a live chat with one of our service representatives.

TTR Data Recovery teams have experience correcting mobile data losses related to:

Phone Data Recovery Submersion | Ttr Data Recovery

Phone Data Recovery Service Unlimited by Brands or Models

You might have lost data on a corporate smartphone, a personal tablet or your favorite music player. No matter the circumstances, we’ve got the expertise and manufacturer

Phone Data Recovery Service Unlimited | TTR Data Recovery

Operating Systems

Mobile Phone Brands

A Globally-Established Leader in Phone Data Recovery



The Challenges of Mobile Recovery

Mobile devices use advanced technologies to deliver convenience, data accessibility and connectivity. This hardware depends on tools like embedded and removable flash storage, wireless networking and proprietary manufacturer interfaces to receive, store and manipulate large volumes of data. Even more confounding, they do it all in minimized packages that capitalize on physical space.

Mobile device data loss occurs for many reasons, so it’s important to apply appropriate solutions. Those who attempt to correct these problems without a thorough understanding of their subtleties are doomed to fail. Without the proper expertise, many even make the situation worse.

TTR Data Recovery teams have experience correcting mobile data losses related to:

Phone Data Recovery Challenges | TTR Data Recovery


The evaluation for your phone can take as quick as on-the-spot, or it can take as long as 2-3 business days. After evaluation, our team of experts can give you a closely accurate and definitive duration on how long your device will stay within our facilities. It usually takes around 1-2 weeks after evaluation before we successfully provide you with your recovered data.

For emergency purposes, you can always inquire with our TTR Data Recovery service representatives on expedited services which can put your device to or close to the front of line. Although, this is not always available because sometimes there is a high concentration of expedited cases. Make sure to discuss your options with our service representative to get you the service best suited to your needs.

Absolutely. As TTR Data Recovery specialists can easily recover all the data on your mobile device, we can also selectively recover certain data at your request. May it be just your:
    • Contacts
    • Calendar
    • Photos
    • Videos
    • Audio
    • Documents
    • Call History
    • Messages

We give our evaluation and inspection services absolutely for free, 100%. We understand that as a consumer you would want to get the best out of your budget, and we respect that. Which is why we will give you a ballpark price and an evaluation of your device – free of charge. There is also no associated fee for turning down our services after we have evaluated it, so don’t you worry about any hidden charges.

Absolutely! We understand that your phone and its data can be critical to your everyday life, moreover on the business aspect of it. TTR Data Recovery can provide you with a more expedited system wherein we send you directly the data we recover right when we recover it. So you can get your data bit by bit over the whole process.

As much as it is counter-intuitive, there isn’t much difference with recovering a small amount of data and a big amount of data. It always boils down to how hard it is to recover.

Yes, you can. With TTR Data Recovery’s team of engineers and experts, user-related errors such as accidentally deleted files or overwriting can be quickly solved.


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