Looking for A Top Paying Job? Virginia Might Just be Your Sweet Spot

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Today, Virginia is enjoying a rich source of income, a thriving economy, and yes more ‘happy’ people. With good economy come better employment opportunities.

The look from above

On a general view, Virginia is home to Hampton Roads, the largest natural harbors with its prominent military presence, coal piers, and miles of beautiful beach fronts and properties. It is a natural historical site with myriads of attractions that draw tourists and popular events in Hampton Roads.

Virginia’s rich agricultural products such as peanuts, tobacco, soy, and tomatoes are in high demands abroad. To top all that, this state is home to the Fortune 500 companies specifically in Northern Virginia and Richmond area.

If you’re planning to settle in Virginia, here are the things to consider first.

Top Paying Job In Virginia

This state’s GDP has grown for five consecutive years since 2017. While it’s still on its earlier stages, Virginia’s resilience and economic thrust is also paving way for workers to earn a higher income with better job opportunities.

In CNBC’s list of states providing better employment, West Virginia have added 17,000 new jobs since 2017 due to its rising demand for construction and coal production.

While the numbers are suggesting Virginia’s ‘peaking’ economy, it’s best to take advantage of these job industries.

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Surgeons and Physicians ($58,850 - $281,130)

General surgeon practitioners and physicians (with general coverage) often earn around $225,000 to $260,000 on average.

The highest-paid specialization is an Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon. In a nutshell, it specializes in treating defects, injuries, and diseases involving the head, face (including the soft tissues of the mouth and jaws), and neck. This skill requires expertise with an advanced medical and dentistry degree in some institutions.

Did you know that Fauquier County has some surprising facts? It was named after Lieutenant Francis Fauquier, Governor of the Colony of Virginia.

Dentists ($143,560 - $185,890)

Dentist Virginia

If you’ve ever visited a dentist, they have legitimate reasons they charge such fees. This profession is both an art and science that requires precision and expertise.

Whether it’s for aesthetic or health reasons, people pay for top services and high-quality product to get their teeth in tip-top shape.

Computer and Information Systems Managers ($108,000 - $170,000)

Information Technology (IT) managers and project managers strategize, organize, and coordinate teams working on any computer and technology related activities. With fast-changing terrains, IT specialists are often in high demand in any industry.

IT professionals often have a bachelor’s or graduate degree.  Unlike other specialties such as computer programmers, web developers, and data retrieval techs in Virginia. IT managers are highly equipped for multi- faceted activities such as overseeing budget, personnel management, and promoting a communication plan.

Economists and Personal Financial Advisors ($40,500 - $124,300)

Economists And Personal Financial Advisors

Economists are the ones doing research, collecting data, monitoring the trends, and forecast on inflation, exchange rates, taxes, and employment among many others. Economists need to have at least a bachelor’s and be highly structured as this work entails working on charts and keeping up with global trends.  Economists are also highly valuable in businesses and organizations.

Personal financial advisors are knowledgeable about the financial markets. These advisors are the ones who handle individual finances from college savings, budgeting, insurances, and investments to get clients to their desired financial goals. The projected job outlook for personal financial advisors is 15% until 2026.

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