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Data recovery Philadelphia services offered: hard drive data recovery, SSD data recovery, Tape & Flash Drives data recovery. Submit your emergency data recovery case today!

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Our professional data recovery experts are always ready handle your case. When faced with a device failure, and your important data is on the line, don't be left behind the fun & enjoyment when your in Philly; Call TTR Data Recovery today!

If there's one thing you can count on that's we're good at recovering data the same day!

They say that it is hard to get lost in Philadelphia, what with its innovative colorful signs aptly called “Walk! Philadelphia” — disk map and directional signs that helps visitors find their way in and around the city.
Now, if you need to RAID recovery services a then you can easily find us on John F Kennedy Blvd. Contact us now, so we can get started retrieving your data.
The City of Brotherly Love, Philly is home to some of America’s firsts: first zoo, first medical school, and first daily newspaper — The Philadelphia Packet and Daily Advertiser.
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Our Philadelphia Hard Drive Data Recovery Services

We understand that data loss can escalate to a situation where you are left with no other option but for an immediate data recovery Philadelphia Remedy . TTR Data Recovery is just that, great at recovering data for you!







Data recovery Philadelphia support is ready to answer your call 24/7, even on weekends and holidays. Whatever media type: Hard Drive, RAID. Server, SSD, or Flash Media; we can handle it.
Whatever the cause of data loss is: corrupt file systems; environmental damage, mechanical or electronic failures, human errors, malware and viruses, and manufacturer fault; we are ready for it.
When you trust us with your urgent hard drive data recovery Philadelphia needs, you are assured that you get fast and timely diagnostic and progress reports. You will never have to wonder or guess about the status of your request.
Contact us now and get emergency data recovery in Philadelphia started ASAP. Visit our Google My Business page!
  • Recover Data, Verify Data, Process Payment
  • Hard Drive Data Recovery Philadelphia Service Without Hidden Charges
  • Free Consultation & Evaluation Of Your Lost Hard Drive Data
  • No Upfront Fees
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Rundown Of Our Hard Drive Data Recovery Process

Free Diagnostic Process

Data Recovery Philadelphia: upon receiving you media, we will conduct free diagnostic and will contact you with 24-48 business hours; you can let us know immediately if you need Rush SSD data recovery service, so we can diagnose your media ASAP. Should you decline to continue with the recovery, we will send your media back, absolutely free of charge.

Data Recovery Process

If you choose for us to proceed, you media will be queued for service. Our IACRB certified technicians will initiate the data recovery process in our ISO Class 100 certified Cleanroom.

Verify Data Process

The list of recovered data will be sent to your via email for verification. You can also visit our office to check if you're nearby.

Return Data Process

We shall then send back to you the data files after the confirmation of recovering data. You have options how you wish to receive your data files.

Certified Hard Drive Data Recovery Service in Philadelphia!

We work harder to acquire certifications to back our years of experience. Our engineers maintains the top of line hard drive data recovery service you need in local Philly!

ISO 9001:2008

SSAE 16 SOC 2 Type II

IACRB Certified Professional

GSA Contract Holder

R & D Group

ISO 5 Class 100

Data Recovery Philadephia Testimonials

Here's the inside scoop on how we've helped Philadelphians in search of hard drive data recovery.

Philadelphia's Data Recovery Pros - #1 Hard Drive Data Recovery in Philadelphia

The road to hard drive data recovery can be notoriously tough. All our service area in the USA are streamlined to make the process easier. You can track your job throughout the entire procedure, and you never have to pay for attempts or evaluations. Visit our highly accessible Philadelphia downtown location near the corner of North 18th Street and JFK Boulevard.

Approved by all HDD and SDD Brands
Support all hard drive failures
Emergency Hard Drive Data Recovery
ISO 5 Class Cleanroom Hard Disk Recovery

Certified NAS/RAID Data Recovery Services in Philadelphia

Your Philadelphia business revolves around your RAID data. Why gamble when it comes to recovering data? Attempting a rebuild or extraction operation on your own could send your information to permanent purgatory, so talk to the TTR data recovery service experts. We specialize in safe data recovery in Philadelphia, and our track record of success means that you don't have to take unnecessary data recovery risks.

All Types of Raid Systems
Support all NAS Server Drives
SOC Secure RAID Recovery
Emergency RAID Data Recovery

We help Philly businesses and locals reconnect with their irreplaceable information for less.

Data drives your modern life. We handle recovering data for locals in Philadelphia. We're Philadephia's data recovery masters!


Just need some personal data recovered? We’ve got you covered!


Losing data can be a very annoying obstacle for any small business. We get you back on track!


You’re never too big to be affected by a data-loss emergency. We take on big enterprise clients too!


We are fully certified to work with government agencies to recover confidential data effectively. You can trust us!

Do You Need Hard Drive Data Recovery to Overcome a Philadelphia Emergency?

“Time and tide wait for no man. And so as your lost data!”

Data recovery Philadephia scenario: When time is of the essence and the longer you wait means more money down the drain, trust Our hard drive recovery service to salvage your lost data, fast. Contact us:!

  • Same-Day Diagnostics & Data Recovery
  • Always Available Data Recovery Service In Philadephia
  • 24/7 Customer Support For Emergency Data Recovery Cases!
  • Recovering Data on Weekends and Holidays
Data Recovery Philadelphia Emergency Recovery Philadelphia | TTR Data Recovery
Data Recovery Philadelphia Building Philadelphia | TTR Data Recovery
What does it take to be a highly qualified hard drive data recovery technician in Philadelphia?
A lot of hard work, actually. Our data recovery experts had to undergo rigorous training to be experts in a wide range of data recovery skills. In fact, we are the ONLY data recovery Philadelphia company to hold IACRB Certified Data Recovery Professional (CDRP). 
So, customers are assured that only trained and competent data recovery technicians get to handle their data securely. We guarantee only the best and IACRB certified professionals to take execute recovering your data.
Our 24/7 data recovery office is located in the heart of Philadelphia at 1800 JFK Boulevard, right at the 18th Street entrance to Suburban Station in downtown business district. 
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