Fairfax Robotics All-Girls Team Set For The World Stage

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Fairfax Robotics All Girls Team

Fairfax in Virginia is known as one of the best performing academic districts in the county. They are known to produce high-quality students that are not only academically excellent, but also honorable and pursuant of other courses outside academics. Fairfax wants to ensure that the students develop holistically and are able to pursue their passion through the school’s platforms.

Fairfax is known not only for their high quality education system, but also for their excellent extra-curricular activities. They currently serve as the home of great football players, champion cheerleaders, and state renowned swimmers.

Moreover, they want to make sure that their students, even though they are occupied with their extra-curricular work, still excel with their academics.

Do you know Mila Kunis? The famous start from the movie “Friends with Benefits”. She is an alumna of Fairfax High School.

Fairfax All-Girls Robotics Team Set To Take Over The World

The Fairfax All-Girls Robotics Team has recently qualified for an international competition and they will represent their great state of Virginia. They are a testament of how effective and how healthy the extra-curricular programs of Fairfax are.

The all-girls robotics team are going to represent the state in a competition founded on space innovation and STEM.

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Just where these girls came from. Here are the Top Performing Schools in Fairfax.

Faifax All Girls Award

The advance of the all-girls team of Fairfax to the international competition is a big deal for the school, and for the students as well. For their division, there were 82 competing teams in total, and they were able to rise above the competition. They won the state competition against representatives from Virginia and D.C. last December.

The all-girls team is composed of four amazing girls and they are called the Fusion Four made up of: Minah sisco, Ema Hrabak, Devon Rudolph and Reira Erickson. Hailing from two different schools in Fairfax, Lake Broddock and Robinson Secondary.

Interestingly, the girls have been friends since elementary school and have been receiving tons of high-praise for being an all-girls team.

The girls say that they bank on their strengths but also on their weaknesses. They complement each other and that’s why they are the best representatives for Fairfax.

Willy Wonka is a fictional character who appears in Roald Dahl’s 1964 children’s novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The good news is, it has now a Magic Show that will come to Children’s Theatre in the Woods at Wolf Trap for a two-day show.

Importance of Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra Curricular Activities

There is a grave importance on the effect of extra-curricular activities to the holistic development of students. Some might say that they serve as a distraction and they might be a hindrance to the academic excellence of the student. But, according to studies, this isn’t necessarily the case.

Extra-Curricular activities help the students develop key values that they are to utilize in the future, mainly when they are out in the real-world. Indulging in extra-curricular activities develops skills in time-management, camaraderie, and the essence of working in a group.

Moreover, they teach students about patience, perseverance and hard work. Things that will be very useful to the young when they grow up to be contributors of the society.

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