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Mount Vermon Original

In 1734, George Washington’s father, Augustine, built a mansion on the Mount Vernon area, which already belonged to the Washington family since 1674.  Since then, George expanded the house in the early 1750’s and expanded it once more during the 1770’s. But George did not become the owner of the mansion until 1761.

After his death in 1799, the house was under the ownership of many generations of the Washington family.  Many decades later, the whole Mount Vernon area became a National Historical Landmark.

It is still up today and is under the ownership of the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association.  The mansion is open every day, including holidays like Christmas and New Year’s.

Sometimes tragedys are inevitable, just what like happened to ​Centreville. A devastating fire swallowed three floors, including the roof in an instant.

A Glimpse of Fairfax, Virginia

Many people visit Mount Vernon everyday and everyone basically says it’s a great experience.  Anyone who has been there will tell you it’s the greatest experience ever.

If you’re into history or just beautiful scenery, this place is definitely for you.  Or maybe if you’re just looking for something to do, this place is still for you. Losing your things there is very likely so it’s good to stay in touch with a hard drive data recovery service in Fairfax so you’ll be able to recover any precious files from your phone or any other gadget.

The Tour

Mount Vermon Tour

Of course, with every historical landmark comes a tour.  The tour comes with interesting information about George Washington and the Mount Vernon area.  It also shows the best parts of Mount Vernon and that includes all the breathtaking views.

And there are a lot of them. You can also look at George Washington’s belongings and the areas where he used to go. George Washington himself is also buried in Mount Vernon so it gives you a whole new perspective on the place and makes the whole experience really interesting.

There are also two museums there and you’re definitely going to find some interesting information in the two museums.

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It's a Place for Kids

Mount Vernon Fairfax

Mount Vernon is very child friendly! Kids can get a map and they can go to the different areas of Mount Vernon and fill it with facts about the area.  And since it’s such a big area, it’ll keep the kids busy for a while. It’s almost like the tour but unlike they tour, the kids can go around the area in their own pace.

The area is very safe and is constantly being monitored so kids can go around anywhere as they please.

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It Has a Very Diverse Selection of Restaurants

Mount Vermon Resto

Mount Vernon has a big selection of restaurants and fortunately, all of them serve really good food for a fair price.  You can get a lot of really good food there like Thai food, pizza, tacos and a lot more.

The diversity of the selection is great because it gives you and the people you’re with a lot of options and you’ll also be able to find new types of food that you won’t find anywhere else.  The good food and the fair price is what completes the whole Mount Vernon experience.

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