Desktop Hard Drive Data Recovery From All Brands

Many desktop data losses are preceded by problems like:

  • Boot trouble or difficulty using files you’ve accessed in the past
  • Unexpected errors, hanging, freezes or crashes
  • Warnings from your operating system or computer maintenance software
  • Irregular noises like clicking, whirring or other abnormal sounds while the desktop is running or being powered up

Complete Recovery Services for Desktops

The TTR Data Recovery staff is dedicated to providing unmatched customer service. To fulfill this commitment, we cooperate with hardware and software manufacturers to develop industry-leading recovery protocols that we apply to your case. This process allows us to offer a range of appropriate service options for determining the exact cause of your loss.It also makes us one of the best options for restoring, recovering or rebuilding your desktop data.

Emergency Desktop Data Recovery on Demand

Your desktop might be a personal-use machine or a critical gateway to your corporate resources. In either case, emergency data losses force you to put your life on hold. TTR Data Recovery believes in liberating our clients from data limbo as soon as possible. With diagnostic report turnarounds in just a few hours and a recovery process that doesn’t break for holidays or weekends, you can get your affairs back in order far more rapidly.

  • Same-Day Diagnostics & Recovery
  • Nonstop Data Recovery Process
  • Recovery on weekends and holidays
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Dealing With a Failing Desktop

  • Turn your computer off right away to avoid further damage caused simply by running the machine. Avoid restarting the device.
  • Never install, reinstall or modify any software
  • Under no circumstances should you disassemble, remove, attempt to clean or shake a hard drive you suspect is damaged. Merely handling it improperly could propagate data losses and damage.
  • Never try to make repairs with recovery software
  • If the computer is wet, do not attempt to dry it. Disconnect the power if it’s safe to do so

Above all else, get in touch with TTR Data Recovery’s support staff. Minimize the delay between when you notice the loss and when you reach out for help in order to maximize your chances of recovery success.

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