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Trust TTR  Data Recovery to do the job for you!

Located at 9512 Lee Hwy, Unit A Fairfax, VA 22031, United States, our team is dedicated to making your data recovery service a worry-free and a no-hassle experience. Our data recovery specialists are equipped with the necessary skills and tools to get the task done.

When our competitors give up and decide that it’s a hopeless case, we further try and employ various techniques to recover what is lost.

People of Fairfax, Virginia immensely trust us with their precious data. Thus, we do our best to provide our customers with excellent service and a smile to complete the job.

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  • Mon-Fri: 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
  • 24/7 Customer Service Available
  • 4000 Legato Road, 11th Floor, Fairfax, VA 22031

Let TTR Data Recovery in Fairfax take care of extracting the data from your:

We can retrieve data lost on any of these storage platforms such as hard drives, RAID, internal server, solid state drive (SSD), removable devices like flash drives, and tapes.

We can recover data from these devices

Bountiful memoirs of history and culture embrace Fairfax, Virginia. In 2013, Virginia ranked as the Best State for Business because its attractive incentive offerings and business-friendly policies.

Investing in and maintaining a reliable information technology infrastructure is crucial to any business success. Data collected from day to day operation is important in making informed business decisions. But what happens when vital information gets compromised, deleted, or rendered inaccessible?

Our local data recovery lab in Fairfax, Virginia is on standby to assess and evaluate the data loss incident. After a thorough evaluation, the data recovery process will start within the day, and our data recovery specialists will do their best to complete the job within a day!

At the same time, we don’t charge a penny for submitting a case to us! Consultation and evaluation are free! Until we have ample knowledge of what we are dealing with, we won’t ask for payment of any kind.

  • Verify Recovered Data Before Paying
  • No Data No Charge
  • Free Consultation & Evaluation
  • No Upfront Fees
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No need to pay for the service outright until you verified the recovered data. This will make sure that you are paying for the service that you deserve. You don’t need to worry about overcharging, and hidden charges as all of the costs pertaining to the data recovery process will be discussed during case evaluation.

Our Local Fairfax Lab Represents the Pinnacle of Certified Data Recovery Excellence

Everyone in our team is dedicated to making data recovery process a hassle-free and worry-free for all the residents and business owners of Fairfax, Virginia. Integrity, customer service and top-notch data recovery process are what we aim for. It is our responsibility to retrieve data as soon as possible, and as complete as possible. When you choose TTR  Data Recovery to take care of data loss, rest assured, you’ll get nothing but the best.

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Certified Data Recovery

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Secure Data Recovery

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Data Recovery Technicians

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Government Data Recovery

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Clean Data Recovery

Our Local Fairfax Lab Represents the Pinnacle of Certified Data Recovery Excellence

#1 Hard Drive Data Recovery in Fairfax

How long can you survive without access to your hard drive? Thanks to our convenient Fairfax location near Fair Oaks Mall, you don't have to delay any more than necessary to get your data back. We've designed our hard drive and SSD recoveries around a streamlined process geared towards speed and accuracy.

Approved by all HDD and SDD Brands
Support all hard drive failures
Emergency Hard Drive Data Recovery
ISO 5 Class Cleanroom Hard Disk Recovery

Certified RAID Data Recovery in Virginia

Are you a certified RAID data recovery expert? If not, then you shouldn't try to restore or rebuild your compromised array. Instead, let TTR Data Recovery in Fairfax tackle this tough undertaking. We've got the experience to do things right, and we can also avoid the infinite mistakes that might potentially make it impossible to get your data back.

All Types of Raid Systems
Support all NAS Server Drives
SOC Secure RAID Recovery
Emergency RAID Data Recovery

TTR makes it possible for anyone in Fairfax.

Data loss makes life harder. Talk to TTR’s specialists about maintaining continuity. We’ve helped individuals, businesses and agencies, and you can be next.

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Small Business

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Our Fairfax Team Does Data Recovery Right

  • Same-Day Diagnostics & Recovery
  • Nonstop Data Recovery Process
  • Recovery on weekends and holidays
  • 24/7 Customer Support

What determines the success of your emergency data recovery efforts? It’s about more than just knowing how hard drives, RAIDs and SSDs work. At TTR Data Recovery, our emergency services are firmly rooted in knowledge, but we also back them with unique process infrastructures and certifications that ensure each job goes as smoothly as possible. Start your emergency recovery now in Fairfax.


TTR Data Recovery Is The Best In The Business

Fairfax VA Building | TTR Data Recovery

The Fairfax Data Recovery specialists of TTR Data Recovery are proud to offer comprehensive recovery services to the Fairfax, Virginia area. We are located in the center of Fairfax, Virginia between interstate 66 and Route 50 just minutes away from Fair Oaks Mall Shopping Center.

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