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Falls Church, VA is a momentous place with a lot of beautiful places!

The Cherry Hill Farmhouse and the Falls Church Episcopal are the most visited places in Falls Church, VA. The 2 spots are where you should absolutely make memories and take photos. At the event that you lose your data, be sure to take them to us.

Quite coincidentally, a lot of visitors have lost their devices while strolling through the Cavalier Trail Park. We get a lot of locals and tourists alike that have either lost them in the trails or dropped them while running, damaging their device and losing their data.

Our external hard disk data recovery pros have encountered a lot of these problems from locals and tourists. We have taken care of countless data loss problems and we have successfully recovered them for our clients, as well.

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What Sets Us Apart

Why Choose Us Falls Church
  • We have created a strong and trust-driven relationship with the locals of Falls Church. Mainly why tourists flock to us when data loss problems happen to them. This is built on our quality of service and the way we take care of our customers.
  • We always exert our maximum effort when it comes to solving your data loss problems. Moreover, we want to make sure that the data recovery experience is most convenient for your situation. We cater our service to match your needs and requirements, every time.

Data Loss Protocol 101

We understand that you might panic and get flustered when your device fails and you lose your data. Although, it is key to remember that preventive measures are always available for you.

  • Turn Off Power
    Whatever’s happening with your device, you should immediately put a halt on it to minimize damage. It is best to leave the device to its most original state to heighten your chances of data recovery.
  • Do Not Attempt to DIY
    The self-repair programs on the internet can be correct in essence and theory. But, if you wrongfully diagnose your device and you incorrectly execute the program - then you are causing more harm to your data.
  • (For HDDs)
    Do not dislodge your hard drive from its casing. This might cause a mechanical error that can lead to further data loss.
  • Immediately Contact Our Experts.
    It is best to leave it to the data recovery programs in our hands. Our experts will definitely know what to do no matter what the cause of your data loss.
Hard Drive Data Lost Falls Church

It is best to remember these key ideas when your device fails and you lose your data. And don’t forget to contact our SSD data recovery service expert in times of need.

Services We Offer!

Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

These are most present in system units and computers. This serves as its main data storage and processing platform.


Redundant Array of Independent Disks commonly known as RAID. This is a data storage and processing system that is made up of numerous hard drives. This is a more complicated system but is less prone to data loss.

Solid State Drive (SDD)

SSD, Compared to the former, this has no moving mechanical parts. This means that it is less prone to mechanical damage, wear and tear.

Flash Drive

These are miniature data storage devices that are very popular for its more mobile capabilities. Although, they are very prone to malware attack.

Tape Drive

This is a more primitive form of data storage mainly containing pictures. These are very prone to external damage.


TTR Data Recovery Service Location In Falls Church Area

We make sure you’re able to reach us wherever you are in Falls Church. Our Arlington Office is available to take your call 24/7 just dial (703) 682-2926 to start your recovery case right away.

Arlington, VA TTR Data Recovery

  • (703) 682-2926
  • Mon-Fri: 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Local Data Retrieval Services
  • 4601 Fairfax Dr Suite 1200, Arlington, VA 22203

Four Steps to Successful Data Recovery

We've cut the process quicker so you can get back to your data fast. This allows high chance of success rate!

Free Diagnostics

Our initial evaluation and inspection of your devices come absolutely free. We do not hold you via contracts. You may opt out of the service after if you feel the need to do so.

Data Recovery

We send process your failed device and send to our technicians in our laboratories. Your device spends the bulk of the time here.

Data Verification

We ensure transparency all throughout the data recovery process. You can request for update anytime during the recovery.

Data Return

This concludes our transaction. We have different channels to return your data. Pick up, delivery, and remote transfers are a few of them.

Data Failures We've Averted

Our technicians have encountered virtually any kind of device failure and data loss causes. We have successfully recovered from the most bizarre cases as well. Whatever kind of data damage you are up against we're confident we can handle it!

  • Natural Disasters.
    Fires, floods, earthquakes are the known natural causes of device failure. They are almost inevitable as well.
  • Human Error
    A lot of people come to us with problems rooting from accidental deletion or reformatting errors.
  • System Malfunctions
    There are times that your device can malfunction on its own, mechanically or in its code.
  • Virus Attacks
    There are a lot of people who do not install anti-virus programs leaving their devices prone to malware attacks.

Whatever you are dealing with, we are sure to have the right tools and the knowledge to solve your problems. Connect with us to know more about data damage.

Company Certifications

ISO 5 Cleanroom 100

Our Laboratories are the optimum venues for data recovery processes. We make sure that your device and data are in a safe environment.

ISO 9001 QMS

We developed a system that is geared towards excellence which is why we evolve every single day. We want to provide you with the best service system.

IACRB Data Technicians

We require our technicians to undergo IACRB training. This ensures high-quality service and results you can rely on.

MAC Certified Technicians

MAC employs a system that is unique to them alone which is why it also requires special training. Our technicians are certified to work with the MAC OS and maneuver through it.

SOC Type II Security

Your data security and integrity is one of our top priorities. We renew our certificate annually because we uphold our standards of operations at all times!

World-Class Hard Drive Data Recovery in Falls Church, VA

We are proud on being the best in hard drive, SSD and RAID recovery services in Falls Church, VA. But, we did not get to where we are just goofing around. We are built on hard work, consistency, adaptation, and excellence.

Dealing with data loss? In an emergency? We can build a service for you that is catered specifically to your need and requirements. Call our experts get your case ready!

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