French Heart Relic Currently Residing In New York

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The Catholic Church holds a lot of traditions. One of which is worshipping and venerating the bodily, physical parts of idol and saintly Catholics. This tradition has been going on since about the 1870’s originating in Italy during the Middle Ages.

This tradition was started by the passing of St. Catherine of Siena in Rome. Her town, her people, and her family in Siena wanted her remains to be brought to their hometown. But they were unsuccessful of bringing home St. Catherine’s whole body and just left off with just her head.

French Relic In New York

Got an Antic?

If you think that you have documentation, a photograph, a voice recording, or a video of an important event in Catholic history – make sure that you bring it to your local data recover expert in New York so that you can salvage what you can. After which, you can submit these data to the Vatican.

These antics and relevant historical data are well treasured and protected by the Vatican. They try to gather all historical data so that they can piece together the broken pieces of the past. So your help would be greatly appreciated by the Catholic Community.

French Heart In The Middle of New York

Currently, the heart of a French Priest is making a stop at St. Patrick’s Cathedral on 5th Avenue for its U.S. Tour. This Roman Catholic antic / relic in New York City is being visited and witnessed by patrons, the faithful and even by just the curious. The preserved heart of the French Priest is stored inside a clear glass.

The heart of the French Priest is deemed to be holy and somewhat miraculous. To those who pray and confess to it; they feel instantly relieved and light-hearted. As if they were heard by a real entity, and as if they were lifted of their sins. This is the glorious mystery of the Church and their relics.

The company that is sponsoring the tour of the sacred heart is The Knights of Columbus Fraternity. The pilgrimage of the French Heart has roamed around 28 states thus far, and it’s not stopping in New York.

St. John Vianney: The Priest of Ars

The heart displayed behind the glass of St. Patrick’s Catherdral in New York belonged to Saint John Vianney, a priest located and serving at a town south of France: The Town of Ars. The town lies right outside Lyon. He was most notable for providing a hideout and refuge for nuns on the run during the French Revolution.

St. John Vianney was recognised as the patron saint for parish priests. He was very popular for hearing confessions for hours on end. He built such a reputation that his name drew attention from all Catholics around Europe.

St. John Vianney was also known for having a gut feel that an individual was not confessing all of their sins. To which he would heed them out of the individual. But still, he had a heart of gold that shined through the most.

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