Digital Media And Flash Drive Recovery Service

Recapture the convenience of data mobility. TTR Data Recovery’s experts can restore your USB drives, flash memory and digital media, so vital information is always close at hand.


TTR Data Recovery’s team of specialists are veterans in flash drive data recovery services. We understand the importance of data reliance and the convenience of flash drive data mobility. TTR Data Recovery aims to restore your flash drives to full capacity so that you will never be lost without your data at hand.

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Minimize Risk of Flash Drive Data-Loss

Even if data recovery is our main line of business, the last thing we wish is for you to experience data loss. Which is why during your consultation with our TTR Data Recovery representatives, we are also going to give you key tips on how to keep your data safe and secure. Here are a few things you can start with to minimize your risk of losing data/ corrupting your flash drive:

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Emergency? Expedite.

We understand that your data is extremely important for keeping your life in check and balance. Your on-the-go flash drive data can also be critical for running your business – and we are completely aware of that. This is why we have expedited services that are available for your convenience. Connect and inquire with our 24/7 Support to find out more about our expedited flash drive recovery service programs.

Pen Drive Failure

Pioneering Trusted USB & Digital Media Recovery Techniques

At TTR Data Recovery, we want to provide you with the trust and confidence that you deserve. Which is why we undergo audits, training and achieve certifications from governing bodies to serve as testaments to our excellent services and exquisite customer relations.



No Media Type is Irrecoverable to TTR Experts

USB Flash Drive

Our team of experts are well-equipped with the knowledge regarding the complexity of USB Flash Drives. This kind of portable data storage is the most prone to physical damage because of its anatomy. You can trust us that we can successfully perform a flash drive recovery service regardless of the damage that it has attained, physically or software-wise.

Memory Card

It won’t matter if your memory card is used for mobile phones, or for your camera. Our trusted technicians are very efficient with the recovery procedures for memory cards. We are well equipped with the right knowledge and tools to perform a flash drive recovery service successfully.

SD Card

SD Cards can now store memory ranging from 4 gigabytes extending to as much as 512 gigabytes. No matter what kind of memory storage your SD card has, our TTR Data Recovery engineers are sure to recover your data successfully.


This kind of data storage is more advanced than SmartMedia and Miniature Cards. Nevertheless, our team of experts are certainly more than able to perform a flash drive recovery service for your Compact Flash drives.

Flash memory stores information as electrical states using cells that remember their contents even when the power goes off. This system depends on precisely engineered transistor circuits that perform unique tasks, such as translating logic states to serial data signals your computer can understand via USB ports.

These intricate devices employ various circuit designs and operating standards to hold huge volumes of information in small spaces without moving parts. As you might expect, they’re susceptible to many kinds of failure.

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