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National Firearms Museum Collection

Are you an avid fan of guns? If you are, then for sure, you’d be drooling as you walk in the halls of the NRA National Firearms Museum. It has exactly 15 galleries, with 85 exhibit cases showcasing an astonishing number of firearms amounting to 3,000. All in a 15,000 square foot facility. Now that is, no doubt, a world-class experience.

This amazing museum is located in Fairfax, Virginia. It expresses nearly 700 years of history of firearms and it focuses on firearms, freedom and the American experience.

In every gallery, a specific period of time in American history is displayed, and these galleries go from the stockade fort at Jamestown to the gun factories of New England.

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National Firearms Museum Guns List

In NRA National Firearms Museum, you can find life-sized dioramas of the 19th-century rifle maker’s shop, a trench on the Western Front in World War I, plus a shelled-out town square in Normandy back in World War II. The firearms that this museum displays tell the stories of how each was used to ensure the security and the sustenance of the early colonists, to give the people their freedom and independence, as well as to maintain and preserve their liberties.

The galleries don’t miss anything, if ever you’re wondering. They are complete with stories of exploration, manufacturing, competing, hunting, and some recreational shooting sports as well. Isn’t that just a whole load of information?

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Highlight Guns

Highlight Guns

This pair of greatcoat pistols are gold plated and ivory mounted, finished and cased by traditional English gun makers.

W.R. Pape Double Barrel Pistols

These exquisite .50 caliber W.R. Pape gold plated and ivory-mounted greatcoat engraved double-barreled pistols were designed by renowned British gunsmith, William Rochester Pape.

While best known for his double-barreled arms – pistols, fowlers and rifles – Pape actually utilized other gunmakers to produce parts for his arms, based on his own patents, and then turned out some of the best finished pieces in his day.

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Vampire Hunter’s Colt

Vampire Hunter’s Colt

Highly detailed engraving on a silver Colt .38. What more would a vampire hunter ask for? This gun is placed in a coffin-shaped ebony case that includes a bottle of holy water, a mirror, a wooden stake and silver bullets cast in the couture of vampire’s heads.

Mayflower Wheellock Carbine

This gun is owned by John Alden, one of the Pilgrim leaders of Plymouth Colony. He embarked on the Mayflower in the age of 20 to join Captian Miles Standish’s Militia to defend his fellow people from colonizers.

9/11 Revolver - Officer Walter Weaver

Recovered from the World Trade Center ruins at Ground Zero, this stainless steel revolver was owned by Officer Walter Weaver who bravely rushed into the Twin Towers, together with his other fellow officers and firemen, to save those whose lives were not yet taken away by the attack on September 11, 2001.

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Dirty Harry’s Smith and Wesson .44 Magnum

Dirty Harry’s Smith And Wesson .44 Magnum

This gun was used by Clint Eastwood, who portrayed the role of the legendary San Francisco detective, in 2 of his movies, the Dirty Harry (1971) and the Magnum Force (1973).

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