Surprising Facts You May Have Missed About Fauquier County in Virginia

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Characterized for its equestrian tradition, scenic views of vineyards and wineries, Fauquier County is a charm in its own.

Endowed with a picturesque view of horse farms and foothills of the famous Blue Ridge Mountains, this place is a good stop from the hustle and bustle of Northern Virginia and Washington D.C Metropolitan area.

Fauquier County Virginia

In the beginning

Back in the 17th century, Fauquier Country was part of the Colony of Virginia whose leader is Captain John Smith. He is also the leader of the Jamestown Colony.

It was only during 1758 to 1768 did Fauquier Country came to existence and named after Lieutenant Francis Fauquier, Governor of the Colony of Virginia.

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Civil War History

Fauquier County Civil War

While no major battle occurred here, it was the second Battle of Manassas that was the highlight of such travails in this county.  There are about 1,800 soldiers wounded from battle and brought to Warrenton into makeshift hospitals set-up in businesses, residential homes, and churches.

It was in Warrenton that Union General McClellan bid farewell to his troops and stepped down from being Commander of the Army of Potomac.

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Mr. President Has A Point

Warrenton has been a favorite place for many U.S presidential visits. The most memorable one, however, was Theodore Roosevelt’s visit in Warrenton on January 13, 1909. Because of health reasons, many stopped Roosevelt’s attempt to come to Warrenton.

But just to prove a point, he declared a General Order No. 6 pointing a yearly physical fitness test for all officers employed for one year up to retirement. This produced a couple of grumblers and doubters but Roosevelt’s stubbornness pressed him and his party on to Warrenton. His ‘bullied’ travel took 17 hours long.

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Movie dates don’t cost a dime

Movie Dates Virginia

Eva Walker Park shows movies between 8:45 P.M. to 9:15 P.M. fit for the whole family. Most of the movies are kid-friendly. Better check first for movie schedules for upcoming movies before heading out! Eva Walker Park is situated in 130 St. Haiti Street.

If you’re planning to go out with a special date, check in Crescent Cinema. The classic blankets on the lawn with some popcorn and soda is a highlight in Madison Crescent Shopping Center. However, they only run the movies starting the end of June.

The Crescent Cinema is in the Madison Crescent Shopping Center just between James Madison Highway (Rt. 15) intersection and Lee Highway (Rt. 29) in Gainesville.  

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Instagrammable Virginia

Looking for some fancy spots to take photos and remember the best of Fauquier County?

Take in the beautiful scenic spots in Paris (and no it’s not only in France!) worthy of your attention. Check out the Liberty Farm for historic barns, homes, and yes, the famous Ashby Inn.

Lees Ridge is another noteworthy place to snap pictures when you go hiking along the Bull Run Mountain Loop, Chapman Mill, and other natural sights as you go along your path.

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