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Our Data Recovery New York services offer high success rate for all types of storage devices. Free diagnostics for Hard Disk Drives and all devices! We accept emergency requests – only fitting for the city that never sleeps!

Get 24/7 Support For Data Recovery in New York City

When it comes to hard drive data recovery, we ensure accuracy and security. Our clients also get world-class data retrieval services. Dial our phone number when you’re ready to recover your data!

New York City is the town that never sleeps. There’s nowhere busier than the big apple! Nowadays, New York City is a tech metropolis. With technology, there is inevitable data loss. In fact, the average American spends at least three hours per day on a digital device.

You can only imagine how much data is stored on this storage device. The problem is the safe retrieval and storage of information.

New York City is a tech metropolis, and with so much tech comes inevitable data corruption. In 2019 the average American spends at least 3 hours per day on a digital device.

Data Recovery Services NYC

Our reliable data recovery team are proud with our data recovery success rate. They are professional, friendly, and most importantly, great at their jobs. They can recover data from almost all media devices within 24 hours of admission.

Call us just dial our phone number for inquire about the hard disk data recovery services we offer!

Why We Are The Best Data Recovery Experts In NYC

Cancel Your Submitted HDD Repair Case Anytime and Commit Anytime!
After calling our phone number, if you choose not to proceed with any data recovery cases after the assessment, we will send your device back to you for free.
No Data No Charge Policy!
With our no data no charge policy we make sure to recover your data BEFORE we accept payment, so you can rest easy knowing that we’re never going to overcharge!
No Assessment Fee!
Here’s what you can expect with our disk recovery service. Our recovery experts don’t charge a penny for data recovery evaluation of your device. We make sure that you know exactly what went wrong. You’ll know how we’re going to fix it.
Zero Hidden Costs
We’re passionate believers in making NYC data recovery simple and easy. That’s why we outline every cost involved when dealing with any data recovery case and any hard drive.  We value our integrity here at TTR Data Recovery. We will never overcharge you for hidden costs or fees, everything will be discussed with you in your free assessment.
We Get The Job Done In Less Than 24 Hours!
The process starts when you ship or drop off your hard drives with us.
We will contact you and outline your free assessment in the next two business days. The assessment will tell you the details you need. This includes the cause of the hard drive failure. It also includes the process to recover the data. It will involve the cost and the time it will take to recover your data loss.
Our New York City, NY business hours is from Monday to Friday and we open at 9:30 AM and close at 4:00 PM.
Data Recovery NYC: Information Retrieval Process.
Once you have given us the go signal on the project, our New York City technicians will start with the data recovery process. We have a 99% data recovery success rate because of our ISO 5 Class 100 Clean room. This allows us to perform successful data recoveries!
Verify the Retrieved Data: No Payment Until You Confirm Your Recovered Data.
Once we’ve recovered your data, we will notify you. A list of all the data files that we recovered will be sent to you. You’ll have enough time to go through it. Lastly, the recovered data is given back to you. It can be put on any media device of your choosing. You can also purchase a media device from us.
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Recap of TTR Data Recovery’s Data Services:

Common Failure Scenarios We Service

Heat-Related HDD Failures

Clicking sounds from your system hardware are bad signs. This means that your disk drive is experiencing heat-related failure.

If the fans are non-operational, this means that your computer is not properly ventilated. Heat doesn’t mean that you need to perform hdd data recovery.

However, when the operating system reaches a certain temperature, it can cause your PC, Mac or Laptop hard drive to crash. 

Most of the time, heat-related failures of hard drive can be resolved by ensuring that the fans are properly functioning.

Should you require the assistance of a hard drive data recovery expert in New York City, we would be more than happy to assist you.
Electronic-Related Drive Failures

Electronic-related hard drive failures like a power surge is often caused by power surges. This is also caused by abrupt interruptions in your electric current.

Some of the more modern computers have built-in protection against common power issues. However, electronic-related hard drive crash can still happen.

If it does, it will still need to undergo a data recovery procedure. 

If an electronic fault occurs, immediately shut your hard drive off. This will help lessen the need to talk to our data recovery specialists!

On the off chance that you experience temporary or even permanent data loss, we are here to help. We are more than capable of assisting you on your hard drive data recovery journey in New York City.

Mechanical Failures

Mechanical hard drive failures happen internally. One of its main causes is the use of bad sectors and blocks.

Any mishandling of the device can lead to mechanical hard drive failures. Our hard drive data recovery Experts will take care of this for you.

In New York City, accidents, such as dropping the device, happen. This can damage the spindle motor and stop it from rotating.

This is why our data recovery expert are always ready. If you’re from New York City, contact us immediately. Our data recovery New York City office is ready to help.

This type of failure does not come with a sudden lost data. In fact, mechanical failures are much more difficult to detect. This is because your files tend to disappear over time.

Firmware Hard Drive Failures

When your operating system boots up, it must immediately access your firmware on its controller board and platters.

If there are damages to these components, you see a question mark - your system fails to boot.

Some of the other common symptoms of firmware failure include inaccurate drive model number in the BIOS, inaccurate drive capacity listing, and visibly damaged circuit board

Resolving these hard drive failures requires specialized equipment. It also requires years of engineering experience.

Whatever is causing this to your operating system and your hardware, we can help you with the process!

Fast & High Accuracy Process

Free Diagnostic Process

Once you ship or drop off your media to our New York NY location. Within the next 1-2 business days, we will contact you and outline your free assessment. The assessment will tell you; what the cause of failure was, what the process will be to recover the data, how much it will cost, and how much time it will take. If choose not to proceed with your data recovery after your assessment, we will send your device back to you for free.

Data Retrieval Process

Once you have given us the go-ahead on the project, our data recovery nyc tech will start your data recovery in our ISO 5 class 100 cleanroom and we will get the job done as soon as possible.

Verify Data Process

Once we’ve recovered your data, Our New York NY office will email you a list of all the data files that we recovered for you to check over.

Return Data Process

Lastly, the recovered data is given back to you. Data transfer can be put on any media device of your choosing, or you can purchase one from our New York NY office.

Certifications & Qualifications

We are superior because we work harder. We have acquired certifications no competition has!

ISO 9001 2008 | | TTR Data Recovery Services New York
ISO 9001:2008

Every one of our data recovery tools and offices has been awarded with the worldwide standard qualification for data recovery proficiency; the ISO 9001:2008 Certification.

SSAE 16 SOC 2 Type II | TTR Data Recovery Services New York

We have also been awarded with the SSAE 16 SOC 2 Type II certification; which is evidence of our complete compliance with all laws and regulations regarding data protection and confidentiality.

IACRB Certified Professional | TTR Data Recovery Services New York

Each of our data recovery expert holds an IACRB Certified Professional certificate, which proves them to be proficient and highly trained in data recovery. Our track records speak for themselves!

GSA Contract Holder | TTR Data Recovery Services New York

A GSA (General Service Administration) Contract, prove our track records! We are highly confidential when working with government documents.

R D Group | TTR Data Recovery Services New York

We don’t just go at the issue from one angle, we constantly innovate and improve our SSD data recovery service. Our techniques to retrieve data are always evolving.

ISO 5 Class 100| TTR Data Recovery Services New York

The ISO 5 Class 100 clean room certification proves that our data recovery specialist and data recovery tools maintain sterile conditions when working, so your data won’t be affected by anything extraneous.

Testimonials By NASA and Other Organization!

Customer satisfaction is what we believe in. With our clients outside in NYC, Long Island, New Jersey and anywhere in the US, we are happy to say this. Our data recovery experts pride ourselves with thousands of happy customers under our belt. Here are some of our most notable clients! Visit our Yelp and Google My Business Pages!

RAID and Server Data Recovery in NYC

RAID recovery is one of the most challenging operations in the world of data recovery. Even worse, many people make it more difficult by attempting to solve the issue by themselves.

We are a leading recovery experts on RAID and NAS recovery. Thus, we specialize in helping you avoid common pitfalls. Just leave the restoration to us!

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Trusted By New Yorkers When It Comes To Data Retrieval Services!

TTR Data Recovery expert and our NYC service facilities deliver on-demand best practices data extraction in the most demanding situations. At our convenient Manhattan location, we provide reliable data recovery operations. These work regardless of RAID, Hard Disk Drive, or Solid State Drive failures. From our cleanroom to our innovative online process tracking, everything we do contributes to getting your data back.

Only The Highest Service To Our Clients

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a large enterprise, sole proprietor, or a growing firm. TTR is the best Data Recovery NY service company you can trust to get your filesback. Talk to us: (917) 512-8157

Individual icon | TTR Data Recovery Services New York

Whether it’s recovering timeless family photos or important documents, we can help get your data back safe and sound. Talk to our customer service team today!

Small Business icon | TTR Data Recovery Services New York

We’ve seen first-hand how small businesses can suffer a lot from data breach. Don’t let insecure data recovery software stop your business on it’s track.

Enterprise icon | TTR Data Recovery Services New York

Even big enterprises suffer from data loss. Don’t let data breaches and corruption ruin your business empire. Give our phone number a call today!

Government icon | TTR Data Recovery Services New York

We have all the certifications necessary to work with government agencies. We handle matters with utmost professionalism and confidentiality.

Emergency Data Recovery in NYC

Your HDD, RAID, or Solid State Drive has failed at a critical moment. You need an emergency data recovery services in New York City. The recovery experts at our New York City service location are ready to help. Simply call our phone number at (917) 512-8157. We’ll work non-stop to restore your information. We’ll be sure to minimize the impacts of your loss.

Here’s what we can offer in that field:
Hard Drive Data Recovery NYC Emergency Recovery New York City | TTR Data Recovery Service

Call our phone number and talk to our customer service team in the Manhattan location now to move your data recovery in the right direction! Visit our New York, NY page at for questions!

Our Hard Working New York Data Engineers & Technicians!

We are one of the nation’s leading HDD data recovery companies. We are proud to offer our storage device data recovery to sole proprietors and businesses in NY. No matter what kind of electronic media has failed, our reliable and experienced data recovery experts in NYC will recover your data quickly and securely.

We are conveniently located in Midtown East. This is three blocks from Grand Central Terminal on the corner of 3rd Ave and E 43rd street.

You don’t get this big by accident. We’ve been recovering data from storage devices for years. We’ve worked our way to become the best hard drive data recovery service in New York City. Unlike other data recovery companies, we draw on our years of vast experience to give you unmatched data recovery satisfaction. We strive to make sure that every single one of our clients walks away happy with our service.

With that much time spent on the storage device, losing data can feel like something was stolen from you! With so much confidential information on our digital devices, it’s never been more crucial to have a data recovery expert. The best part is that we are available 24/7. Let us help you!

We are TTR Data Recovery. We offer the best data recovery services in New York City. Dial our phone number or check out our service area for more!


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  • Charlie Whelton says:

    I own a 2017 MacBook air which has a 500gb SSD. Last week when I emptied my Macbook air trash bin which had like 70gb worth of deleted data files, I forgot I needed to retrieve some documents from the hdd first. Emptying the trash really makes your files disappear so I didn’t know what to do. A guy I work with recommended me to have the Apple hard drive repair & recovery NYC technician at TTR Data Recovery get back the documents I needed. I’m from W 20th st. in Chelsea but getting to TTR was easy since their office was walkable from Grand Central Terminal. They have a service that promises to get your files asap so that’s what I got. In about an hour and a half, the technician was done with the recovery. His speed was impressive and he gave me back my laptop without a scratch. Definitely the best recovery shop in the big apple!

  • Billy McAdams says:

    I recently had photos and messages from my old iPhone 6s+ memory card recovered at TTR Data Recovery. My phone’s screen was shattered and it was honestly so sad. I thought there was no hope but the data recovery technician at TTR Data Recovery still got the data recovery done. Love how easy it was to get to their New York NY office because they are located minutes away from grand central. There was also a Chipotle nearby on East 44th st so you can grab a good meal after. Will come back whenever I need some recovery done again!

  • Simon Cassidy says:

    I went to several data recovery companies but TTR Data Recovery was the one who successfully recovered a huge amount of data files from the broken hard drive of my MacBook pro. I brought my MacBook pro HDD to many different shops in New York but TTR Data Recovery was the only one who said they are confident they can recover my device’s data files. I stay in East 80th st in the Upper East Side but it was very easy to find the TTR office near Murray Hill New York NY. The whole hard drive data recovery process just took about six days. It’s awesome how their prices weren’t that high.

  • Ariana Harrison says:

    I needed data from an external hard drive of mine that I used with my macbook pro. I just didn’t have any time to visit a recovery shop since working in law takes a lot of your time. I heard from someone I work with that TTR Data Recovery can attend to devices even if you ship it to them so I gave it a try. I submitted a case online, then I had my external hard drive shipped to their New York NY office in East 43rd street. Shipping was easy since my office was just at 3rd ave northwest of Sutton Place. They got back to me after a day about the diagnostic results and they later had the drive and the recovered filed shipped back to me 7 days later. Highly recommend their services for all you busy bees like me.

  • Andrew Parchman says:

    I was searching for the best data recovery services in New York because I recently needed some videos recovered from a portable SSD I had. After hours of searching, I concluded that TTR Data Recovery was the one with the most positive and consistent reviews online. I sent them an email and they got back to me in 2 days. I wish they got back to me in less than a day but it’s fine. I dropped my SSD off in their New York NY office a day later and I actually just walked since I worked at Koreatown. I got their “emergency” service so they got everything recovered in just 1 day. Very pleased with everything. Two thumbs up for TTR!

  • You are doing great and I really appreciate your work. Keep it up.

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