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Have you ever been locked in a room? Usually, it’s easy to get out right? You just have to look for the key and unlock the door. Well, not exactly “easy”. In this game, the key is lost and you have only an hour to find it, and the ways to find it are countless.

Sometimes, the “key” that should supposedly unlock the door isn’t even the typical key you know of; and also, sometimes, you need to find something else to unlock the door. But the best part? It’s being locked in a room with people you either trust or not and finding ways to work together to simply get out.

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Room Escape

Whether or not you’ve done this before, you should go and check out the latest rooms out there so you could tell your friends and family again to try them out and beat the record time.

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Room Escape Fairfax

Room Escape Fairfax

Right in Fairfax, VA lies Escape Room, one of the most highly regarded playing grounds. Currently, they offer a total of 9 uniquely themed escape rooms that will definitely give you a challenging yet fun time. Basically, Escape Room is a live-action experience that really puts you in the context of the room with the topmost goal — to get out.

Escape Room Fairfax apparently has the largest escape room space on the East Coast. They also have a VIP room that you can book so you can hang with your friends and family before or after your game. They’ve got celebration packages that you can book as well with multiple perks! Check out their site now!

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Choosing Your Escape Room

Choose Your Escape Room

Just how exactly do these rooms work? Well, it’s best that you know first that in all rooms, there is no specific knowledge requirement or difficult physical activity. People of all ages are welcome for the challenge.

If you’re looking for some things scary, you should definitely try, Molly’s Horror Room or The Frightful Feast. For some team building, try surviving in the Joker’s Trap. If you want something general and for all ages, you will definitely like The Cure and Save The White House.

Just two people, you ask? There is Escape from Venus II: Collision Course specially designed for only a duo to complete. Some things special as well are the virtual reality rooms like Jail Bus. How cool is that?

There are many more rooms to be mentioned but the point is, just try them all! And don’t just try, also, beat the record time and get that first place! Be wary though, someone else just might take that away from you, so go and practice so you can put the time on the board which you’re sure no one can beat.

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