Damaged Hard Drive Recovery Services

Data Recovery for Damaged Hard Drives

Did you know that physical damage is one of the leading causes of total hard drive failure and subsequent data loss? HDDs are delicate and often not built to withstand impacts or moisture. But even with the greatest precautions, disaster can strike.Over more than 14 years of experience in recovering hard drives, TTR Data Recovery engineers have encountered hard drives that have been damaged in the most imaginative ways. If there is any hope of recovering data from the drive, our technicians will see it done.

TTR has a history of delivering successfully recovered data from all manufacturers’ hard drives. Not only that, TTR’s proven hard drive data recovery methods are manufacturer-approved. This means our methods to recover hard drives are:

  • Vetted by industry leaders
  • Suitable for all hard drives from all manufacturers
  • Guaranteed to keep the drive warranty intact
A Disassembled Hdd Drive

No Data? No Charge!

The unfortunate fact is that physical damage can make it impossible to recover data. An extremely damaged hard drive is no different from a totaled car – it may only be good for scrap.

As an A+-rated data recovery company, TTR believes that our clients should only pay for success. For those rare cases where TTR’s technicians are not able to recover your files, we offer a No Data, No Charge policy.

If we can’t salvage your data, we will ship your media back to you free of charge. It’s as simple as that!

To maintain absolute trust with our clients, we also offer other cost-free benefits:

  • 100% free diagnosis and evaluation
  • No attempt fees
  • Verify your data before you pay – if you’re not happy, we’ll return your drive to you
  • Free pickup & delivery with emergency services

When choosing TTR, you’re choosing to pay for services that produce results, not for failed attempts or hidden costs.

Hdd Sliced In Half

Examples of media and hard drives on which we perform daily data recovery.


Support Types

  • PATA
  • SAS
  • Firewire
  • SATA
  • Fibre Channel
  • eSATA
  • SCSI
  • USB

Hard Drive Brands

  • EMC
  • Fujitsu
  • Hitachi GST
  • Dell
  • Microsoft
  • Samsung
  • Seagate
  • Toshiba
  • Lenovo
  • NetApp
  • HP
  • Western Digital
  • Intel

*If you can’t see your hard drive listed, don’t worry; TTR Data Recovery can recover from any type or brand of hard drive.

Certified Data Recovery Provider for Damaged Hard Disk Drives

TTR is unique in the data recovery industry in that all our technicians and engineers hold full IACRB certification. We only hire certified data recovery experts who hold actual, accredited degrees in hard drive data recovery.

Our experts are trained to help your equipment recover from hard drive damage, whatever it may be. No matter how irretrievable your files may seem, if they can be saved, TTR technicians will do so.

In addition to IACRB certification, we also hold the following accreditations:

  • ISO 9001 Certification - Our methods have been independently verified to deliver consistent success and adhere to strict quality control requirements.
  • SOC Type II Certification - Data security is of utmost importance to us, and we abide by the highest standards in confidentiality and privacy.
  • Apple Macintosh Certified Technician - Certified by Apple, TTR technicians understand the crucial differences between PC and Apple Mac and know what methods to use with each platform.
  • NASA and U.S. Government Agency Trusted Contractor - Both governmental agencies and NASA have put their data in TTR's hands, making us one of the most trusted data recovery services.

ISO 500 Class 100 Cleanrooms

Repairing a damaged hard drive requires a clean and controlled environment. Microscopic dust, contamination, and particulate matter can render the delicate instruments housed in an HDD useless.TTR Data Recovery cleanrooms exceed the requirements of the ISO 500 Class 100 standard. Our cleanrooms are controlled and measured for:
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Exposure
  • Air particulate levels and more
Our certified cleanrooms employ HEPA and ULPA filters and either laminar or turbulent air flow techniques to minimize the presence of airborne particles that could harm hard drives. Our engineers also follow other certified best practices, starting at such simple level as always wearing face masks and gloves when working on your hard drive.
To uphold our most rigorous standards, our cleanrooms undergo continuous monitoring and efficacy verification. By choosing TTR Data Recovery, you can rest easy knowing that we will never expose your drive to environmental hazards. Hdd On Wet Surface

Data Recovery Services You Can Rely On

With more than a decade of experience in data recovery, TTR has become one of the most trusted companies in the business. From consumers to businesses to top governmental agencies, TTR has delivered success to all.

But what does success in data recovery look like in numbers?

284,950,000 TB of Data Recovered

From a single external hard drive to complex RAID sets housing critical business data, TTR has prevented hundreds of millions of terabytes in data loss. Not only that, TTR can recover data from your damaged hard drive and get your business back on track faster than other data recovery operations.

TTR offers several service packages tailored to your specific needs. From the standard package with cost-free diagnostics and ability to verify data before payment to the emergency service with 24/7 support and ASAP delivery - even on holidays - we will make sure you have your data back when you need it and not a moment later.

85,240 Drives Recovered

The millions of terabytes we've recovered can't come from only a handful of hard drives. TTR experts will employ industry best practices with any drive from any manufacturer, be it a part of a RAID array or a modern SSD drive.

Different hard drive models and configurations require different approaches. Our certified technicians possess in-depth knowledge of all hard drive models and will use manufacturer-verified recovery methods to salvage your files.

Signs and Symptoms of Hard Drive Damage

If you know you may have broken your hard drive, perhaps by dropping it or getting moisture on it, you will most likely expect that it might behave strangely. But sometimes a hard drive will continue functioning normally only to break further down the line.

Here are the most common signs and symptoms of hard drive damage that you should be aware of.

Drive Makes No Sound

The data on an HDD is stored on an optical or magnetic disk inside the hard drive. When a computer accesses the drive, the disk will begin to spin and a read/write head reads the data on the disk.

The spinning of the disk is a mechanical device and will produce a more or less faint noise. If you can’t access your hard drive and it makes no sound at all, it is likely that some kind of failure is preventing the disk from spinning.

Drive Makes Too Much Sound

On the opposite end of the decibel scale, your hard drive might start getting excessively noisy. Strange sounds coming from your disk could range from loud humming to clicking, beeping, or even scraping noises.

If your drive becomes clearly audible, it is a good idea to call professionals.

Drive Overheats

Again, some heat is only normal for HDD operation. Ideal operating temperature for a hard drive is between 85 and 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, if your drive starts producing heat upwards of the 105 degree mark, you should either rethink your cooling system or consider the possibility that the drive may be damaged.

Long Load Times

If your computer recognizes your drive but has problems accessing it, something might be wrong. These access issues could manifest either as very long load times, or your computer’s processes freezing completely when it tries to access the drive.

What to Do When Encountering These Symptoms

If your hard drive is exhibiting one or more of these signs and symptoms, you should first verify whether the issue lies with the HDD or the computer. Your first step is to unplug your HDD and connect to another computer.

If the issues persist, there is a chance that your drive has been damaged. Stop using it immediately, as continued operation could exacerbate the problems.

Hard drives are extremely difficult to repair on your own, as they contain many specialized and highly delicate parts. If you suspect your HDD is damaged, contact TTR’s professional technicians who have the tools and workspaces necessary to recover your data.

Other Data Recovery Services We Offer

Hard Drive Data Recovery

TTR is has a track record of success not only in hard drive damage, but in all aspects of hard drive data recovery. Whether your problems are mechanical or logical, TTR has the tools and expertise to ensure successful data recovery in record time for all HDD models.

RAID Data Recovery

RAID sets hold a critical role for many businesses. TTR are is acutely aware of their importance, and we place a heavy emphasis on urgency when dealing with RAID issues.

Our technicians are familiar with all RAID levels and configurations to ensure speedy and successful RAID data recovery and save your company both time and money.

SSD Data Recovery

SSD drives have been growing in popularity in recent years due to their speed and reliability advantages over traditional HDDs. But despite the increased reliability, SSD drives can break for any number of reasons.

When they do, the loss may seem unsurmountable. With more than five million terabytes recovered from SSD drive, rest assured that TTR can perform successful data recovery on all SSD brands and models.

Server Data Recovery

When it comes to server failure, we at TTR have seen it all. From broken controllers and drive failures to corrupt striping, simple human error, and even natural disasters, TTR’s certified server recovery technicians will not be daunted by even the most challenging issues.

Whatever the function of your server, we will know what steps to take to get it back online and you back in business. Contact TTR and ask about server data recovery service options.

Hard Disk Drive OS We Supported

Operating systems pose no barriers for TTR Data Recovery technicians. Our firsthand experience means we handle each case as effectively as possible
https://ttrdatarecovery.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Hard-Drive-Data-Recovery-Apple-Logo-TTR-Data-Recovery.png APPLE OS

Going through your Mac OS file systems and recover files along the way is easy because we have a team of Apple Certified Mac technicians.

https://ttrdatarecovery.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Hard-Drive-Data-Recovery-Microsoft-Logo-TTR-Data-Recovery.png MICROSOFT OS

Recovering important files in various operating systems of Microsoft Windows can easily be done because of our high-end technology.

https://ttrdatarecovery.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Hard-Drive-Data-Recovery-Linux-Logo-TTR-Data-Recovery.png LINUX OS

All distros are covered by our Linux support. This enables it to overcome logical errors and file corruption, among others.