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Hard drive data recovery services we offer to Philadelphia locals: hard drive data recovery, SSD data recovery, Tape data & Flash Drives data recovery. Certified Philadelphia data recovery pros with 24/7 emergency data recovery services. Email us at or call us!

Philadelphia Data Recovery For HDD, SSD, RAID!

Our professional Philadelphia data recovery experts can handle any data recovery case. The only data recovery company in Philadelphia, PA with ISO 5 clean data recovery room, ISO 9001:2008 data recovery & SOC II secure data recovery certification.

When faced with a device failure, and your important data is on the line, don't be left behind the fun & enjoyment when your in Philly; Call TTR Data Recovery today!

If there's one thing you can count on that's we're good at recovering data the same day!

Philadelphia Data Recovery For HDD, SSD, RAID | Data Recovery
They say that it is hard to get lost in Philadelphia, what with its innovative colorful signs aptly called “Walk! Philadelphia” — disk map and directional signs that helps visitors find their way in and around the city.
Now, if you need a RAID recovery services or any Philadelphia data recovery servicesthen you can easily find us at John F Kennedy Blvd. Contact us now, so we can get started retrieving your data. For emails:!

Data Recovery Services in Philadelphia, PA

TTR Data Recovery is just that, great at recovering data for you!

We understand that data loss can escalate to a situation where you are left with no other option but for an immediate data recovery in

Philadelphia Remedy. Email us for questions or call our support!

Data Recovery Services Hard Drive Philadelphia | TTR Data Recovery

Hard drive data recovery in Philadelphia, PA for all types device failure!

RAID Data Recovery | Ttr Data Recovery

Certified professionals to handle  RAID Array data loss!

Data Recovery Server Philadelphia | Ttr Data Recovery

Equipped with up-to-date server data recovery technology!

Data Recovery SSD Philadelphia | TTR Data Recovery

We handle SSD data recovery in Philadelphia, PA for all brands!

Data Recovery Flash Media Philadelphia | TTR Data Recovery

Emergency Flash drive data recovery 24/7 in Philadelphia, PA.

Data Recovery Tape Philadelphia | TTR Data Recovery

Only Company with certified ISO clean room certification!

Trusted Data Recovery Services in Philadelphia, PA

Data recovery Philadelphia support is ready to answer your call 24/7: (267) 690-9553, even on weekends and holidays. Or email for details: Whatever media type: Hard Drives, RAID. Server, SSD, or Flash Media; we can handle it.
Whatever the cause of data loss is: corrupt file systems; environmental damage, mechanical or electronic failures, human errors, malware and viruses, and manufacturer fault; we are ready for it.
When you trust us with your urgent hard drive recovery in  Philadelphia needs, you are assured that you get fast and timely diagnostic and progress reports. You will never have to wonder or guess about the status of your request.

Contact us now at or (888) 328-2887 and get emergency data recovery in Philadelphia, PA started ASAP. Visit our Google My Business page!

Data Recovery Philadelphia Technician Philadelphia | TTR Data Recovery

Disk Failures We Recover Data For Philadelphia Clients

Here’s an overview of the four common types of hard drives failure scenarios. These are the hard drive data recovery services we offer. Our office is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Firmware Hard Drive Failures

Hard drive failures are not limited to physical damages. This can also happen internally.

As soon as the firmware gets corrupted, the drive’s components are damaged as well. This often leads to the corruption of data.

If you experience a firmware failure, the next step would be hard drive data recovery. Luckily, you can consult us regarding any firmware hard drive failures.

You can reach us at our hard drive data in Philadelphia, PA office.

Resolving these hard drive failures requires specialized equipment. It also requires years of engineering experience.

Whatever the cause may be, we can help you with the process of hard drive recovery. We offer hard drive data recovery in Philadelphia, PA.

Electronic-Related Hard Drive Failures

Keep in mind that any inconsistencies in your computer’s power supply can affect your hard drives. The result of this inconsistency is electronic-related hard drive failure.

If this happens, your drive may need to undergo hard drive data recovery in Philadelphia, PA. Luckily, we have an office there. 

Electronic-related hard drive failures are one of the services that we offer. We can fix problems like over-voltage or motor bearing seizure.

If you experience data loss, we are more than capable of assisting you on your hard drive recovery journey in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Heat-Related Hard Drive Failures

Some of the signs of an impending computer failure caused by an overheated hard drives are as follows. This includes strange noises from your computer. The fans are either very slow or very loud.

At times, you’ll find that they run longer than normal. Another sign is the Blue Screen of Death. 

If you experience any of these, contact us immediately. Should you require the assistance of a hard drive data recovery professional in Philadelphia, PA, then we would be more than happy to assist you.


Mechanical Hard Drive Failures

Mechanical failures in your HDD mean that the components of your disk drive are malfunctioning. You may experience both temporary and even permanent data loss.

Contact us immediately in our hard drive data recovery Philadelphia, PA office if this happens. 

Your hard drive is considered as one of the most efficient storage devices today. Thus, it may be vulnerable due to the moving parts inside of it.

There are modern computers that protect these components from the daily wear and tear in Philadelphia, PA.

However, you can never be sure that it will not incur any damages. For example: if the hard drive is dropped or knocked over, bad sectors may appear on the drive’s platters.

This is one of the common causes of permanent data loss. You’ll need to contact us for hard drive data recovery services. Luckily, we have an office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Rundown Of Our Hard Drive Data Recovery Process

Free Diagnostic Process

Data Recovery Philadelphia: upon receiving you media, we will conduct free diagnostic and will contact you with 24-48 business hours; you can let us know immediately if you need Rush SSD data recovery service, so we can diagnose your media ASAP. Should you decline to continue with the recovery, we will send your media back, absolutely free of charge.

Philadelphia Data Recovery Process

If you choose for us to proceed, you media will be queued for service. Our IACRB certified technicians will initiate the data recovery process in our ISO Class 100 certified Cleanroom. You can email us for follow ups at!

Verify Data Process

The list of recovered data will be sent to your via email for verification. You can also visit our office to check if you're nearby.

Return Data Process

We shall then send back to you the data files after the confirmation of recovering data. You have options how you wish to receive your data files.

Philadelphia Data Recovery Experts Backed With Certification & Awards!

We work harder to acquire certifications to back our years of experience. Our engineers maintains the top of line hard drive data recovery service you need in local Philadelphia, PA!

Data Recovery Philadelphia Iso 9001:2008 Philadelphia | Ttr Data Recovery

Superior hard drive data recovery quality management!

Data Recovery Philadelphia Soc 2 Type Ii Philadelphia | Ttr Data Recovery

Fast, safe & secure, data recovery with complete transparency!

Data Recovery Philadelphia Iacrb Professional Philadelphia | Ttr Data Recovery

Proof that our technicians are bonafide data recovery pros!

Data Recovery Philadelphia GSA Certified Philadelphia | TTR Data Recovery

Government agencies trust us with data recovery service in Philadelphia, PA!

We ensure our hard drive data recovery tech is up-to-date!

Data Recovery Philadelphia ISO 5 Class 100 Philadelphia | TTR Data Recovery

High chance of success because our labs are sanitized.


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What our clients in Philadelphia say about us

Here's the inside scoop on how we've helped Philadelphia in search of hard drive data recovery. We have recovered data for trusted institutions from private & government. Here are some of the notable testimonials from our satisfied clients!

Computer Recovery Services Aventura | Ttr Data Recovery Services Aventura Fl

Email our support at or visit our highly accessible Philadelphia downtown location near the corner of North 18th Street and JFK Boulevard.

Professional Data Recovery Experts in Philadelphia, PA

The road to hard drive recovery can be notoriously tough. All our service area in the USA are streamlined to make the process easier. You can track your job throughout the entire procedure, and you never have to pay for attempts or evaluations.

Certified NAS/RAID Data Recovery Services in Philadelphia, PA

Your Philadelphia business revolves around your RAID data. Why gamble when it comes to recovering data? Attempting a rebuild or extraction operation on your own could send your information to permanent purgatory, so talk to the TTR data recovery service experts. We specialize in safe data recovery service in Philadelphia, PA and our track record of success means that you don’t have to take unnecessary data recovery risks.

Data Recovery Philadelphia Raid 0 Philadelphia | Ttr Data Recovery


Data Recovery Philadelphia RAID 1 Philadelphia | TTR Data Recovery


Data Recovery Philadelphia Raid 5 Philadelphia | Ttr Data Recovery


Data Recovery Atlanta RAID 10 Atlanta | TTR Data Recovery


Emergency Hard Drive Data Recovery Services in Philadelphia, PA

Data Recovery Philadelphia Emergency Recovery Philadelphia | TTR Data Recovery

We help Philly businesses and locals reconnect with their irreplaceable information for less.

We handle recovering data for locals in Philadelphia: We're Philadephia's data recovery masters!

Data drives your modern life. We make sure our support team is ready for any Philadelphia data recovery emergency. 

Data Recovery Philadelphia Individual Philadelphia | TTR Data Recovery


Just need some personal data recovered? We’ve got you covered!
Data Recovery Philadelphia Small Business Philadelphia | TTR Data Recovery


Losing data can be a very annoying obstacle for any small business. We get you back on track!
Data Recovery Philadelphia Enterprise Philadelphia | TTR Data Recovery


You’re never too big to be affected by a data loss emergency. We take on big enterprise clients too!

Data Recovery Philadelphia Government Philadelphia | TTR Data Recovery


We are fully certified to work with government agencies to recover confidential data effectively. You can trust us!
Data Recovery Philadelphia Building Philadelphia | TTR Data Recovery

What does it take to be a highly qualified hard drive data recovery technician in Philadelphia?

A lot of hard work & data recovery experience!

Our data recovery experts had to undergo rigorous data recovery training to be experts in a wide range of data recovery skills. In fact, we are the ONLY data recovery  Philadelphia company to hold IACRB Certified Data Recovery Professional (CDRP). 

Our Philadelphia, PA customers are assured that only trained data recovery technicians get to recover data safe & secure. We guarantee locals in Philadelphia, PA that only IACRB certified data recovery professionals execute HDD data recovery, SSD data recovery & RAID data recovery for all our clients in Philadelphia, PA. 

The data specialists of TTR Data Recovery in Philadelphia, PA are proud to offer comprehensive data recovery services to the city of Philadelphia & Pennsylvania state.

Our 24/7 data recovery office is located in the heart of Philadelphia at 1800 JFK Boulevard, right at the 18th Street entrance to Suburban Station in Philadelphia, PA. Email our support for more details:!


GET A FREE QUOTE 1-888-328-2887


  • Jake Patterson says:

    My MacBook Air recently had some battery problems and I had to send it to the Apple Store. I know the Apple Store can sometimes take time working on your devices so I thought I should have my files recovered first. I was looking for the best data recovery shops in Philadelphia and I saw that TTR Data Recovery was getting a lot of good reviews. It wasn’t that near to my apartment in McKean St. in South Philadelphia but I easily got to their office via train. The technician said he can get in done in 4-7 days so I just trusted his word. He did get back to me in 4 days and he recovered every single file that was stored on my Macbook. I am impressed with their services here and I will definitely be coming back in the future when I need some recovery services again.

  • Robbie Roy says:

    NEVER leave your external hard drive on the table or else a disaster can happen. I was at a cafe with friends the other day and my friend’s drink spilled on my external drive. I dried it right away but it was too late. Thank god TTR Data Recovery Service in Philadelphia was just near the Starbucks we were in by Levy Park. I brought it to their data recovery experts as soon as we got the bill and I told the technicians I needed the data files recovered right away. They can do same-day data recovery so that was really awesome. I came back 2 hours later and everything was all good. Thanks to the data recovery technician who did such a good and fast job!

  • Sophie Brenner says:

    I use my laptop a lot for gaming and somehow, viruses and malware were able to sneak into my laptop’s system. My laptop was starting to experience booting problems so I knew it was time to have it fixed. Because I didn’t want any important data files for my games disappearing, I had the guys at TTR Data Recovery service in Philadelphia recover data first. The whole data recovery procedure took six days. Chima Steakhouse was near their office so I treated myself to a good meal after picking up my laptop & recovered data lol.

  • Ryan Stephens says:

    Whenever I try to look for tech shops or hard drive data recovery shops, they’re often so hard to find or hard to commute to. Many of these data recovery company aren’t even searchable on Google Maps. TTR Data Recovery Services in Philadelphia impressed me because of how easy and accessible it was. You just get down Suburban Station and just walk to their data recovery office near the Pearson Professional Center. I had them recover data files from an old hard disk drive I had. You basically pick how fast do you want your data to be recovered but of course, prices go up the quicker you want to them to get things done. I got their standard service so I eventually got my files recovered in 10 days. I will always hit them up when I need stuff recovered.

  • Lance McDermott says:

    Technology runs the world now and I’m really dependent on it! I work by Gilbert St East of Philadelphia and we encounter data problems a lot! I just wish there’s a TTR Data Recovery office near us so that we can work with them quicker! But, everything’s still worth it for the quality of service they provide.

  • Langdon Fears says:

    I’m a uni student living in a dormitory down by Langdon St. Almost all readings and handouts now are done digitally so you could imagine how important my flash drive is to me. There was this one time I dropped my flash drive in a canal and all my handouts were lost! I immediately called up TTR Data Recovery to help me! And they got me right back on track!

  • Michael Sackman says:

    I’m a data analyst and guess how important our data is to us. I am very dependent on the power of my computer so when the hard drive suddenly crashed – I was lost as well. I was trying to find a close data recovery center at 11th Street North of Philadelphia but to no avail! I searched the web and TTR Data Recovery was the most recommended! Long story short, TTR Data Recovery saved me!

  • Menorah Latkes says:

    I was working on my post-grad thesis and i forgot to save a backup! I accidentally dropped my laptop on South 55th (PA) cause I was rushing and it messed up the hard drive. I immediately got it shipped to TTR Data Recovery so they can work their magic. And that, they did!

  • Annie Bateman says:

    I’m a home-based fashion designer by Woodlawn Ave. I save all my work on my iPad then I back it up on SSD’s. Although there was this one time when I connected my SSD to the computer, it was suddenly empty! I panicked, for sure! I contacted TTR Data Recovery for the nth time and they immediately got me back my data! I was back to work right away!

  • Bret Ellis says:

    Not much of a tech guy – so when my hard drive crashed and I lost my data, I was crushed. TTR Data Recovery was recommended by one of my friends and I’m glad I took the recommendation!

  • Janelle C. says:

    TTR is the best! My hard drive died on my lap top and all 13 years worth of pictures were gone. I was devastated. TTR was able to retrieve all my pictures and videos. David Olsen is awesome! He was so helpful and understanding of my situation. I highly recommend them!

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