Data recovery service from certified professionals using the latest in technology and technique. We get your data back in 7 days or less.

Data Recovery Service You Can Trust

A crashed system or physical damage doesn’t mean your data is lost forever. Data recovery is more possible than you might think—as long as you’ve got a team who knows what they’re doing.

When businesses and individuals need reliable data recovery service from trusted professionals, they turn to TTR Data Recovery. As leaders in our industry with a passion for problem solving, we pride ourselves on being able to resolve even the most hopeless cases of data loss.

Data Recovery Services | Ttr Data Recovery

So if you have exhausted your data recovery options, and don’t know how you can possibly get your precious files back, look no further than our trusted experts.


Don’t trust your most important data with just any freelancing computer guy. Our technicians is equipped with the latest in cleanroom technology and built from a team with the credentials you can trust.

Our track record of recovering millions of terabytes of data over nearly ten years speaks for itself. Whatever data recovery services you need, however you lost the data—we have what it takes to get it back.

Can my data even be recovered? With TTR Data Recovery, it can.

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We’re not only dedicated to recovering your information. We’re also committed to pushing our industry forward with new innovations and methodologies that evolve as rapidly as storage technology does. Over the years, we’ve built relationships with top manufacturers and hardware suppliers to ensure our techniques remain grounded in the best possible restoration practices. Although it’s impossible to know for certain what tomorrow might bring, our experience and support systems let you face challenges confidently

Data Recovery Service For All Types of Storage Devices and Media Type

Hard drive recovery service | TTR Data Recovery

Hard drive recovery is our bread and butter. Laptops, desktops, external hard drives, and more. Don’t rely on do-it-yourself hard drive failure recovery when your data is on the line. Without the right equipment and training, you could do much more harm than good.

ssd data recovery service icon | TTR Data Recovery

Solid state drive recovery presents especially difficult challenges. Because the data constantly changes locations, and because of TRIM features, finding lost SSD data is much more challenging than traditional HDD data recovery. But we’ve created a proven method for recovering even the most difficult data.

raid recovery services icon | TTR Data Recovery

When it comes to data recovery RAID systems may be more tolerant to faults, but they are still defenseless when multiple drives fail—a problem that happens more than you might think. If you need file retrieval services for lost RAID data, TTR has you covered whether the cause was hardware failure, software failure, or human error.

server data recovery Icon | TTR Data Recovery

Server failure can cause company-wide damage if you don’t have an expert data recovery service provider at the helm. Our close partnership with leading manufacturers means that we can recover more data with faster turnarounds from even the largest servers. File servers, virtual servers, web servers, and more. We’ve seen it all.


Since they are built to be portable, laptops are naturally more prone to physical damage and the data loss that accompanies it. The good news is that TTR’s professional file recovery services are meant for every brand, every operating system, and every type of laptop data loss.


When you need computer hard drive recovery service for your desktop computer, you need a team equipped to repair your device and recover your data regardless of operating system. That’s where the pros at TTR come in.


Whether you spilled your coffee on your MacBook or dropped your iPhone down three flights of stairs, we have the expertise to recover your lost files, photos, messages, music, and more from Apple products. Just because your device is dead doesn’t mean that your data is lost for good.

tape recovery service icon | TTR Data Recovery

Just because it’s older tech doesn’t mean tape data can’t be recovered. Whether your tapes are corrupt, physically damaged, recorded over, or just incompatible with your current software—we’ve got the tools and technique to get your data back.


If your NAS or SAN systems are running 24/7, data loss can slow your processes to a crawl and hurt your reliability. With emergency data recovery services and super fast turnaround times, TTR is ready to assess the damage, implement a resolution plan, and help you prevent failures in the future.

Flash Media Recovery | TTR Data Recovery

Thumb drives and memory cards are certainly convenient, but they are also incredibly prone to failure. TTR can help you restore flash media data that you thought was lost forever. Our data recovery service team is equipped to work with USB drives, digital cameras, SD cards, memory cards, and more.


As partners with the top virtualization manufacturers, we are ready to repair and recover data from just about any type of infrastructure or file system. With TTR on your side, a data loss event on your virtual system doesn’t have to be a catastrophe.


Phones and tablets are fragile beyond compare when it comes to physical impact. Whether you are running iOS, Android, or Windows—we are trained to get your data back regardless of how you lost it.

Unrivaled Data Recovery Expertise

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Submit Your Case Online

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Send Media Process

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Free Diagnostic Process

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Data Recovery Process
Data Recovery Process

Top of the line data recovery tools and Proprietary techniques will be utilized in and outside of our ISO 5 certified class 100 cleanroom

Verify Data Process
Verify Data Process

Once the recovery is complete you will be sent a list of recovered files to view and verify before finalizing the recovery

Return Data Process
Return Data Process

Upon receiving approval of the final recovery results, payment will be processed and the recovered files will be returned


Expert Recovery at Record-Breaking Speed

You haven’t got time to sit around and wait for your information to be restored. No matter what kind of schedule constraints or emergency you’re working with, we’ve got a service option made to fit.



Recovery: 10-15 Business Days



Recovery: 4-7 Business Days



Recovery: ASAP

Faster, More Flexible Data Recovery

Few other companies have even dreamed of attempting as many data recoveries as we’ve completed successfully. No other recovery provider is as conversant with modern storage technology as our technicians are. TTR experts consistently select recovery techniques that increase the chances of success, reduce lead times and minimize your expense.



When it comes to recovering data from bad hard drives and similar hard disk data recovery services, you can’t do it right without a cleanroom. A cleanroom is a special work area in which the air is so well filtered that it is free from excess particles and resistant to letting new ones into the environment. This matters because a single speck of dust or flake of dead skin can cause even more corruption to your files and lead to failed hard drive data recovery..


Remote data recovery

Not all data involves physical or mechanical damage. When possible, all our team needs is remote access to your systems. We’ll diagnose the issue and implement the fix with the fastest, most professional remote data recovery service you’ve ever experienced.



For the most sensitive or mission critical data loss projects, TTR is even available to come to your site to provide local data recovery service. When you’ve got massive systems or security protocols that don’t allow your data to leave your facilities, our pros are ready and willing to serve you at your own front door.

Certified To Deliver Results All The Time!

We’re more than just pioneers in the field of secure, accurate recovery. We’ve garnered countless accolades for our customer service and rapid turnarounds. Of course, we also bear the certifications and memberships that prove our prowess.

TTR knows that it isn’t easy to trust your secure data with just anyone. But we’re not just any data recovery provider. Beyond our decade of experience in the field, our credentials encompass every corner of the industry: customer service, information security, trustworthy business practices, and more. You name it and we’ve got the certifications to back it up

Frequently asked questions about data recovery

There is no straightforward answer to the question of data recovery services pricing because every project is different. After we complete your 100% free diagnostic report, we will provide you with an upfront quote so you know exactly how much your data recovery will cost. Plus, you can have peace of mind with our No Data, No Charge policy. This means that if for any reason we cannot recover your data, you won’t pay a cent.

We never recommend do-it-yourself hard drive failure recovery. Without a cleanroom and the right training, there is just too much of a chance that you could corrupt your files further or possibly lose them forever. That being said, we specialize in HD data recovery. We’ve done it thousands of times and we would love to help you find the data recovery for computers that you need.

Simply put, data recovery is the process of retrieving information or files that are inaccessible by normal means. TTR recovers data from hard drives, SSDs, flash media, cell phones, laptops, RAID systems, servers, and more. Whether the loss is caused by physical damage, logical failure, or user error, professional data recovery services rely on the best technology to retrieve lost data.

Data recovery is possible much more often than you might realize. Just because you think you deleted a file on your computer doesn’t mean that it is removed from existence. And, even the worst physical damage can still leave data untouched, even if you can’t access it through the usual means. The only sure way to know if your data is recoverable is to get a thorough diagnosis. And at TTR, we provide that service 100% free of charge.

If a device or system you are using gets corrupted, damaged, or otherwise appears to have lost data, we recommend ceasing use immediately. Do not attempt to recover the data yourself and do not rely on downloadable data recovery software. Get in touch with a certified data recovery specialist, like TTR, as soon as possible and arrange for a complete diagnostic.


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