40-Year Romance: Famous Toastery

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40 Year Romance: Famous Toastery

Isn’t it so inspiring to every time you learn that a certain couple has been married for so many years? At some point, it just makes you become so hopeful about love, about being together, about being in a relationship. It’s just so sweet.

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What we have here for you now is a couple who has been married for 40 years. Although, while there are many couples, of course, who are in the same time range of being married as they, or even more, actually; this couple has decided to do something uncommon.

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The Decision & The Couple

Famous Toastery Couple Owner

Supposedly retiring on their 40th anniversary, this couple decided to run a branch of Famous Toastery up in RTC West, Sunset Hills Road. We’ll get into what Famous Toastery is later, but first, let’s answer who exactly is this couple. To finally reveal, it’s Gary and Diane Reedy.

Doesn’t ring a bell? Well, this might. Remember Planet Play in Plaza America? You used to go there when you were a kid huh? They built that.

Apart from the nostalgic play place, the Planet Play, they also built various other businesses like some of the first laser tags in the area, a 12-year carousel in Springfield Mall, and other establishments on entertainment.

But, here’s the thing. All of these, they sold off. And yes, you can guess now what they opted for — the Famous Toastery.

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The Spot

Famous Toastery is an all-day breakfast restaurant. So if you’re all about having a burger for breakfast and a sunnyside egg for dinner, this place is perfect for you! This restaurant ensures that the food they serve are nutritious and delicious, fresh and presented to you without delay.

This branch of Famous Toastery, officially opened just this April 15 after a prior weekend soft opening. In the couple’s initiative to serve the community, all the sales of their restaurant proceed to Cornerstones, a nonprofit organization.

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Gary & Diane

Gary & Diane Of Famous Toastery

Gary was “The jock who dated the straight-A girl”. And yes, that was Diane, the grade conscious, honors student. This lovely start was sparked a long-lasting firey romance and it was during their high school years.

Their relationship then continued on to George Mason University, and off to their entertainment businesses, then currently, the Famous Toastery.

After years and years of being married, Gary and Diane have had their careers and retirements, and also a couple of kids. You would think that they should just be in their home relaxing and reflecting life as they experienced it but no, they just won’t stop being involved in the community.

They can’t. Being young at hearts, they want to keep cooperating in the way that they still can.

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