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Luckily, TTR Data Recovery is unmatched at restoring lost information and extracting it from damaged devices. Contact us now to get your life back in order.

You should always be connected with a reliable and trustworthy personal data retrieval services provider because your personal data is of the utmost importance. At TTR Data Recovery, we are unparalleled when it comes to the recovery of lost information. Our engineers are experts at piecing digital fragments together and mapping out your lost data.

We are humble and glad to work with you and help you get your life back in tip-top shape.

Personal Data Recovery Introduction | TTR Data Recovery

Some of the Many Reasons People Choose Our Professional Data Retrieval Services

  • 100% Verification Before Payment
    When we have completed the personal data retrieval service that you tasked us to do. You have the absolute right to verify and confirm if your data was successfully recovered before we complete the transaction.
  • Free Consultation and Evaluation
    We pride ourselves with our highly exquisite customer relations. With that, your initial consultation, an inspection of products, and evaluation are absolutely free-of-charge. Our engineers will do a full sweep of your hardware and will be able to give you a ballpark price for the personal data retrieval services you will need.
  • No Deposits Needed
    At TTR Data Recovery, we do not require cash deposits for us to start working on your products. Additionally, if after inspection and evaluation, you decide to pull out your product and take matters into your own hands - we will also not charge anything for the initial services done.
  • No Data Recovered = No Charge
    At the most unlikely chance that our top-notch engineers are not able to retrieve your data and are not able to successfully complete the personal data retrieval services that you required of us. Then, we will not charge you at all. Not a single cent. You only pay for excellent results, and that’s what you should expect of us.
  • High Quality at a Low Price
    Our excellent personal data retrieval services are sure to revive your files to full-function in no time. And, we offer our services at a reasonably low, and affordable price.
  • Free Inbound Shipping
    If you are out of our service area but you are in dire need of our services. We have partner couriers whom you can connect with to bring us your personal hardware. The inbound shipping of your product to our laboratories comes absolutely free of charge, as well.
  • 24/7 Customer Support
    Our TTR Data Recovery customer representatives are always available to take your calls, emails, and queries. We understand that you can be bothered with questions and concerns, which is why you can connect with us whatever time of day it is.
  • Economical Payment Plans
    Some hardware and software require more complex procedures, more tools, and different types of equipment to be able to successfully recover the data. And this might come at a slightly higher price. Which is why we have economical payment plans available for your consumption. Consult with a TTR Data Recovery customer representative to figure out your options.


Personal Data Recovery Services We're Experts In | TTR Data Recovery
  • Hard Drive Recovery
    HDD’s (Hard Drive Disks) serve as your computer’s main data management and storage platform. The HDD contains all your media, information and data, which is what makes it critical for a fully functioning system. These come in many different brands, but our experts at TTR Data Recovery are fully-versed at all of them.
  • Flash/ Memory Drive Recovery
    Flash/ Memory Drives are probably the most compact, most mobile and most convenient forms of data-storage hardware. These are most commonly found in our smartphones or in our digital cameras. These can store from 4GB to as much as 512 GB. Our specialists can recover data from these easily and quickly.
  • Solid State Drive Recovery
    SSDs (Solid State Drive) is the smaller, more compact, and relatively static cousin of the HDD. This is found on smaller devices as well such as laptops and high-performance tablets. With its more compact form, some companies have difficulty recovering data from this. Not at TTR Data Recovery, our engineers are well-equipped with the right tools to ensure data recovery from SSDs.
  • Tape Recovery
    Tapes are slightly more sensitive to physical damage compared to more modern types of data storage. Which means they need delicate care to be able to recover the data from them. We, at TTR Data Recovery, have the proper work environment to service these products properly.
  • Apple Recovery
    Apple’s data system is one of the most complicated and most secure forms of data storage, which makes data recovery just as difficult. But fret not, our TTR Data Recovery engineers are fully-equipped with the familiarity of Apple’s systems to execute a successful data recovery.

Data Retrieval On Your Personal Files

Whether you lost timeless family photos, important tax documents or your favorite holiday videos, there’s no reason you should go without your data a minute longer than you have to. TTR Data Recovery has been restoring lost information successfully for decades, and we’re ready to do the same for you.

Our expertise is known to home data users around the world. We’re even trusted by international businesses because we respect client confidentiality and perform accurate, rapid work. Our experts can retrieve your data from damaged hard drives, laptops, PCs, Macs, memory cards, RAID systems, servers, tablets and smartphones. Why accept data loss when it’s so easy to put our skills to work for you?

Your Data Always Stays Secure With TTR.

We understand how hard it is to let your data go. That’s why we preserve your privacy by maintaining SOC 2 Type ll Security certification. This allows us to provide complete data-security features, like:

  • Universal Encryption of Data
    We respect your personal information and data integrity. With SOC Type II certification, our company upholds absolute encryption of your returned data to make sure that your data stays safe, secure and private to you alone.
  • Company-wide Background Checks
    Through SOC Type II Security Certification, our company undergoes a company-wide audit to make sure that every single member of our company upholds the highest standard for data security.
  • ISO 9001 Certification
    At TTR Data Recovery, we are constantly evolving. Every day we aim to develop and improve our organization and our services to yield better results and provide a better experience for our customers and partners overall.
  • Secure Data Transport
    Whether you’re in our office, at home, or somewhere very remote. We are able to transport your data safely and securely. All of which is done to make sure we serve you at your convenience.
  • Data Trouble? Leave it to us.
    One of the most common mistakes that our new clients make is that they tried to take matters into their own hands and recover the data themselves. Self-recovery, reformatting, and repairs can actually do more damage than it can do good, when not done correctly.
Personal Data Recovery Data Secured | Ttr Data Recovery

So when you encounter the data issue, turn the power off and leave it to its original state. After which, immediately bring it to our experts and specialists at TTR Data Recovery and leave the rest to us.

Some of the Many Reasons People Choose TTR

  • You get to confirm and verify your recovered data before you pay
  • Our consultations and standard evaluations are always 100 percent free
  • Thanks to our No-Data, No-Charge Guarantee, you only pay if we get your data back: No upfront fees or deposits are necessary
  • We provide 24/7 customer support and free inbound shipping
  • We offer economical payment plans.
  • Our fees are low and reasonably priced
  • We make the data-recovery process easy and simple even if you're not a tech wiz
Personal Data Recovery Hdd Recovery | Ttr Data Recovery

Hard Drive Recovery

Hard Drive Disks, or HDDs, ensure your computer, laptop or media center retains the data you cherish. No matter what brand of device you use or who manufactured it, we can restore the lost data.

Personal Data Recovery Ssd Recovery | Ttr Data Recovery

Solid State Drive Recovery

Solid State Drives, or SSDs, are like HDDs, but they’re silent, lightweight and compact with no moving parts. Most often found in laptops and similar hardware, they’re harder for many companies to restore. Not TTR. Our experts work closely with drive manufacturers to ensure we can correct any kind of loss you experience.

Personal Data Recovery Flash Recovery | Ttr Data Recovery

Flash/Memory Drive Recovery

The flash memory in your phone, camera or tablet is pretty convenient, but not when it doesn’t function properly. TTR Data Recovery makes it simple to get your information back so that you can keep taking selfies, documenting important life events, chatting, watching movies or doing your work from the comfort of the couch.

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