Centreville Fire Aftermath

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Centreville Fire Aftermath

The fire that happened in Centreville recently was immensely devastating to its residents and it to its neighborhood. It all happened at around 1 am, Monday.  The fire was on all three floors, including the roof and there were around 30 residents evacuated from numerous apartments.

Unfortunately, one resident, who was later identified as David Zimmers, was found dead.  Adding to the terrible news, two of the apartment buildings were uninhabitable after the whole incident, leaving one building left standing.

The fire cleared at around 5am but investigators are still investigating the scene and firefighters are still searching the area for trapped residents.  Both the cause of the fire and the cause of David Zimmer’s death are under investigation.

The total cost of the damage was $610,000, according to the Fairfax fire department.

Mount Vernon is one of Fairfax’s tourist attrractions. It became a National Historical Landmark in the early 1800’s.

Centreville Fire Aftermath

Fires will inevitably destroy your memories and sentimental property. But, there are things that you can do to keep safe some of your treasured memories. If ever you do catch yourself in a middle of an unfortunate situation like a fire, you can always connect with a hard drive data recovery services in Fairfax to figure out your options on how to recover your data.

Nobody ever wants their house or apartment to catch on fire, so here are some tips so you can prevent something like this happening to your home:

The Stove or Oven Must Remain Clear

Anything flammable must be far away from the stove or oven.  Also, don’t leave the room, it really is better to be safe than sorry.  You can easily avoid house fires if you’re able to watch the oven or stove.  

That way if something goes out of hand, you can easily fix it. If you really need to leave the kitchen, get someone who knows how to work the stove or oven and get them to watch over it.  

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Blow Off Candles

Blow Off Candles

The use of scented candles and aesthetic candles is very rampant right now. Make sure to blow them off when unattended. If it’s windy, make sure the candle is in an area where the wind doesn’t go so it won’t get knocked down.

Just make sure to keep the candle away from anything flammable.  Be sure to keep it on a candle plate, of course.

Guns must be used only to protect“, that should be the motto of every gun owner. If you are a fan of guns, you should visit National Firearms Museum.

Connect With Your Fire Department

Your fire fighters are the most important and the first ones that you call once a fire sparks in your area. Keep their hotlines saved and immediately dial them when a fire emergency happens in your area.

They may be the only able persons to save you.

Keep Fire Extinguishers

Keep Fire Extinguisher

It’s really important to keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen, since that’s where a fire can possibly start. It’s also good to keep them in any other rooms, just in case.  Sure, a hose may work but it will most likely be far away from area that has the fire.

It’s really just easier to keep a fire extinguisher nearby. It’ll be way faster to get the extinguisher than the hose.  And don’t forget to get a new one when the old extinguisher has been used.

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