Flash Drive Physical Failure Data Recovery

By Linda J

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Flash Drive Mechanical Data Recovery

In an earlier post, we addressed the issue of logical failures and flash drives, which make it impossible for operating systems to read the data stored on a portable storage device. Here, we want to look at the other side of the coin: flash drive physical failure and how it relates to data recovery.

Even though they tend to be more portable and durable, flash drives can become damaged or corrupted just like hard drives and other storage hardware can. Typically, when a flash drive has suffered physical damage, you’ll notice one or more distinct symptoms:

  1. The flash drive no longer “engages,” and LED lights may no longer come on.
  2. Your computer and operating system don’t recognize the drive, or show it as being empty even though you’ve stored files.
  3. The flash drive displays a different size or file structure than it has no past (note that it is possible to hack flash drives, and similar symptoms may result).
  4. Physical damage to the flash drive itself might be evident, with signs of cracking, breakage, etc.

Assuming that the flash drive doesn’t contain any important information, it may be possible to replace it inexpensively. However, if you have critical files and data saved on the flash drive – something that’s becoming more and more common these days – you’ll want to contact a data recovery team with flash drive expertise right away.

When you need the very best in flash drive data recovery, even in cases of physical failure, reach out to the team at TTR and let us use our expertise to help you get your files back quickly.

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