What Makes TTR Data Recovery The Go-To Data Recovery Service For Mac?

Apple Certified Mac Technicians

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SOC 2 TYPE ll Secure Mac Recovery

Our SOC 2 certification means we’re compliant with the latest in international security and privacy standards. We’re also able to help our clients maintain their own security governance standards with accurate hardware tracking, access controls and secure transmissions. For those who need to maintain the integrity of their secure systems and sensitive data, working with TTR Data Recovery is clearly the smartest choice.

ISO 5 Class Cleanroom

Our ISO 5 certified Class 100 cleanroom does more than merely keep your hardware immaculate. By eliminating particulate matter and enforcing strict controls, we drastically lower the chances that your exposed devices will suffer environmental degradation. When it comes to delicate devices like Mac hard drives and iPhones, cleanliness goes a long way towards the success of a recovery.

IACRB Data Recovery Technicians

We’re the only full-service recovery company that maintains full IACRB certification. This makes our technicians the highest trained specialists in the industry. Whereas complex Apple hardware might pose serious challenges for our rivals, we’re prepared and willing to tackle the toughest problems

Helping You Recover From Any Form of Apple Data Loss

Your Apple device plays a major role in your affairs. Why should you settle for not being able to use it just because you experienced a catastrophe? Our team of experts can help you no matter how your device was compromised. We’ve even solved situations like:

iPhones Being Crushed, Submerged & Exposed to High Temperatures

iPads Being Dropped from Excessive Heights

MacBook Being Damaged in Vehicle Wrecks

Even in the event that your physical device is beyond hope, we can usually extract its contents. Although your Apple hardware was a huge investment, the information it holds is even harder to replace. We ensure you don’t have to worry about what life will be like without your data.

We'll Recover Data From Any Apple Device

Our training and experience helps us do more with Apple hardware. TTR ‘s expertise encompasses everything from cutting-edge consumer devices to legacy enterprise hardware and servers. We’ve even handled encrypted data that was protected by Filevault.

Mac Systems Recovery

  • Mac Pro®
  • Mac Mini®
  • MacBook®, MacBook Air® and MacBook Pro®
  • iMac®
  • G4®, G3® and earlier PowerPC hardware
  • Time Capsule® and Thunderbolt drives
  • eMac®
  • PowerBook® and iBook®

Mac Files & Apps Recovery

  • Time Machine®
  • Outlook for Macintosh
  • iPhoto®
  • Apple Mail

Mac Servers Recovery

  • Xserve® and Xserve® RAID rack units
  • Xsan® block storage
  • Pegasus RAID controllers and NAS enclosures
  • Mac Pro Server®
  • Mac Mini Server®

Mac Operating Systems Recovery

  • Mac OS X
  • OS X Server and legacy Mac OS X Server
  • Xsan

iPhone® Recovery

  • Logical, mechanical, electronic or firmware
  • failure for all iPhone

iPod® recovery

  • Shuffle®, Nano®, Classic®, Touch®

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