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The Explorers Club is a 115 year old, membership-exclusive organization which dedicated itself to science exploration and discovery. It was founded in New York City in 1905, it became an international hub for scientists, inventors and explorers.

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Nyc Explorer Club

There are currently 3,500 members from all over the world -all are active in different fields of scientific research. Legendary names are among them, like Everest pioneer explorers Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, as well as Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. Tech pioneer Elon Musk is among of their newest members.  

When we say exploration, it means going to far, uncharted corners of the world or above it and bring back important artifacts. For years, this organization has took pride in collection like fossils, specimens from rare animal species and flags from the moon exploration.

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Yearly Gathering

Next Generattion Explorers Club Gathering

Every year, members would convene in a formal black tie dinner at their headquarters in Upper East Side, New York City. In their recently-concluded event, they showcased astronauts from the Apollo mission as well as auction for to join a top paleontologist dig a dinosaur fossil.

This event also started something unprecedented by having young blood members -mostly still in school, present their ideas.

Alex Borowicz is a candidate for PhD at Stony Brook University. He proposed the use of high-powered satellite imagery and AI to track whales. While others would observe whales by chasing them in boats with binoculars, he says he does in while sitting on his couch.

One presenter was Stephen Daire, from the University of Southern California, currently finishing his graduate studies. He designed robots to explore caves to save humans from risky accidents. His prototypes can even charge power by itself so it would stay working while inside a cave.

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New Generation

It has become evident that the new recruits were a different breed. A lot of them are into improving the technology for use more into research; like robotics, imaging, data sharing and security, and data data recovery New York near you.  These are all apart from common exploration tools.

This has raised some issues between the old and the new generation of members who debated on the concept of what exploration really is for.

According to 26-year old documentary filmmaker Aleksandr Rikhterman, the older members had the opportunity to explore places mostly untouched by human civilisation. But, this is no longer the case for the younger ones -as most of the places they go to study are already had been discovered.

Next Generations Explorer Club

Therefore, presenting new technology for science exploration is a path the young bloods are walking on.

The Next Generation Explorers Network or NGEN was formed in 2017 as a Facebook page with 175 and growing members. This is where members can share or collaborate ideas, answer questions and get to know new friends.

They hold our meetings where they can talk about their gadgets, research equipment, or hold events like seminars for funding their expeditions.  With group members below 40, they are now trying to solve the belief gaps between the new and the old.

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