6 "Firsts" Philadelphia Is Proud Of

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A Glimpse of Philaldelphia, Pennsylvania

There are a lot of things to love about Philadelphia. In case you did not know, many notable events from the past happened Philadelphia. This is why heading to Philadelphia will really teach you a lot about America’s history.

Here are some of the many firsts that happened in Philadephia.

First Ever Parade During Thanksgiving

Every Thanksgiving, there are always parades in different parts of America which are flocked by thousands of people. Philadelphia actually takes credit for having the first ever Thanksgiving Parade in America.

The first parade was held way back in 1924. If you plan to go this year, make sure to secure your belongings or get a trustworthy hard drive data recovery service in Philadelphia just in case anything happens while you join the chaotic crowd during the parade.

First Zoo In America

Philadelphia Zoo

When you are a kid, going to the zoo seemed like the best thing ever. Some of you might know that the Philadelphia Zoo has been around for so long already but did you know that it was the first ever zoo that opened in America.

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania chartered the zoo back in 1859 but the Civil War caused a delay so the zoo already got to open its doors to the public in 1874. At that time, the entrance fee was only 25 cents. Today, the zoo’s entrance fee is already $19 for kids and $24 for adults.

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First American Piano

You often see pianos everywhere but did you ever wonder where the first ever piano in America was built? Yes, it was built in Philly! John Behrent is the guy who created it way back in 1775.

Today, you can buy pianos in so many places but a lot of them sell pianos at a very high price already.

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First Church For African-Americans

Mother Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church

The first-ever African-American church that was established in America was reportedly the Mother Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church. Back in 1794, the congregation was founded.

The church you will see in Philadelphia today is the oldest American church property which is owned by African-Americans because it reached completion way back in 1890. In 1972, the church was named a National Historic Landmark.

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First Naval Ship Yard

In the United States, the very first naval shipyard is found in Philadelphia. The Philadelphia Nava Shipyard was founded back in 1776 and in 1801, it was officially named a United States Navy site.

These days, the shipyard is already an industrial park. You will find the Philly Shipyard in the park which is known to be a commercial shipyard.

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First American Pretzel

First American Pretzel

The soft pretzel has been enjoyed by numerous people for a very long time already. To be more specific, the first ever soft pretzel in America was reportedly baked way back in 1861.

Ambrose Roth, who was a baker, just helped a homeless guy for a night and the guy later gave him a pretzel recipe that would change his life. Roth shared the recipe to William Sturgis who was his apprentice and Sturgis later baked the first pretzel America has been blessed with.

Today, soft pretzels are a must-try whenever you’re in Philly.

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