Employees of Target In Reston Will Be Getting A Raise

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If you are someone who lives in the United States of America, you know how popular Target is. Target is a place where you can get most of the things you need for a reasonable price. This is the place you should do your shopping in when you have a strict budget.

When you are working at Target, you will be able to enjoy a number of helpful benefits. Some of the benefits employees get are health insurance, paid leave, and of course, a Target employee discount. You also get a reasonable hourly work rate that will definitely help you pay all your bills.

Employees Of Reston

If you are not shopping in the Reston Town Center, there is a huge chance you’re doing your shopping at Target. In Reston, you will find Target by Sunset Hills Road. They open 8 am everyday stay open until 11 pm every day except for Saturday and Sunday. (They stay open until 12 am during those two days).

The Salary Rate Increase Announcement

Target Company

On the first week of April 2019, Target made an announcement that all their employees will be getting raises in their salaries. Employees will now be paid at least $13 per hour starting June 2019.

This was good news for everyone since they can earn more money to buy the gadget they wanted, go on a much-needed vacation, or even get a top-notch hard drive data recovery service in Reston.

Target actually intends for its employees to have a minimum salary of $15 per hour by 2020.

Target knows how much their employees help their customers on a daily basis so the best thing they could do is to make sure their employees are well taken cared off as well. Target employees are the best because they go through leadership programs and training.

Target Employees

The previous pay Target employees had in 2018 was $12 per hour. Back in 2017, they were being paid $11 per hour. Having an hourly rate is good for employees since the longer they work, the more money they can make.

This is actually the perfect time for Target to give their employees a raise because there are many Democratic lawyers and labor groups keep pointing out how income equality is becoming a thing already. $7.25 has been the minimum federal hourly rate since 2009. Washington D.C. and 29 other states have a minimum hourly rate which is higher than the federal hourly rate.

There is actually a bill that is being proposed called the Raise the Wage Act.

In this bill, lawmakers hope to $15 the minimum federal hourly rate by 2024. Although, it seems like many Republican and business groups are not really a fan of the proposed bill.

Companies really need to have higher minimum wages because the unemployment rate in the United States is very low already According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statics, the American unemployment rate is at 3.8% as of March 2019.

With how many companies are giving their employees raises these days, we wonder if the unemployment rates will get better by the end of the year.

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