Popular Festivals In Arlington, Virginia You Should Be Going To

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A Glimpse of Arlington, Virginia

There is such a wonderful community in Arlington, Virginia. Every year, people from the area work on some pretty exciting festivals and events that are attended by a huge number of people. If you are from the area or are planning a trip, here are to top annual festivals in Arlington you should look forward to.

Night of 1000 Andys

Night Of 1000 Andys

The Night of 1000 Andys is a very unique festival. This is because everyone comes in their own Andy Warhol costume. It is definitely cool to see how each person would interpret the famous artist.

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Taste of Arlington

When you see yourself being quite the foodie these days, then you might want to go to Taste of Arlington. This festival is basically a food and drinks festival that promises to leave you with a happy tummy.

Many local restaurants in Arlington will showcase their best offerings so this is the right event to go to when you want to know which are actually the best restaurants in the area. The festival is usually held at Wilson Boulevard which is by the Ballston Common Mall.

Clarendon Day

Clarendon Day

If you are the type who loves music and arts festivals, then you will really enjoy going to Clarendon Day. This festival in Arlington has a ton of musical acts, art exhibits, and food stalls. Your kids will also love the mini theme park rides they have here. Clarendon Day is usually held during the fall.

Are you a fan of Marathon? Well look no more as Arlington is also known for The City All Runners Should Live In.

Columbia Pike Blues Festival

The Columbia Pike Blues Festival is another festival that promises some musical performances. You can have a picnic with your family here since you can buy different kinds of delicious food from the wide range of stalls they have here.

In 2019, the annual Columbia Pike Blues Festival will be held on June 15, 2019. The best part is that they don’t charge any kind of entrance fee whatsoever.

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Afghan Arts and Culture Festival

Afghan Arts And Culture Festival

Festivals are not only for food, arts, or music because some festivals also get to teach people about different cultures. In Arlington, you can learn about the Afghanistan culture at the Afghan Arts and Culture Festival.

You will be able to see different kinds of Afghan clothes. You will also be able to try the best Afghan food ever.

Everyone is welcome to attend the festival and it is completely free of charge. All is going well at the Festival, you meet new friends and shares a great experience with them, but did you know that there are hollywood celebrities that came from Arlington? Here are the list of Hollywood Celebrities from Arlington.

The Peruvian Festival

Another festival to attend if you want to learn about a different culture is the Peruvian Festival. This festival will open your eyes about what Peru has to offer. Vendors, food stalls, and traditional performances that highlight the Peruvian culture are what makes this festival a good one.

Sources say that Maryland and Virginia have at least 175,000 Peruvians already. The festival is usually held July of every year in honor of the Peruvian Independence Day.

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