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We offer hard drive data recovery Services in Ashburn,VA. Devices we recovery: SSD, RAID & USB Drives. Call us now for free diagnostics!

We are fully equipped with the right tools and equipment for hard drive data recovery service in Ashburn. We are well-versed on all kinds of hard drives. We are also familiar with a wide-range of issues.

Hard drive data recovery is something that we have been doing for years on end and we are the only authority you should entrust your data with.

Make sure you don’t lose your precious photos and videos from Bram Brew Fest, Fairfax Water Lantern Festival or the NOVA Mac & Cheese Meltdown Fall Into Flavor. You can rely on our hard drive data recovery services.

These Ashburn events can get really crowded. This is an easy situation to lose or damage your devices. So make sure to stay connected with our team of experts and engineers to recover your memories.

Hard Drive Data Recovery in Ashburn VA Introduction Ashburn | TTR Data Recovery

What You Do If Your Device Fails & Your Data Is Lost!

There are things that you can do that can result in more data loss, damage and corruption. Here are some tips on how to increase the chances of saving your data.

Hard Drive Data Recovery in Ashburn Va Device Failure Ashburn | Ttr Data Recovery

Immediately contact an expert from TTR Data Recovery. The quicker you do, the higher the chances of recovering the data from your hard drive.

When faced with lost or damaged data, the first thing to do is absolutely keep calm and not sink into a panicked state. There are things you can do to minimize the risk of losing more data.

In addition to the 3 steps up top, here’s how to deal with data lose for different types of device.

You can always try to restart your reading program or your computer. After that, recheck if the hard drive works. If not, take it to an expert.

Gently clean the tape with a dry and clean cotton swab. Re-run.

These are complex systems that would recovered data more effectively if kept in its original state.

Check for physical damage on the teeth of the card. If none is spotted, try re-running on computer. If it still fails, take it to an expert.

Hard Drive Data Recovery Service For Ashburn Area

Hard Disk Drives are the most common type of external data storage. Our team of experts can easily maneuver through this device through hard and soft work.

This is a combination of many hard drives to form one system. This is a more complex kind of data storage. Nonetheless, our experts are more than equipped to recover data from this.

This is a plug-and-play kind of card storage device that absolutely has no moving parts. More commonly seen in cameras and phones.  Check out our SSD data recovery service!


These are more classic forms of data storage that employs film technology for its storage system. Our experts are keen with the more sensitive anatomy of this device.

These are the most mobile form of external data storage. They are also prone to damage. Commonly infected with malware because of port transferring.

TTR Data Recovery Services Location Near Ashburn, VA Area

We make sure you’re able to reach us wherever you are in Ashburn, VA. Our Mclean Office is available to take your call 24/7 just dial (703) 212-3353 to start your recovery case right away.

Mclean,VA TTR Data Recovery

Our 4 Step Hard Drive Data Recovery

Free Diagnostics
Free Diagnostics

Your initial evaluation, inspection and quotation come absolutely free of charge. You may opt to continue or retrieve your device after diagnostics.

Data Retrieval Process
Data Retrieval Process

Should you decide to continue with us – we then surrender your device to our highly-skilled engineers and they will work on it in our laboratories.

Verify Data Process
Verify Data Process

When your device gets back from the laboratories, you will have the freedom to verify if the recovery was completed and your data is present.

Return Data Process
Return Data Process

After all the steps, we will complete your experience with TTR Data Recovery with the safe and secure return of your data to your hands.

Types Of Hard Drive Damage We Recover

Physical Damage

Wear and tear can be a factor for data loss and corruption. The knobs and screws can turn loose which will cause a physical malfunction to your device.

Water-related Damage

Devices that are overly exposed to moisture, submerged in water, and comes in contact with other substances can cause data loss and damage.


Overheating can be caused by different factors. Location, external temperature, and power malfunctions are a few of them. This can melt the PCB inside the drive which will surely damage your data.

System Malfunctions

These are unknown and undetectable malfunctions from inside the code. These are hard to solve and defragment. But our technicians can map these out easily.

The Only Hard Drive Data Recovery Services in Ashburn With Certifications!

ISO 9001:2008

This is proof that we are constantly evolving and improving our services in all aspects for the highest satisfaction of our customers.


This is to make sure that your data security is upheld at the highest priority. Our engineers are well trained with the latest technology advancement.


All our engineers and technicians at TTR Data Recovery are trained and certified by the IACRB. We only hire the best professional!


This certifies that all our laboratories and facilities are a fit environment for treatment of sensitive equipment and devices.

The Only Hard Drive Data Recovery Service in Ashburn With Certifications!

The most reliable hard drive data recovery service in Ashburn. We cover optimally all kinds of hard drives, SSDs, RAID recovery services and all the issues that come with it.

We have the exact programs to answer to your needs. Connect with a TTR Data Recovery Representative to check out your options.

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