Reasons Why Self-Storage is a Hit in New York

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By Linda J

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Space is always a challenge is New York City. Unlike other places in the US, storage is something that needs to be carefully planned out in a NYC home. Even though New Yorkers are geniuses when it comes to living in tiny spaces, storage is still a problem.

Now there is a solution where you can keep your possessions when your home can’t. Self-storage to the rescue.

Do you like a place that has fiesty neighborhood, a good work and business opportunities? Sounds like New York City!

Self Storage Company

A self storage service allows you to rent container units inside a secured warehouse to keep your belongings. Storage facilities are very useful in hiding away seasonal and outgrown stuff you simply cannot put in a garage sale or donate away.

This may sounds like only hoarders would benefit from this service. People who are constantly moving find self-storage a necessity. Owners who used to live in larger homes find self storage a lifesaver when they decide to move in a much smaller space.

These people admit that it is difficult to tidy away every single item and a single closet room is not enough, no matter how much you follow Marie Kondo.  

Do you know that Google’s first facility at Eighth Avenue was one of New York’s largest commercial buildings? I was bought for $1.77 billion in 2010. As google expands they are needing more employees and a lot of space. That is why they decided to build a 1 Billion Dollar Campus in New York City.


You can have a storage unit for as low as $40 a month, very cheap for something very useful. Compare the math with renting another another apartment with additional floor area versus a leasing stand alone storage unit.

The costs for additional closet space can double your rent budget. So it is indeed a sensible choice to go self-storage.

No fuzz

Self Storage New York City

You might worry about the intricacies of managing possessions outside of your home. In New York City, convenience is king. Most storage companies already solved this issue for you. They can pickup and deliver your items from your doorstep to the warehouse.

Same thing applies if you need something back in the house and you don’t have the time to stop by your storage unit. If you need to pack up and leave your apartment, the storage company can offer to help you move your stuff to another facility. Very convenient.  

Some of us has a habit of sketching things and places when we feel like doing it. Just like John Donohue, a 50 year old retired About Town section’s editor of the New Yorker’s Goings. 

Make your home look like one

Imagine towering piles of boxes, old stuff that clutter and collect dusts around your house. After you send them to a self storage facility, you will feel extraordinarily lighter.

Sometimes you will realize how much space your high school stuff and rarely-used clothing has taken! Freeing up can make your space the home you always wanted that you can start inviting in guests anytime.

When we say exploration, it means going to far, uncharted corners of the world or above it and bring back important artifacts. For years, Next Generation Explorers Network has took pride in collection like fossils, specimens from rare animal species and flags from the moon exploration.

Bigger, better closet

Big Closet In New York City

If you are a certified fashion hoarder: clothes, jackets, coats shoes, bags and what not, we bet your bedroom closet is never enough. Also packing your fashion items in boxes or tight closets can ruin your designer label. Bags and shoes should be kept with enough space to keep them in shape.

Not to mention that you may encounter problems like mold, dusts and pests that can destroy your pieces. It is nice to think that there are cheaper units that are pest-free where you can keep your precious belongings in great condition.  

Self-storage is a love affair to city folks, especially when your apartment is about to explode in clutter. In the same sense, computer information should be kept in secured servers to save them data loss or destruction.

Data recovery services NYC are available to help you recover lost data from hard drives and advise you how to keep them safer.  

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