3 Historical Sites You Should Visit in Fairfax

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A Glimpse of Fairfax, Virginia

Fairfax, or as it is popularly known as the Fairfax Courthouse or Downtown Courthouse, is one of the independent cities in Virginia. Right now, the area is occupied by about 24,000 people. Fairfax is a region that is very rich in culture and history, with a lot of monumental places that are rooted with events dating from pre-colonial times.

There are a lot of festivals that you may attend in the city of Fairfax like the Chocolate Lover’s Festival and the Irish Festival. Moreover, there are  a lot of historical festivals that celebrate the events that made Fairfax what it is today. Events like the Fairfax Civil War Day and the National Trails day.

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Fairfax High School is one of the most reputable shools in  Fairfax. In fact, it serves as a home to some famous celebrities.



The small town of Clifton is in the southwestern part of the Fairfax County. It is a very small town with a population of less than 300 people. Clifton is one of the only three towns in the county of Fairfax along with Vienna and Herndon. Clifton is backed with a very rich history and it all roots from their pre-colonial era when it served as the hunting grounds of the native American tribe – Dogue.

During the civil war, a railroad was constructed beside the town and Clifton had a platform titled “Devereux Station.” This station was built in connection to the Orange and Alexandria Railroad which served as the timber and firewood supply line for the Union Army.

The town was incorporated into the Fairfax County during the General Assembly in 1902, along with the incorporation of Vienna and Herndon.

Although, due to low traffic and low activities in the town of Clifton, by the 1960’s the town was already on a fast decline. These stack of unfortunate events led to the abandonment of houses and the boarding up of businesses in the town.

This sparked a need for something to save the town, some sort of gentrification. Which is why Wayne Nickum, who was the mayor at the time, ensured that the town will be recognized as a National Historic Place and that it will be registered under the National Register of Historic Places.

If robotics is your thing, you should be inspired by this Fairfax Robotics All-Girls Team that is set to the world stage.

Historic Blenheim

Historic Blenheim

This Brick Farm House dating from the mid 1800’s served as a platform for residence and medical treatments of the Civil War Union Soldiers. If you want a walk down the timeline of the civil war, this is the place to be.

With photos and notes posted from the soldiers of the civil war themselves in the attic of the house.

Have you been to any of these Top Performing Schools in Fairfax? With a good education system, most of the students studied here have been successful on their chosen career.

Fairfax Museum and Visitor Center

Fairfax Museum And Visitor Center

The Fairfax Museum holds exhibitions on the history of the county. They also provide educational excursions and guided tours through the special exhibitions in the museum.

The Fairfax Museum is recognized as a state-certified visitor center. They also hold walk-tours through Old Town Fairfax.

The Willy Wonka Magic Show is a treat for someone who just wants to have some entertainment.

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