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It doesn’t matter when or how your data loss occurs. TTR Data Recovery engineers are unmatched in their drive and ability to recover your NAS data you depend on.

NAS Data Recovery – It’s essential when you lose or damage your data and this can be a result of numerous events. Our team of experts, specialists and engineers are equipped with the knowledge, expertise and experience to deal with any kind of NAS Data related issues. Moreover, TTR Data Recovery Experts are extremely driven to delivering the results that you deserve and restore your valuable data.

NAS Data Recovery Introduction | TTR Data Recovery

NAS Data Recovery From All Types of Failures

Nas Data Recovery From All Types Of Failures | Ttr Data Recovery

TTR Data Recovery’s team of experts and engineers hold significant experience on handling any kind of NAS data-related issues. NAS (Network-Attached Storage) can suffer from a number of factors that will lead to data failure. This would require careful inspection and repair work to successfully perform NAS data drive recovery. Here are a few factors that can lead to NAS Data Failure:

Power Supply Error / Power Failures

The NAS Network can experience major glitches and problems can occur when a power failure occurs. This includes over-voltages, under-voltages and voltage fluctuations. RAID (redundant array of independent discs) are particularly vulnerable when power failures occur for the connection and the synchronization process may be cut mid-way and data will not be fully re-integrated into the network.

Human/ Manual Error

Human/ Manual Error leads as the most common cause for losing data in NAS/ RAID systems. This can be a result of a multitude of reasons like: accidental overwriting of the drive, deletion, manual re-formatting, re-installation or even the mere tinkering of the system.

Hard Disk Drive Failure(s)

An HDD (Hard Disk Drive) Failure occurs when the operating system malfunctions and the data stored in the drive cannot be accessed with a properly functioning and configured computer. These kinds of failures can occur out of the blue in the normal course of the operating system.

This kind of failure can quickly lead to data loss or the complete shutdown of the HDD.

Corrupted Metadata

Data Corruption / Corrupted Metadata is triggered by a number of factors like power failures, system malfunctions and other external elements. Data corruption is an error involving the writing, storage, transfer, reading, transmission and/ or processing of data. This can put data integrity in an unsafe situation. Data can appear as fully corrupted or partially corrupted, both are in the expertise of TTR Data Recovery specialists.

RAID Rebuild Failures

RAID is the primary service network for NAS. A RAID Rebuild is the data recovery and reconstruction that occurs once the HDD is needing replacement. When the HDD fails under unexpected circumstances, RAID transfers copies to a spare drive which is used to reassemble the recovered data into a new drive.

The RAID Rebuild is an important part of safeguarding your data, so once this fails you need to take it to an expert to fix the problem. A RAID Rebuild error or a malfunction on its target spare drive can put your data security at risk and at a vulnerable position.


Although this is an error that may happen under expected situations wherein the usage of the HDD is prolonged under very long hours, more than it is meant for. This can also occur by a malfunction or a faulty cooling system inside the disk drive. This can also be affected by the environment of the HDD and its placement as well. For example, if it is placed beside the vent of a laptop, this can trigger overheating. This can be an easy cause of data failure for HDDs.

External Factor Related Damage

More than human error, HDDs are prone to mishandling and accidents are inevitable. Some physical damage can occur when it is dropped and shaken, or when it is submerged underwater, or exposed to substances that can be harmful to the system.

More importantly, HDD users should always be careful of magnetic sources for this can damage the system of your HDD and damage the data stored inside.

NAS Data Recovery External Factor Damage | TTR Dara Recovery

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TTR Data Recovery is accredited under ISO 9001, a high standard held for quality management systems that is particularly designed to meet high satisfaction for our customers’ needs. TTR Data Recovery is required to adhere to certain guidelines and exact procedures to make sure that the end-to-end process of NAS data recovery is held to the highest standards.


TTR Data Recovery undergoes an annual audit under SOC Type II to make sure that the processes involved in the NAS data recovery process are of the most secure and safe systems.


Never worry about the unexpected again. TTR Data Recovery’s awesome emergency services make it easy to get past disasters, and we’re always improving. Whether you need RAID rebuild help during a holiday weekend or an accurate same-day diagnosis at crunch time, all you do is to call us.

Data issues can arise at any time of the day, or the night – and we want you to know that whenever this happens, we are the ones to call. TTR Data Recovery is open for your calls 24/7, because we never want you to be alone when data failure issues arise. We have an amazing team of experts who are ready to answer to your emergency needs and we will absolutely make the NAS data recovery experience the best that we can.

We are a company that is focused on constantly improving our services and our customer relations, that’s why if you need RAID assistance during a national holiday – we won’t hesitate to attend to your NAS data recovery needs.

We also deeply understand that your data is critical to keeping your life at balance, and keeping your business running. Which is why a lag-time wherein you don’t have your data at hand can spell a disaster for you and your career. Expedited NAS data recovery is also possible with our talented engineers. Chat with our TTR Data Recovery customer representatives to find out your options for emergency situations.

NAS Data Recovery Emergency SAN SDS or NAS | TTR Data Recovery
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  • Customer Friendly Call & Chat Support
  • Hard Drive Data Recovery On Holidays
  • Emergency Case Support 24/7!

We Can Recover Them All

TTR Data Recovery’s experienced technicians have skills that are legendary even among device manufacturers. We’ve performed successful data recovery on all kinds of NAS/ SAN systems, including:

  • Adaptec
  • Apple
  • Buffalo
  • Compellant
  • Dell
  • D-Link
  • EMC
  • EqualLogic
  • HP
  • IBM
  • Iomega
  • Lacie
  • LSI 3ware
  • MicroNet
  • Netgear
  • NetApp
  • NexSAN
  • Promise
  • QNAP
  • StorNext
  • Synology
  • Seagate’s BlackArmor
  • Thecus
  • Western Digital

How to Bounce Back When Your NAS RAID Fails

Will a failed SAN spell the death of your enterprise? If you’re careful, you can stem the tide of disaster, minimize negative fallout and ultimately improve the likelihood that your recovery will succeed. Always follow these two simple steps:

Secure Nas Data Recovery


There are things and habits you can employ and practice so that you can reduce the possibility of a data loss. The examples below are key points on how to take care of your HDD and what systems to control so that you can not only keep them safe but also make sure that NAS data recovery is very possible if ever you encounter another data failure.

Physically Take Care of Your HDD

This must sound really obvious, but some people tend to mishandle and use their HDD with the least amount of care. Keep your HDD dry, clean and out of small magnetic fields – this is the least you can do to make sure it won’t get physically damaged.

Use Anti-Malware Tools 

This is extremely essential when you use your HDD on different platforms and different computer systems. Keep your HDD virus free by installing an anti-malware program on it to protect it from untrustworthy systems.

Create Back-ups

You have to prepare for the worst, that’s why whenever you work on something really important on your main HDD – you create another copy on a back up HDD. A good habit is backing up your main HDD every week, or so. Make sure that your back up HDD is reliable as well.

Invest on High Quality HDDs

You can’t expect an HDD to be extremely reliable, stable and have high memory capacity to come at such a susceptible low price. So, invest on an HDD that is high quality, and is trusted by big brands, even if they may come at a higher price point. Investing on a high quality HDD can reduce your risks of data loss at an exponential rate.

Keep Calm and Contact TTR Data Recovery

We do understand that data loss can be inevitable, at times. Manual error happens, electrical fluctuations and natural disasters that are out of our control can hit us hard. But the last thing that you wanna do when a situation like this arises is that you panic. Keep calm and immediately connect with our TTR Data Recovery experts and leave the repair and recovery to us.


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