The Chocolate Capital of the US: Pennsylvania

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Chocolate Capital Pennsylvania

Is the name Hershey familiar to you? In this name has definitely gave us the sweetest of kisses. Well, for those who don’t know quite well, the creator of this delicious and world famous chocolate is Milton S. Hershey.

Now, not just in the name but of the place as well. Hershey, Pennsylvania is the chocolate capital of the world and it holds one of the best stories ever. Taking some time to know this will definitely make your Hershey’s Kisses sweeter and more delicious than ever. More love in every bite.

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The Chocolate Capital of the World

Chocolate World

The town now, is surrounded by chocolate. It’s all about it. Both edible and not. Even though the neighborhood is still of course, just like others, traditional houses, stripped and shaved trees with yards, small and larger for some, you’ll see lamp posts shaped as kisses, both opened and not, along Chocolate Avenue, and if you thought that’s that, but there’s also Cocoa Avenue! Better yet, see for yourself then?

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Hershey’s Story: Not All Sweet Kisses

Milton Hershey

Milton S. Hershey was literally born here. Back then, the town was called Derry Church in 1857. He was the son of a Mennonite couple. Before starting an apprenticeship with a printer, he went as far as fourth grade then later apprenticed to a candy maker in 1876.

The first ever candy shop he opened in Philadelphia failed. Moved to New York to start another but failed as well. Because of these failures, Hershey’s financial and moral support from his family depleted immediately.

Then going to Denver Colorado, there Hershey learnt to make caramels and returned Pennsylvania in 1876 exactly where he put up shop before in Lancaster. He re-started his candy business and somehow was leading to failure once again but not until a British candy importer connected with him and asked to market the caramels of Hershey abroad.

The offer worked and it didn’t take long for the caramels to be sold in America so quickly.

Moving on, just after Hershey’s first victory after some very costly failures, this definitely motivated Hershey even more. At the World’s Columbian Exposition in 1893, he saw a German chocolate-making machine and that propelled him to make milk chocolate for sale. You can already guess what he did next. Yes, he bought one, then sold his Lancaster Caramel Co. in 1900 for $1 million.

Did you know the Pennsylvania’s Liberty bell holds a rich history? It is an iconic symbol of American independence, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Milton Hershey History

At the year 1903, Hershey moved his factory back to where he was born, Derry Church. This place provided him of the fresh milk he needed very badly for his soon to be worldwide chocolate.

From there, he made bars and kisses (commonly termed due to it being bite sized or because the machine created the poppysmick sound of a kiss everytime it pumps out chocolate) and from his creation, had his chocolate sold so quickly. Then, in his confidence, named the company after himself “Hershey’s”.

Hershey’s then became the company town then lead the creator himself to philanthropy but of course with the intention of chocolate every time. He built a school, brick home and a park.

Every resident’s needs, such as important services and recreational opportunities, were met by the Hershey community according to the informational exhibit on the early days of Hershey.

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