Top Festivals You Need To Go To If You’re From McLean, Virginia

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In every place you go to, there will always be special festivals and events you can look forward to per year. In McLean, Virginia, there is actually a number off fun festivals you can head to. These festivals are good for making memories with your friends and family.

Before going to the Festival, you might need to know the 4 Things You Need to Know About MClean to get familiarized. Here are the ones you should be marking on your calendar!

McLean Winterfest Parade

Mclean Winterfest Parade

In McLean, there is always something to look forward to every first Sunday of December and it is called the McLean Winterfest Parade. You will be able to watch a beautiful parade featuring different kinds of beautifully designed floats. There are also many performers who showcase their talents in the parade.

If you want to watch the parade comfortably, there is often a viewing stand for the public at the Langley Shopping Center. You can also buy a lot of delicious food from the food trucks at the festival.

If you plan to take many photos of the parade, we suggest you have a trustworthy data recovery pro in contact in case something unexpected happens.

After the parade you might feel dizzy and hungry, but you need a healthy food to keep going throughout the day. Luckily there are 5 Restaurants in MClean that serves healthy food to choose from.

Middle Eastern Food Festival

For those of you who love eating, then you will have the best time at the Middle Eastern Food Festival. This festival is held every year during Labor Day weekend at the Holy Transfiguration Melkite Greek Catholic Church. Make sure you bring a huge appetite with you when you come here because you will really have a ton of Middle Eastern food to choose from.

Falafels, Shawarmas, and Hummus are just some of the stuff that will deliver you some mouth-watering goodness. The festival is also known for its Middle Eastern Hafli and special Roast Lamb Dinner.



VietFest is a festival being held annually in McLean which basically honors Vietnamese cultures. You will be able to watch eating competitions, talent shows, and pageants. People also love the fact that they serve a lot of delicious Vietnamese food at the festival and the prices are always very affordable.

The best part is, you don’t need to pay any kind of entrance fee to go to the festival. If you plan to bring kids with you, there is a playground at the festival that they will surely enjoy.

Some of the participants are students. The First Batch of National Merit Scholarships Winners in 2019 were students from MClean. Truly an inspiration to the people of MClean.

KORUS Festival

If you are game for a very short drive, then you can head to the KORUS Festival that is held annually at the Tysons Corner Center. The KORUS Festival basically the culture and heritage of the Koreans.

Aside from all the scrumptious Korean food you will be able to devour here, you will also be very entertained by all the cultural performances they have prepared. Like the VietFest, this festival has no entrance fee and they also put up a playground for the kids.

Falls Church Festival

Falls Church Festival

Another festival you can go to that is near McLean is the Falls Church Festival. This festival is often held every September. Foodies will love tasting the different food at the festival’s Taste of Falls Church event.

Those who love beer, on the other hand, have a wide selection of beers to choose from at the festival’s Beer Garden event. The Falls Church Festival this year will be held on September 14, 2019, at the City Hall grounds.

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