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Alexandria is one of Virginia’s beer festival capitals. Home to the famous Chesapeake Crab and Beer Fest. Alexandria, Virginia is also known for the Beer, Bourbon & BBQ Festival. These events can easily be packed with a lot of people. High foot traffic and fun festivities are common to these venues. That said, these can also be easy venues to get too distracted. You can easily lose your storage devices, or damage them one way or another.

When you lose or damage your storage device, your data comes along with it. At the moment you lose your data, keep your cool. Connect with one of our hard drive data recovery service experts. Leave the worries and responsibility to us.

Hard Drives Recovery in Alexandria, VA Introduction Alexandria | TTR Data

Why Choose Us

Alexadria Why Choose Us

We focus on you. Your data, your needs. We exert all our efforts into building a unique data recovery program that’s specific to your needs. Our team of specialists and experts are here to listen to you and fulfill your data recovery service needs.

We have built our company to be entirely built on customer centrism. This is what has propelled our company forward all these years.

We are trusted by the biggest data storage manufacturers. We have built strong and reliable relationships with these companies. With them, we are updated with the latest technology keeping us on top of our data recovery game.

What To Do When Data Is Lost

We know that you can easily get flustered when data is suddenly lost.

What you need to do is keep calm and do these simple checkpoints:

Alexandria Data Lost

Services We Offer

We work with all manufacturers. We have to recover your data from major brands like SanDisk, Kingston, Patriot, among others. Whatever brand you’re holding, we’ve encountered it before.

These serve as the main data storage system for personal computers and system units. They commonly come with an external case for protection.

SSDs are essentially mini-Hard Disk Drives. They have no moving parts and are not prone to mechanical trouble.

RAID are definitely more complex than a single HDD. These are arrays of individual disk drives working together to form a unified system.

Hard Drive Recovery MicroSD Alexandria | TTR Data Recovery


A more compact SSD that can go as high as 512GB in storage. More commonly seen in smartphones and high-end cameras.

These are the more general plug-and-play device that acts as a small HDD. Favored because it’s light and mobile.

Alexandria, VA TTR Data Recovery Service Location

We wanna make sure that you can reach our services in Alexandria, VA. Contact our Arlington office at (703) 682-2926 for free data diagnosis! Absolutely no contracts required.

Arlington, VA TTR Data Recovery

4 Step Recovery Process

We run a simple and easy-to-understand recovery process. Which only employs 4 basic steps.

Initial Diagnostics
Initial Diagnostics

We run a full inspection and evaluation for your device. No contracts. No fees.

Data Recovery
Data Recovery

Our technicians perform the required data recovery procedures for your device.

Data Verification
Data Verification

You have the freedom to verify if we are collecting the right data.


We end the 4-step process with the secure and safe return of your data.

Types Of Damages Devices We Recover Data From

We are fully equipped on dealing with any kind of data damage

Get in touch with our SSD data recovery service experts today, to have a free consultaion.

Our Certifications

ISO 9001 QMS

this certification stands for the highest quality management of our company.

ISO 5 Cleanroom 100

our laboratories are of the highest-caliber fit for data recovery service.

IACRB Data Technicians

our engineers and technicians are fully-equipped with the right knowledge and tools for data recovery needs.

SOC Type II Data Security

This ensures that your data will be treated with the highest data integrity.

Why We Are #1 Most Hard Working Hard Drive Data Recovery In Alexandria,VA

RAID recovery services  and professionals in Alexandria, VA are backed by years of excellence. Our team of experts is fully dedicated to recover your data at the best of their capabilities. We have a non-stop data process. Furthermore, we work on holidays and weekends for your needs.

Our 24/7 customer support is always ready to take your call anytime. Consultations, initial inspections, and evaluation always come absolutely free of charge. We also hold no contracts for initial diagnostics. Call today for a quick data recovery.

Alexandria Data Recovery Experts


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