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It may come as a surprise to many, but the magnetic tape drive is still around and used by many businesses for data backup, for several good reasons including:

Longevity – most data tape drives can retain data for 30 years or more.

Portable – compared to hard drives, servers, and other media, data tape drives are much more portable and can be easily stored.

Lower energy cost – tape drives requires less power to operate and produces less heat.

Secure – information on data tape drives are, for all intents and purposes, secure because its offline. When properly stored, intruders won’t have a way of getting anything from a tape cartridge.

Pennsylvania Office

In the event of a data loss, or if you need help in transferring data from tape drives or cataloguing your unmarked tapes, TTR is your best choice. Our highly-trained and IACRB certified professionals can help fix your data related issues, whether it’s for your Data Tape Drives, Hard Disk Drives, SDDs, Flash Media, or any other type of device.

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The City of Brotherly Love can get pretty hairy when things aren’t going as planned, and data losses have a way of throwing kinks in the works. Hard drives and RAID array failures stop businesses from profiting, inconvenience private citizens and make life generally hectic. TTR Data Recovery’s Philadelphia locations mean that the world’s best repair services are always available.

Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania. Philly is known for its rich culture and historical landmarks including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Independence National Historical Park, and The Art Museum Steps. TTR Data Recovery is conveniently located in Philadelphia to assist Pennsylvanians with their data loss concerns.

Data Recovery Services

Logical failure, mechanical, deletion failure, firmware failure, and electronic failure are the most common causes of data loss in HDD, SDD, Flash Memory, and Apple devices. Tape drives suffer from data loss due to data corruption, physical damage, and software incompatibility. Whatever the cause may be, TTR Data Recovery has the tools, facilities, and experts to recover your hard drive data in no time.

How it Works

We developed techniques that makes our data recovery services simple and painless. Submit your case online and follow the instructions we will send to your email.

Free Diagnostic

Your free Diagnostic Report will be sent to you in 1-2 business days or opt for Expedited Diagnostic Report to fast track your diagnostic and get it in less than 24 hours.

Secure Data Recovery

You can drop off your media at any of our Pennsylvania location near you, or have it sent through a prepaid shipping label.

Verifying Data Recovered

You can view and verify the list of recovered data before we finalize the recovery.

Return Data

Our data retrieval process utilizes top-notch recovery tools and proprietary techniques in and outside of our ISO 5 certified class 100 cleanroom

Why TTR Data Recovery in Pennsylvania?

Our hard drive and solid-state drive recovery service methods and options are designed to answer your needs and suit your budget.


When you need 2 or more device to recover data it takes up to 10 – 15  business days to process depending your case. 


If you need a speedier resolution, we will recover your lost data  in just 5-7 days. We have dedicated service 365 days of the year.


Data recovery ASAP. We dedicated 24/7 service, 365 days a year. Plus, our delivery service options offer more flexibility in sending your faulty media to us.

Offline Drop off

We have strategically located offices so you can conveniently drop off you drives, enclosures, or other media type.


If you can’t bring it personally, have it shipped. Let us know and we will provide you with prepaid shipping labels to ship your faulty media.


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Best PA Data Retrieval

Why are you still waiting to start your data recovery? The fast pace of life in Pennsylvania isn’t going to pause while you get your act together, and the recoverability of your hard drive, tape device or RAID array may depend on how quickly you act. Contact a repair services expert at TTR Data Recovery to find out what your options are.