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We’ve been in the industry for more than 14 years and we have recovered more than 150,372 disk drives with high success rate. Don’t risk losing your important files! Contact our hard drive data recovery experts today to get your data back.

Trusted Data Recovery Solutions for Hard Drives

Don’t stand for losses that might knock you out of commission for good. Discover why everyone from industry leaders to government officials trusts TTR’s hard drive data recovery services when everything is on the line. Schedule an HDD pickup today.

Hard Drive Failure | TTR Data Recovery

42% Logical Hard Drive Failure

Hard drives organize data around various schemes that help them make the most of data storage space and avoid errors. If your computer can’t recognize the way your drive arranges its data due to recording mistakes, corruption or similar problems, you won’t be able to access the information.

One way to fix the issue is to use a data recovery software. However, there is an extent to which consumer level, commercial software can recover lost data. At times it can end up doing more harm than good. Professional hard disk data recovery services will first determine the extent of the problem and then use the right method to recover lost data. All steps taken ensures that there is no data loss.

40% Hard Disk Mechanical Failure

Modern Platter based Hard Drives contain an army of components. The failure of any single part due to shock, control problems or other physical damage could compromise entire storage devices. The cost to retrieve data from hard drive and external hard drive with this failure varies mainly on the extent of the damage. As experts, it is our job to disassemble the damaged hard drive, fix or replace the component, and then recover your sensitive and important data, memorable photos, etc..

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In most cases, mechanical failures require complete drive disassembly and data transfer in certified clean-room environments. Our uniquely designed, high tech clean rooms improve data recovery chances by up to 99%.

11% Deleted Drive Failure

Your data may have been erased due to an operator oversight, or your software may have made the mistake. Usually, it is an honest mistake which can lead to a great deal of frustration especially since most consumer-level data recovery software can’t help. While it does not hurt to try a few to see if it helps to recover your files, it will cost you both time and money.

While not as common as other failure modes, deletion requires just as much forensic skill to recover data. Our professional data recovery services successfully retrieve deleted files data regardless if it was operator error or caused by a piece of software.

7% Hard Drive Firmware Failure

While modern hard drive manufacturing has all but nearly eliminated instances of firmware failure, it still does happen. Our hard disk recovery service has the expertise to deal with firmware related errors which can make it impossible to access data on the hard drive.

Effective solutions depend on advanced diagnostics and intelligent repairs. Repairing a hard drive with firmware failure takes a high degree of expertise and experience because one wrong move can cause all your data to become unrecoverable – so don’t risk using a data recovery software. That’s why it is so important to contact us as soon as you experience firmware related issues with your hard drive or external hard drive.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hard Drive Recovery

In most cases, a hard drive failure is followed by the computer crashing if it’s your primary drive. You will not be able to boot in your operating system. It can be hard to tell the difference between logical and physical failure as the errors are the same. However, if you hear clicking,  whirring or grinding noises, it is almost certainly a physical failure. So, the HDD recovery process will entail finding what’s wrong with the drive physically and then recovering lost data from it.

One of the most common signs is your computer will not boot into the operating system. You will also hear strange noises from the hard disk. However, if the logic board has burnt out for some reason then the hard drive will be silent, i.e., you won’t hear anything. Also, the bios will not be able to detect the hard drive.

Our approach to disk drive recovery varies depending on the issue. If it’s a physical issue like stuck platters, broken heads, etc. then those issues are fixed by disassembling the drive, and installing identical heads or unsticking the platters. All of this is done in a clean room after which we start recovering data from the drive when it starts working.

If it’s a firmware or logical failure, it usually entails figuring out which one it is. We then use highly specialized software to fix those issues just so that the hard drive is good enough for us to recover data.

Yes! It is possible to recover files from a failed platter-based hard drive. However, it becomes more challenging if those files have been overwritten. Hard drives recovery, for the most part, requires that the drive is put into a semi-working state which allows us to recover data from it.

If it’s a firmware or logical failure, it usually entails figuring out which one it is. We then use highly specialized software to fix those issues just so that the hard drive is good enough for us to recover data.

It depends on the nature of the failure. If the fault is physical, it can be relatively easier to recover data from it which means that its quicker than if it was some other issue. However, some physical failures like those of the head or platters can be more complicated to fix and recover data.

Recovering Lost Data from Failed Hard Drives

If your hard drive data recovery plan isn’t agile, then it probably isn’t worth the trouble. TTR Data Recovery’s streamlined process is the ideal solution for those who need dependable information retrieval without a second to lose. Talk to us today – (888) 328-2887!

Our Certified hard drive data recovery services are what makes us the leader in the field:

Certification | Ttr Data Recovery

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ISO 9001 and SOC 2 Certified | TTR Data Recovery

Hard drive recovery demands trustworthy, secure methodologies. As a data recovery experts and specialist, TTR maintains ISO 9001 certified quality management systems that ensure we continually meet SOC type II security protocols. No matter how irretrievable your data seems, you can rely on us to restore it safely and help your organization stay compliant in the process.

HDD Recovery Services Trusted by Thousands

Want to tell whether a recovery provider is worth your time? Unlike in some fields, it’s easy to gauge your options simply by checking out each company’s track record.

Our expertise is known throughout the industry, but you don’t have to be an insider to appreciate the difference. Here are a few stats that demonstrate just how good TTR Data Recovery is.

284,950,000 TB of Hard Disk Data Recovered

We’ve helped companies, private individuals, nonprofits and government agencies retrieve a massive quantity of seemingly-lost information. Even better, we continuously recover data from hard drives faster than our competitors can.

85,240 Hard Drives Recovered

We’ve rendered SSS data recovery services to owners who thought they had impenetrable black boxes. Whereas some recovery providers might balk at the prospect of dealing with so much complex hardware, our cleanrooms let us revel in the challenge.

Different data loss events call for diverse information retrieval tactics. Failing to apply the right techniques in a given situation can actually make the problems worse.

Recover Data from All Types of Hard Disk Drives

Recovering hard drive data from desktop computers can be tricky. These problems don’t always have clear causes or easy solutions. Our PC and Mac hard drive recovery professionals use their vast skills and clean room expertise to get your information and files back no matter how dead your system may appear.

Want to recover your data from hard drive of a crashed laptop? You’ll need careful, precise techniques to avoid doing further physical damage. Our team has the diagnostic tools and extraction experience to extricate information from the most fragile, finicky systems.

SSD data recovery service demands a completely different style of approach than HDD recovery service does. Is your loss-mitigation plan sufficiently prepared? This technology may be comparatively newer, but fortunately, we’ve got the experience, cleanroom facilities and manufacturer ties required to extract your data.

External HDDs may look simple, but they’re more than just shells with USB ports. We’re well-versed in the nuances of different hardware, so proprietary data storage devices are no challenge to our technicians and hard drive recovery engineers. Relying on our hard drives data recovery practices maximizes the chances of retrieving your information without compromising its integrity.

Data losses typically mean economic sacrifices, but we don’t think you should have to completely lose sight of the bottom line to get back in business. Our hard drive data recovery services are designed to minimize fees and eliminate mistakes so that you only pay for what you need. Unlike firms that charge you just for diagnostics, we make it simple to stay in the know and choose the most effective recovery options. Recover HDD Data today!

From journaling to RAID recovery services, different operating systems use several techniques to store your digital information. TTR Hard disk recovery services adapt to the unique challenges posed by various operating systems so that you can get your lost data back and access your information no matter where or how it’s stored.

Why join the thousands that count on TTR Data Recovery Service?

Our vast client base reflects our widespread industry connections.

We’re trusted precisely because we’ve built strong ties with names you already depend on. Since we work closely with hard drive manufacturers, we have unparalleled expertise on how to solve problems specific to their hardware.

TTR Data Recovery supports and partners with all hard drive brands. We’re the most certified service provider in the US.

Hard drive data losses can easily catch you by surprise and test the limits of your patience. For instance, do you know what to do when an HDD fails or how to recognize the signs that something’s about to go severely wrong? Or in an event of fire? For a failed hard drive, are you confident that you can fix it or recover the files it contained? 

By making TTR’ data recovery services a part of your response plan, you can answer these questions with confidence. Check out our service area for more!

Data recovery of different hard disk drive operating systems

Operating systems pose no barriers for TTR Data Recovery technicians.
Our firsthand experience means we handle each case as effectively as possible


Going through your Mac OS file systems and recover files along the way is easy because we have a team of Apple Certified Mac technicians.


Recovering important files in various operating systems of Microsoft Windows can easily be done because of our high-end technology


All distros are covered by our Linux support. This enables it to overcome logical errors and file corruption, among others.

Understanding Hard Drives

Hard drives can also be referred to as hard disks because of the disc-shaped platters used. It has a special thin magnetic material that coats each platter. So, when an external magnetic field is applied, the platter can be flipped. In addition, the special film is made up of several segments, where a single bit of data can be found in each segment of this special film.

You can just imagine what happens to a piece of iron when you bring a magnet closer to it. Of course, you can see that piece of iron will align with the magnetic field of that magnetic material. This is similar to what happens to the hard disk. To write a bit, the read-write head attached to the moving read-write arm will apply the magnetic field. In addition, this will be able to read the location of a former written field bit in relation to the retrieved files.

You may ask how can the information reach all the areas of a round disc and write the files with just a swiveling arm? The answer to that is a high-speed platter. It rotates in upward direction at a rapid speed of about 4, 500 revolutions per minute! For this reason, it can allow the read and write heads of the swiveling arm to reach various areas of the hard drives at a very short time.

What Are The Parts of Hard Disk Drive?

Parts of Hard Drive | TTR Data Recovery

Your time is precious, and so is the data on your hard disk. Our state-of-the-art facilities, coupled with some of the most seasoned experts will work to recover data from hard drives. The industry-leading technology and techniques used at your facilities ensure that there is no hard drive we can’t retrieve data from and that too in the shortest time possible. That way you suffer from relatively minimum downtime caused by data loss. Our goal is to help you get up and running in no time. Contact us for professional hard disk recovery today!


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