Need A Logical Hard Drive Data Recovery Service?

By Linda J

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Logical data recovery does not involve mechanical or physical repairs. Logical failure easily confused with a bad drive, logical failures can show many symptoms, including but not limited to, failure to boot, unable to read partitions and files, unrecognizable by OS (no drive letter) this is typically the easiest failure to diagnose and repair and should cost a small fraction of an open-case evaluation.

Logical Hard Drive Data Recovery

Some logical problems can have physical causes at their root (bad sectors, write-errors) and may still be recoverable with logical techniques and tool.

Problems like viruses, deletion, formatting, partition loss, operating system corruption, firmware corruption, database indexing corruption, file structure damage and clone-by-mistake are just some of the examples of Logical Cause damaged, yet the hard drive remains unharmed, mechanically.

Few most common cause of logical recovery:

  • Power outages
  • System crashes
  • Hardware issues
  • Viruses
  • Malware
  • Brownouts
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