Top 3 Cheapest Air BnB's In The Big Apple

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New York is definitely one of the hottest tourist spots on Earth. It is also one of the biggest business capitals of the world. This makes New York one of the busiest regions and one of the most expensive ones to live in as well.

If you are a tourist and you are looking for a place to stay in New York and you’re working under a budget, you better put hotels out of your selections. Hotel rates can go more than a thousand dollars for a night. Rental apartments can also get really pricey when you don’t get connected with the right spaces.

It’s a great thing that there is now another platform to get the best rental spaces for the cheapest of prices – Air BnB. Air BnB is a platform where you can search for all the rentable places in a certain area, check out what they have to offer, and how much are their rates.

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Big Apple

When you look for the places you would want to rent out, make sure to save their info on your phone so you don’t lose track of them. And if ever you do, you can always contact a local hard drive data recovery service in New York to help you out.

Here are some Air BnB’s you should definitely check out if you’re working under a budget but still want the best there is:

The Artist’s Experience

The Artists Experience

This is an Air BnB that’s best when you’re travelling alone. It’s a single bedroom with a shared bath. 90% of their most recent guests gave the location a 5-star rating, and the check-in process of the Air BnB got a 100% 5-star rating.

The one who owns this Air BnB is a superhost – meaning they have been handling a lot of guests and they provide the best experience for their guests.

The Air BnB costs around $100 dollars a night – a cheap price to pay for the cozy and comfy atmosphere who is really looking for the real NYC experience. It is located right in the middle of Midtown Manhattan.

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The Brownstone Studio

If you’re travelling with family or with friends to New York, this is probably one of the best places to stay at. Brownstone Studio goes for about $120 a night, for four people a night. The Brownstone Studio is a comfortable studio apartment that truly reflects what New York is with its aesthetic.

The Brownstone Studio is located on a historic street and is only a few blocks away from the Metro. They offer cable and Wi-Fi services along with their kitchen and steel appliances.

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Weehawken Studio Apartment

Weehawken Studio Apartment

This apartment is probably one of the cheapest Air BnBs in New York, given that it’s literally a 10 minute bus ride to Times Square. There is also a bus stop two minutes away from the apartment. This is also in a very safe and quiet neighborhood in New York.

This Air BnB goes for a little over $40 a night for two guests equipped with a queen sized bed. They also have been getting a lot of 5-star responses from their guests.

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