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We recover data from iPhones, iPads, Mac or any apple device! TTR Data Recovery experts can get recover your data safe and secure.

Safe & Reliable Hard Drive Data Recovery Service For Mac & Apple Devices

So what’s your kind of Apple? Whether you have a MacBook, iMac, iPhone, iPad, or Powerbook — we can recover your data from it.

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Consumers around the globe trust Apple products for their superior quality and trendsetting and innovative features. Buying an Apple or Mac device is an investment not just because you are buying for the prestige of owning one, but you are paying for a product that is also meant to last.

Yet, as they say, nothing is perfect. Despite its reputation of being a brand that produces high-quality products, Apple and Mac devices are not indestructible or immune to hardware or software issues, which could lead to data loss.

When it comes to Mac data recovery,  TTR Data Recovery is the most trusted service provider. We have come a long way since we started more than a decade ago and we continue to raise the bar higher with our continually improving Mac data recovery service.

Why TTR Data Recovery Is The Go-To Data Recovery Service For Mac?

For your Mac data recovery service needs, you want a company that puts customer experience on top of its mission. TTR Data Recovery is just that company.

Apple Certified Mac Technicians

Getting Apple Mac Technician certification is no easy feat, as one needs to spend hours learning how to disassemble and reassemble Apple and Mac devices as well as hurdle certification and troubleshooting exams. Our AppleCare Certified Mac Technician (ACMT) certification is a testament to our high-level of technical proficiency in troubleshooting and fixing any Apple or Mac device.

SOC 2 TYPE ll Secure Mac Recovery

Passing the SOC 2 TYPE II audits and testing means that our internal controls are compliant to the standards set by the American Institute for Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). This assures that our Mac Data Recovery process maintains the highest level of standards to keep the confidentiality and security of sensitive data.

Our SOC 2 certification means we’re compliant with the latest in international security and privacy standards. We’re also able to help our clients maintain their own security governance standards with accurate hardware tracking, access controls and secure transmissions. For those who need to maintain the integrity of their secure systems and sensitive data, working with TTR Data Recovery is clearly the smartest choice.

ISO 5 Class Cleanroom

Our Mac Data Recovery Cleanroom minimizes the risk of airborne particulates from further damaging your device giving way for higher data recovery success rate. Our ISO 5 CLASS 100 cleanroom means that our facilities, technicians, processes, and tools conform to the ISO standards so we can deliver a world-class Mac data recovery service your deserve.

Our ISO 5 certified Class 100 cleanroom does more than merely keep your hardware immaculate. By eliminating particulate matter and enforcing strict controls, we drastically lower the chances that your exposed devices will suffer environmental degradation. When it comes to delicate devices like Mac hard drives and iPhones, cleanliness goes a long way towards the success of a recovery.

IACRB Data Recovery Technicians

We take pride in the fact that we are the only data recovery service company that maintains full IACRB certification. What this means is that our Mac data recovery technicians have the skills to successfully recover data from damaged or partially destroyed storage media. Moreover, they have the competence to perform logical recovery on common operating systems.

When your business’ reputation or hours of research and hardwork is on the line, you just don’t trust your data recovery needs to anyone. TTR Data Recovery is the industry’s most trusted and most reliable Mac data recovery service provider.

We’re the only full-service recovery company that maintains full IACRB certification. This makes our technicians the highest trained specialists in the industry. Whereas complex Apple hardware might pose serious challenges for our rivals, we’re prepared and willing to tackle the toughest problems

Our Mac Data Recovery Service Handles ALL Types of Data Loss

Your Apple device plays a major role in your affairs. Why should you settle for not being able to use it just because you experienced a catastrophe? Our team of experts can help you no matter how your device was compromised. We’ve even solved situations like:

iPhones Being Crushed, Submerged & Exposed to High Temperatures

Devices like iPhones can suffer from physical damage brought by accidents, and extreme temperatures. Serious hardware damage can wipeout your precious photos, videos, messages, and contacts.

iPads Being Dropped from Excessive Heights

Carelessness and extreme heights are a deadly combination. Dropping your iPad device could have dire consequences, especially when you have important data stored in it.

MacBook Being Damaged in Vehicle Wrecks

Getting involved in a car accident is unfortunate enough. While you or a loved one may be lucky enough to walk away from a wreck unscathed, your MacBook and your data may not be as fortunate.

For most users, Apple and Mac devices have become an invaluable productivity tool. If you are one of those who have relied on these devices to express your creative side, or satisfy your analytical side, or both, then you surely understand the struggle of losing one’s data due to hardware or logical problems. We understand it too, so we are willing to pull out all the stops to successfully bring data back to life.

Accidents, human error, and mishandling can bring damage to your awesome device. Losing an Apple or Mac device to damage or logical problem does not mean you need to depart from your data forever. Thankfully, for most of these scenarios, hard drive data recovery success rate is high regardless of the scenario.

Even in the event that your physical device is beyond hope, we can usually extract its contents. Although your Apple hardware was a huge investment, the information it holds is even harder to replace. We ensure you don’t have to worry about what life will be like without your data.

Our Mac Data Recovery Service is THE Most Comprehensive

The first step to successfully bringing your data back to life is to know which provider to trust with your data recovery needs. Our Mac data recovery is the most comprehensive, from cutting-edge consumer devices to legacy enterprise hardware and servers. Whatever your data recovery service needs maybe, we have your back.

Mac Systems Recovery

Mac devices have built-in tools meant to protect users from potential system damage and data loss. However, these layers of protection are not 100% impermeable and in a blink of an eye, your Mac could suffer from damaged or missing system files. We can handle your Mac systems recovery needs.

Mac Files & Apps Recovery

Accidentally deleting a file or application can surely ruin one’s day, especially if you are not aware that there is a way to recover it; unless you completely overwrite it. So, better not perform additional tasks on your Mac device should you accidentally delete any file. Rely on our state-of-the-art Mac data recovery tools to revive your valuable files and apps.

  • Mac Pro®
  • Mac Mini®
  • MacBook®, MacBook Air® and MacBook Pro®
  • iMac®
  • G4®, G3® and earlier PowerPC hardware
  • Time Capsule® and Thunderbolt drives
  • eMac®
  • PowerBook® and iBook®
  • Time Machine®
  • Outlook for Macintosh
  • iPhoto®
  • Apple Mail

Mac Operating Systems Recovery

While Mac has a built-in operating system recovery service, things could still go awry while you attempt to restore your macOS. Don’t worry, our Mac data recovery can handle even the most complicated and troublesome task of recovering your macOS.

  • Mac OS X
  • OS X Server and legacy Mac OS X Server
  • Xsan

Mac Servers Recovery

  • Xserve® and Xserve® RAID rack units
  • Xsan® block storage
  • Pegasus RAID controllers and NAS enclosures
  • Mac Pro Server®
  • Mac Mini Server®

iPhone® Recovery

Can’t access files from your damaged iPhone? While there are numerous data recovery software you can try, doing the recovery on your own can bring disastrous results. Our Apple and Mac data recovery service use more than just a reliable software, we utilize technical expertise and sterile environment to effectively do the job.

  • Logical, mechanical, electronic or firmware
    failure for all iPhone

iPod® recovery

Getting stuck in recovery mode while upgrading or fixing your damaged os, could put your data at risk. Our Apple Mac data recovery service supports iPod recovery, so you can enjoy again all the music, photos, and videos that you like.

  • Shuffle®
  • Nano®
  • Classic®
  • Touch®

As broad and trendsetting Apple and Mac devices are, they are susceptible to damage and data loss. No matter what Apple and Mac device and whatever software and hardware problem you may encounter, our Apple Mac data recovery covers them all.


Backing Up and recovering files from a Mac device is possible using the recovery mode. The macOS recovery is a suit of utilities which allow a user to restore from Time Machine, Reinstall the macOS, get online help, and repair or erase a hard disk.

The easiest way to backup you data is to use the Time Machine feature. The Disk Utility, on the other hand, would allow you to recover files when your device is not booting. While you may utilize these features for urgent and low severity failures, getting a professional Mac data recovery help is still the best way to go.

Backing Up and recovering files from a Mac device is possible using the recovery mode. The macOS recovery is a suit of utilities which allow a user to restore from Time Machine, Reinstall the macOS, get online help, and repair or erase a hard disk.

The easiest way to backup you data is to use the Time Machine feature. The Disk Utility, on the other hand, would allow you to recover files when your device is not booting. While you may utilize these features for urgent and low severity failures, getting a professional Mac data recovery help is still the best way to go.

A corrupted or damaged hard drive partition may show symptoms like abnormal and repetitive crashes, getting undetected by the system, or does not mount. This could render your data inaccessible.

Using the Time Machine, you can create a backup of your data safely so you can assess the damage and possibly fix and restore your hard drive.

Using the DIsk Utility, you may verify if your Mac drive is corrupted. The verify volume command should return with the result of your hard drive’s diagnosis. Should the Disk Utility confirm that your Mac drive is corrupted, create a backup of your data and you may then use the repair volume command.

On the other hand, the File System Consistency Check command, which you can run by using the Terminal app to repair your HFS partition. Should all these attempts fail, contact TTR Data Recovery to put your Mac device back in order.

Installing macOS on a new hard drive can be done using a USB install, install CD, or through Internet Recovery — you will need to have a Wi-Fi connection to be able to do this.

You can activate the Internet Recovery by turning on your device and holding down Command+Option+R and using the Disk Utility to format the drive and the use the Reinstall OS X tool to install the macOS.

While Mac devices provide a suitable tool to help users to deal with and fix damaged or corrupted drives or macOS, it may be wiser for you to ask a professional if you are not tech-savvy or you cannot afford to totally lose your important files.


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