A Simple Guide to Must See Exhibits in Virginia

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Named after ‘Virgin Queen’ Elizabeth I, Virginia is home to eight presidents in United States. Locals in this state have enjoyed robust knowledge, culture, and arts. Renowned artists have also exhibited their masterpieces in Virginia dating back 1936 particularly in Richmond.

If you are an art rookie or a fine arts students visiting Virginia, here are some of the best establishments to check out.

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Chrysler Museum Of Art

Located in Chesapeake Bay, the collections in this museum is a favorite among art connoisseurs. Collections inside this museum features art from various continents particularly East Asia, Europe, and Africa to name a few.

This art museum is also popular for its blown glass collection, a unique place where you can meet resident artists or look how these artists do their craft. This glass studio is 7,000 square foot holding around 10,000 glass artworks of both historic and contemporary pieces. Best of all, admission is free!

Fine arts students also make their trips in these museums to catch fellow artists mid-way through success or those who are master craftsmen. Expecting you’ll be taking photos, notes, or documents with you (if you’re planning to set an exhibit in these museums), it’s imperative to have a spare memory storage device with you especially if you’ll be coming from abroad.

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You can find The Chrysler Museum of Art in One Memorial Place, Norfolk, Virginia. For memberships and other queries, you may contact them through 757-664-6200.

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Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Virginia Museum Of Art

For art fanatics who would want to get a piece of the action can check out this museum for beautiful exhibits. Suited for traveling exhibitions, this museum boasts not only of its art but also its rich evening stage performances.

The modernist architecture of this museum is a splendid sight to behold with its various collections of pictures, paintings, and other craftsmanship such as Mrs. Lillian Thomas Pratt’s collection of magnificent imperial eggs.

You can check The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in 200 N. Boulevard, Richmond, Virginia. For schedules, memberships and exhibits, you may contact them through 804-340-1400.

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Torpedo Factory Art Center

Torpedo Factory Art Center

If you’re out of ‘creativity’ juice and looking to draw inspiration without breaking the bank, you can get that in this art center. Studio artists can meet with fellow artisans of various backgrounds or purchase other works of art from fellow artisans here.

For the aspiring artist, one visit from this center is enough to push you to have your own art studio. It’s not an intimidating place where old masters might set aside your critique as ‘less refined’. This is a safe haven to learn, share, and experience ideas with freedom. This establishment also boasts of 82 working studios with a gallery and twice as much resident artist working their crafts.

You may visit The Torpedo Factory Art Center is located at 105 N. Union St., Alexandria, Virginia. If you have plans to exhibit your art, you may contact them through 703-746-4588.

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