Although there are a lot of different categories when it comes to data recovery, some jobs are too complex to fall under any single umbrella.

For example, a custom computer configuration – like the ones used by large corporations, computer companies, and government agencies – could lead to a combination of both hardware- and software-based hard drive failure. Or, unusual RAID configurations or encryption packages can render standard data recovery techniques useless.

When these situations arise, organizations around the world turn to the team at TTR. Often, these specialized data recovery cases aren’t just more technical and challenging, but also more important because the damaged files are both valuable and sensitive. Using the industry’s best technicians, in a one-of-a-kind data recovery facility, we have the tools and expertise to solve problems our competitors can’t.


Why do Fortune 500 companies and organizations like NASA turn to us for help? Because we don’t just follow a set of routine procedures for recovering data – we are helping to develop and refine the industry’s best practices for hard drive repair and recovery. We understand the philosophy and engineering behind hard drive recovery and approach specialized projects with a unique perspective.

Advantages you get from working with TTR Data Recovery:

  • The best data recovery technicians in the business.

We only hire the best because the world’s top organizations rely on us for results.

  • A specialized data recovery facility.

Not only do we have tools and software others don’t, but we work in a unique data recovery facility designed to eliminate contamination and other environmental risks.

  • Industrial-strength security.

Our on-site security and decryption techniques are second to none. When you work with us, you can feel confident that your data is going to stay safe after it’s been recovered.

  • An unmatched track record.

The very best come to us because they need and expect results. View some of our success stories to see what we’ve been able to do for others just like you.


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