Which Colleges & Universities To Go To If You’re From Reston, Virginia

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Going to college truly changes our lives and shapes us to who we are supposed to be. While many people are willing to travel far just to go to a certain college or university, there are still some who would rather stay close to home.

Here are the colleges and universities you can go to if you’re from Reston, Virginia.

George Mason University

College In Reston

The George Mason Univesity has a total of ten colleges and schools which offer different kinds of courses that may fit your needs. They are not only limited to undergraduate programs because they have many graduate programs to choose from as well. Some GMU alumni have already mentioned that it was easy for them to get a job after graduating from here.

If you want to go to a place or do some things you haven’t done yet, you might try to do the Things to do to Enjoy your Stay in Reston.

University of Phoenix

A very convenient university to go to in Reston is the University of Phoenix. It is easy to find and there many places to eat nearby that serve up some really good food. You can opt to get your Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral Here. They even offer single courses and online programs.

They have Wi-Fi on campus so you can surely get a lot of work done. We suggest you get a good hard drive data recovery service provider in Reston (learn more hereas soon as you enroll because you never know when your gadgets for school might give up on you.

Acquaintance party are most common for freshmens and some of the students along with their family that live far away from the venue chooses to stay on one of the Best Hotels in Reston for comfort.

Virginia International University

Virginia International University

If you are planning to take up a business, education, or computer science program, then you might want to consider going to Virginia Internation University. Their campus is not the biggest campus ever but you will still find everything you need. VIV is considered to be a non-profit university that promises affordable education for all.

Aiming for a part time job to sustain your studies? You might want joining Target, as they have a plan on raising their employees salary this 2019.

Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech is a good choice for those of you who want to study in a school that is very easy to commute to. Virginia Tech has a lot of programs to choose from and they also have a nice campus that you will surely enjoy. Studying at Virginia Tech is all good these days but back in 2007, the university became quite controversial because of a shooting incident that happened.

A South Korean student named Seung-Hui Cho was behind the crime and no justice was achieved because Cho committed suicide before the police got to him.

Washington University of Virginia

University Of Virginia

Want to go to a school wherein they have friendly teachers? Then the Washington University of Virginia is right for you! Many people have already mentioned how they loved their time here. One cool thing about the school is that they give out food and drinks for free at times.

They only have a few undergraduate and graduate programs to choose from as of today so better to check their site first if there is a program that is right for you.

Northern Virginia Community College

An affordable choice in Reston is the Northern Virginia Community College. Since it is a Community College, expect to encounter people from different ages and backgrounds here. They have a wide range of degree programs so you will surely be able to find the right one for you. A number of people have mentioned that the faculty members here are amazing.

Most of the said schools offer a good internet speed coming from this top notch ISPs.

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