Planning of Settling in Virginia Here are Important Details You Need to Consider First

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A Glimpse of Virginia

Virginia has been an integral part of America’s rich history. From the ‘bullied’ travel of President Roosevelt to home to seven of the Forbes 500 companies, Virginia is positioned for economic growth and with still a lot of potential yet to be uncovered.

With robust culture and businesses, here are a few things to consider before moving in this state.

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Goldilocks Climate

Settlement House In Virginia

Most would describe Virginia’s weather as ‘not too hot, not too cold’. However, during summer, it could get humid because of the Atlantic Ocean, Rappahannock, James, and Potomac rivers. If you want to avoid the summer heat, it’s best to head out to the mountains.

On average, Virginia’s weather runs around 10 degrees all year round. Western Mountain, Southwestern Mountain, Piedmont, and Tidewater are five distinct areas in this state for outdoor activities, skiing, and water sports. There are accessible local hotels, hard drive data recovery services, and other creature comforts available in nearby towns.

On the flip side, the weather here can also get a little erratic. It will never hurt to bring an extra umbrella or sweater with you when you go outside!

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Buying a property

So after hearing a lot of good things about Virginia, you might think it’s time to pack up and move.

When buying a property in Virginia, particularly the northern side, it’s best to shop around for good deals during July to August. Summer is the time where people are out of the market because of vacations and other summer plans. When the inventory rises, supply is higher than the demand. When there’s more supply than demand, the market value of properties are usually at a bargain.

Buying Property Virginia

Compared to other states, Virginia has low property taxes compared to other states. It is also one of the best places to retire in the U.S.

Look into the sewer system. For first-time buyers, this may be an overlooked aspect when looking for a home. Also known as a ‘perk test’, soil percolation/analysis test determines the septic system of your home. The County Health Department of Virginia Department Health has specific standards for ‘perk’ reports based on the number of bedrooms.

Deer and headlights

As per 2018, the count for deer population in Virginia reached 1 million compared to 25,000 to 50,000 during the Great Depression era. So, the next time, you’re driving across town at night, watch out for those deer!

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Food and beer

Food And Beer Virginia

Crab cakes are a must-try in Virginia. Some local shops offer these delicacies as appetizers for out-of-town visitors.

And with crab cakes, come food and beer festivals. Virginia celebrates some of the best food festivals such as the annual Strawberry Festival, Chincoteague Seafood Festival, and Busch Garden’s Food and Wine Festival.

In this state, craft beer brings ‘magic’ to any meal. You can check out events specifically made for showcasing craft beers all throughout the year.

Small towns and great outdoors

Great delight waits for the adventurous!

It’s hard to miss the experience of walking through the Luray Caverns, kayaking in the Great Falls National Park, or take in the lush greens and yellows of Shenandoah National Park.

Looking for a top paying job? Virginia might be your sweet spot!

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