Best Tourist-y Things You Can Do If You’re Heading To Philadelphia

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Go To Love Park

Love Park

Many tourists in Philly always love heading to LOVE park. This is because you can find a huge sculpture of the word “LOVE” here. You can just imagine how many couples would strike a cheesy pose in front of the sculpture.

Robert Indiana is a talented artist who is responsible for the sculpture. One of his LOVE sculptures in the past was purchased for a whopping $4.1 million in the past.

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Take A Selfie With The Liberty Bell

If you want to visit something that symbolizes independence in America, then you should check out the Liberty Bell in Philly’s Liberty Bell Center. The bell was completed way back in 1752 but it was later recast twice. The bell apparently cracked the first day it was rung in Philadelphia.

Visiting the bell is totally free of charge so you can take as many photos as you want with it. Just make sure you subscribe to a data recovery plan (click to learn more about it here!) just in case something happens to your phone or camera during your trip. 

People of Philadelphia are honored to have 6 Firsts, like the first american zoo.

Visit The Philadelphia Museum of Art

Philadelphia Museum Of Art

A museum is always a good place to head to whenever you want to learn more about a certain place. If you are a fan of the Rocky movies, then you will want to head to the Philadelphia Museum of Art because this is where some parts of the movie were shot.

Tourists often head to the now-famous “Rocky steps” and you will also see a Rocky statue here. The statue was actually built for the third movie in the Rocky franchise.

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Go On A Food Trip At The Readers Terminal Market

If you are a foodie who loves trying new things all the time, then you will have such a great time at the Readers Terminal Market. This place is basically foodie heaven because of all the wide selection of food stalls they have here.

If you plan to dine here, we suggest you try the famous roast pork sandwiches of DiNic’s, Dutch Eating Place’s apple dumplings, and the tasty doughnuts of Beiler’s.

Check Out The Oldest American Zoo

Philadelphia Zoo

When you have kids with you during your trip, then you might want to bring them to the Philadelphia Zoo. The Philadelphia Zoo is well known for being the oldest zoo in America. 1859 was the year the zoo was charters but it took about fifteen years before it opened its gates to the public.

The zoo is well-maintained and their animals are estimated to be around 1,300 already as of today. Kids will also love the petting zoo they have here wherein they can interact with chickens, goats, and small horses.

Devour A Philly Cheesesteak

Philly Cheese Steak

A Philly Cheesesteak is something you have to try whenever you’re in Philly. Pat Olivier is the hot dog vendor from Philly who introduced the cheesesteak back in 1930. Simply looking at the cheesesteak will already make you want to devour its mouth-watering goodness.

There are many places in Philly where you can get some scrumptious cheesesteaks but we suggest try the cheesesteaks from John’s Roast Pork, Sonny’s, and Tony Luke’s.

It’s better to take-out a good meal and head to a nice cafe that offers free Wi-Fi just to enjoy your meal. It’s like having the best of both worlds.

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