Students From McLean Among First Batch Of National Merit Scholarships Winners In 2019

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When we were younger, we were always told to study hard. Many parents often made sure that their kids knew how important it was to have good grades to be able to secure a bright future. We sometimes assume our parents freely pay for our education but what if we can actually get our education free?

Anyone can apply for a college scholarship just as long as they study hard. With how advanced technology is now, you literally have no excuse for not being able to review for a certain subject.

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First Batch Of National Merit Scholarships

For high school students in the United States, winning the National Merit Scholarship Program is such a huge achievement. The winners of this competition will basically get to go to college for free.

The National Merit Scholarship Corporation is basically the one who takes care of the students’ scholarships. The scholarships that are won in the competition are estimated to be worth more than $31 million in total.

What does it takes to Join

National Merit Scholarships

The students who join the competition need to excel academically but they also have to have some extracurricular achievements. Per year, it is estimated that 1.6 million students join the competition. The millions of applicants are later trimmed down to around 16,000 semi-finalists. 15,000 finalists are later chosen and out of that group, around 7,600 will be able to win college scholarships.  

In April 2019, the first batch of National Merit Scholarship winners was already announced.  More than 1,000 students were picked three scholarship recipients are actually from McLean. Collin T. Dent, Liana S. Keesing, and Christopher C. Barre are the three winners from McLean.

Collin T. Dent is a student at Gonzaga College High School. The scholarship he won is from the Raytheon Company. When asked what he plans to take in college, Dent mentioned that he will most likely take up economies.

The only female winner from McLean, Liana S. Keesing, is a student at the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. The scholarship given to her was from Leidos. Keesing has mentioned that she plans to take electrical engineering in college.

The third winner, Christopher C. Barre, is a student from Heights School. The scholarship he received is from Northrop Grumman. For college, Barre says he wants to take mechanical engineering.

Scholarships In Mclean

These three students are definitely in for a bright future ahead of them. You can just imagine how proud their parents are of them. Their parents worked hard for them to be able to finish high school so the fact that they don’t need to worry about paying for their college education is really a huge relief. College is very expensive and many students often get buried in pretty big student loans.

If you are still hoping to win a National Merit Scholarship, don’t worry because they will be announcing more winners in the months to come!

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