Why You Need To Visit the Hershey Park in Pennsylvania

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Hershy Park Pennsylvania

Craving for a sweet vacation? Well, Hershey Park is the perfect getaway for you! This authentic chocolatey experience added with various thrilling rides and attractions, water activities and live entertainment, will definitely give you a satisfying day. Not to mention your also satisfied stomach.

Because of all of what HersheyPark can offer, whether it be with your family with your squad, with your romantic partner, or simply with just you, everyone is happy!

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Do you know where most of Hershey’s Chocolates were made? It came most from The Chocolate Capital of the U.S..

Why Hershey Park?

Hershey Park For Kids

Firstly, Hershey Park entertains everyone. And by everyone, this means people of all ages, sizes and abilities. Toddlers have their own spaces for their little activities, kids can ride these relatively smaller scaled rides and the older ones, larger scale. Everyone has something to enjoy here. You have available games, rides, coasters, entertainment and plenty of chocolate!

At the same time, your security is ensured as Hersheypark has worked very hard on their protocols to  keep you safe along with everyone. This way everyone will enjoy their own Hersheypark experience.

Secondly, accommodations are the bomb! Check out the historic hotel, The Hotel Hershey, which provides plenty of amenities for their guests. You are warmly welcomed here; you food is above satisfactory and you comfort levels will be at maximum. Another option would be Hershey Lodge, welcoming you the same plus a Kids’ Check-in Table available specifically by season.

Weekends is the most favorite part of the week for the family. So don’t you spend it without going to the Best Family Weekend  Get-away. Lots of fun awaits for you and your kids!

Hershey Park Costumes

Here’s one more, the Hersheypark Camping Resort. Whether it be camping or glamping; however you want it, you can have that here. Much cabins and campsites are offered here and lots of outdoor activities, keeping the kids entertained while those who just want to stay in their cozy camping zones can just relax a bit.

Thirdly, ZooAmerica! This goes along with your Hersheypark admission, so yes, it’s free! As long as you go the same day you admit to Hersheypark. It’s open all year round for you so each time you visit this Hersheypark neighbor, try booking a guided tour so you can get up close and personal with around 200 animals from the North American region. Learn all you want!

A little bit of history, did you know that the Liberty Bell in Pennsylvania was already 266 years old? Quite amazing right?

Huge announcement!

Hershey Park Announcement

Hersheypark apparently just dropped their biggest announcement ever. Next year’s summer, 2020, Hersheypark will open a new region — the all new Hershey’s Chocolate Town. Of course, it’ll be filled with chocolate and even more chocolatey experiences and activities.

People can eat, shop, play and gather. Go ahead and check it out their prior online tour to get that teaser you need and get you way excited for this grand opening.

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