Drag Queens You Absolutely Must See in New York

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New York is one of the biggest cultural melting pots in the world. A lot of different walks of life intersect in the Big Apple – which makes the place develop faster than any other. Because of the mix of cultures, art also evolves with it.

New York is home to the world’s greatest artists and when you visit NY you should always make time to visit and watch the local artists of NYC.

The art of drag has always been revered as one of the highest form of art. The art of drag involves theatrics, dance, singing, politics, and almost every facet of art. Drag show is one of the purest and most genius forms of entertainment and NY is one of the places where the Best Drag culture thrives.

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Drag Queen In New York

There are a lot of Drag venues wherein you can catch local and international queens. NY is home to the world’s finest drag and you should keep updated where they’ll be appearing so you get the best experience!

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Bob The Drag Queen

Bob The Drag Queen

Bob The Drag Queen is one of New York City Drag performers. She won the 8th cycle of Rupaul’s Drag Race, the world’s biggest drag scene competition. Bob is known for her quick-wit and her comedy. She also does a lot of political art and statements that are relevant to society today. She has also done tours all around the world.

She has more than 1 million followers on Instagram and her social media presence is incredible.

You probably heard about Frank Sinatra and his song entitled “New York, NY”. He was a multi-talented artist- he sang, danced and also ventured into acting and theater

Bianca Del Rio

Bianca Del Rio is the winner of the 7th cycle of Rupaul’s Drag Race and one of the few queens who has never landed a spot in the bottom two. She is very distinctive with her (as he describes it) clown-like make up. Her Rolodex Of Hate, quick-wit and insult brand comedy has brought her all around the world.

Bianca Del Rio has also starred in two full length films: Hurricane Bianca and Hurricane Bianca 2: From Russia With Hate. She is definitely one of the most famous drag queens in the whole world.

Bianca Del Rio has more than 1.8 million followers on Instagram and she is set to produce more movies in the upcoming months.

Everybody with access to the radio knows the song “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga. But did you know that she is From New York?


Aja Drag Queen

Aja was a big player in the 9th cycle of Rupaul’s Drag Race and was recently starred in All Stars Season 3. She was one of the biggest names in the Brooklyn’s Drag Scene during her season. She is known for her epic dance moves and her “kawaii” form of Drag.

She is also known for being a fashion queen, known to serve looks on and off the runway.

If you’re a Catholic, you might have heard about the French Heart Relic. It is now currently residing in New York City.

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